She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031

Chesters Niece? Everyone in the training room looked serious and on guard.

Lionel looked at Cheryl worriedly.

Cheryl looked at the door.

Like Chester, his wife was also the daughter of a rich family, the kind that mucked around and did nothing purposeful in life. She was cheerful and magnanimous.

As soon as she entered, her eyes immediately fell on Cheryl and she said, G.o.d C, Ive come to visit you!

Everyone in the club: !!!

As expected, the lady boss was here for G.o.d C.However, Cheryl stood and greeted her politely.

Hi, Aunty.

Everyone: ???

Everyone looked at Cheryl in disbelief, all of them incredulous that she had called the other woman Aunty.

Even if she was reluctant to call her Mrs.Hunt, she should at least have used something that sounded younger! The lady boss wasnt even thirty yet! Hey, dont call me that!

The lady boss suddenly became stern.

See? As expected, it made her angry! Lionel immediately took a step forward with a big smile.

However, just as he was about to speak, the lady boss said cheerfully, Call me Kitty!


The corners of Cheryls lips spasmed.

Both her aunt and uncle were equally undependable.

The couple had often made her game with them in the past, and her aunts nickname in the game was none other than Kitty.

She coughed.

Why are you here?

Everyone in the club: !!!

Lionel felt like Cheryl looked just like a conversation killer right now.

This was their club! Why couldnt they come over?! Yet, for some reason, the lady boss was still smiling brightly. She said, I saw the trending topics on social media, so I came over to visit you. Those people sure are gossipy.They are not scared to spout all kinds of nonsense Your relations.h.i.+p with Chester

Before she could even finish, Lionel hastily interrupted her and said, They are gaming friends! Nothing else!

The lady boss: ??

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Chester.

Chester winked at her.

When the incident broke out after he returned home the day before, his wife had insisted on coming over to clarify matters as she was afraid that the people in the club would misunderstand Cheryl.

He had told her that it wasnt necessaryafter all, he could already tell from his visit the day before that his leader was most definitely the favorite in the club but his wife refused to believe him and simply insisted on coming over See? Her teammates treated her incredibly well! Right at this moment, Cheryls aunts cell phone started ringing.

Her aunt could only give them an apologetic look and pick up her cell phone.

But when she saw the callers name on the screen, she raised her eyebrows.

Who is it? A concerned Chester glanced at her phone.

Its Jimy

His wife explained, She played pretty well as a support cla.s.s previously. You dont like me playing with guys, so I played two rounds with her.We added each other on Facebook after that

Oh- Even though Chester wasnt bothered, he nevertheless heaved a sigh of relief.

Cheryls aunt picked up the phone.

The voice of Jimy, who was from Club JQ, rang out at the other end of the phone.

Hi, Mrs.Hunt.Are you okay?

Cheryls aunt: ??

Baffled at the other womans question, she replied, Im doing pretty well!

However, Jimy continued as though she didnt hear her.

You dont have to hold yourself back in front of me. We are friends, after allNo, wait, have you looked at Facebook yet?

But right after saying that, Jimy acted as if she had said something she shouldnt have and said, Im sorry, Mrs.Hunt. Mr.Hunt must have forbidden you from spending too much time on your cell phone since you just gave birth recentlyI shouldnt have said so much

Her actions screamed hypocrisy.

Cheryls aunt said straightforwardly, Alright, thats enough. You must be referring to Cheryl, the female member of our club, right?

Oh, youre aware? Jimy began to console her.

Cheer up!

But Im not upset!

Jimy said, I know you must be upset, so you really dont have to pretend that youre not.Anyone would be upset if their husband cheated on them when theyve just given birth to his child Of course, Im not saying that Mr.Hunt must have cheated on you.He would never do anything like that.It must have been Cheryl who seduced him instead.Besides, she probably hasnt succeeded


What the f*ck?! What did you just say? Cheryl seduced Chester?

Cheryls aunts voice suddenly rose. Everyone in the club turned to look at her.

Lionel, Zac, and Benjamin tensed up at once, afraid that the other party would successfully sow discord between the lady boss and Cheryl.

Chonk walked over to Cheryl and whispered, Come on, G.o.d C! Hurry up and explain everything to her!

What am I supposed to explain? asked Cheryl.

Chonk: ?

Everyone else: ?

On the phone, Jimy was still going on.

Calm down, Im sure theres nothing between the two of them.Dont worry!

Of course Im not worried!

Cheryls aunt sneered and said, Why would anything ever happen between the two of them?

Her words made everyone in the club heave a sigh of relief.It seemed that the lady boss trusted G.o.d C very much.


However, the next moment, everyones eyes widened in shock.

The lady boss shouted angrily, Dont you dare add fuel to the fire! Do you think Im not aware of your purpose in calling me? Do you think you can do anything you want just because youve joined Club JQ? Who do you think you are?

Jimy pretended to be aggrieved and said, Mrs.Hunt, I know you must be frustrated and depressed, but you shouldnt lose your temper at me.Mr.Hunt comes from a very good family.Although he is not a direct descendant of the Hunts, he shares a good relations.h.i.+p with the current head of the family.I know youll definitely want to keep this matter under wraps and deal with it together with himbut you shouldnt let yourself suffer in vain! You can kick up a bit of a fuss and at least get Mr.Hunt to kick that woman out of the club

Cheryls aunt interrupted her again.

What do you mean by that woman? Shes only fifteen! Shes still a child! Also, who would freaking dare to kick Chesters niece out of the club??????