She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030: What Is Their Relations.h.i.+p?

There was complete silence in the club.

Everyone turned to look at Cheryl incredulously.

Then, they looked back at their boss who was always scolding them.

Chester was 30 years old this year. His wife had just given birth to their son recently, so he didnt have as much time as before to visit the club these days. Cheryl had already met the adorable and pretty baby boy before.

Chester, who had been so busy taking care of his son and related matters, could finally relax now. He said, Hey, leader! Lets play a round together!

However, the heartless Cheryl replied, I dont feel like playing with you.


Youre horrible at it.

When Cheryls teammates heard her blunt reply, none of them dared to even utter a word.

Zac looked at the two of them thoughtfully.

As for Lionel, he widened his eyes and glanced at Cheryl worriedly.

Although he had been astonished by Chester calling G.o.d C leader just now, Chester was ultimately still their boss! G.o.d C was simply too rude!

What if their boss got mad and refused to pay her salary?!

True enough, Chester did get mad. If you dont play with me, I wont pay you your salary!

He would remit Cheryls salary to his sister-in-law instead!

Cheryl glanced at him. Do what you want.

Didnt he know that money was the last thing she lacked at the moment?!


Chester was obviously at a disadvantage in the conversation, yet n.o.body could tell for some reason, and they even thought that Cheryl had thoroughly enraged Chester.

A smiling Lionel immediately said, Well play with you, instead, Boss!

He took a step forward and stood between Cheryl and Chester, s.h.i.+elding her behind him.

After spending more than 20 days together, Lionel had already started to become protective of her.

Cheryl was now the clubs favorite person

An aggrieved Chester whined, Ive been having such a hard time lately because I have to take care of my kid. Cant you agree to my request when I finally have a day off today?

At the sight of his pitiful expression, the helpless Cheryl could only reply, Fine, just one round, okay?




In the end, Cheryl heaved a quiet sigh and relented. Two rounds.

Youre on!

Chester immediately grabbed Lionels computer and mouse and logged into his account. Come on, hurry up and log in!

Chester liked playing as a mage, so every time he came, Lionel would have to sit out and let him play instead.

He was more than happy to do so, too.

After all, their boss was not only horrible at the game, but also had an awful temper. Whoever played with him would end up having to suffer.

Lionel stood at the side and waited. However, after the game started, he found that their boss was actually playing calmly and wasnt losing his temper

In the past, whenever Zac fought in the jungle, he always had to go to the middle lane to help him fight the minions there before quickly leaving because he mustnt steal the experience points. However, when the battle started, Zac promptly went to the bottom lane after just a moments hesitation.

Sure enough, Chester only glanced at him as though he wanted to say something, but held back in the end.

After a while

Ahh, I died again! Leader, why didnt you come and save me?

Save you? Chesty, please look at whether youre worth it. Is there any point in saving you? Even an advanced cannon does more damage than you!

Lionel: !!!!

Leader, someone me again. Im weak only because I gave you all the coins we earned, so youre not allowed to laugh at me.

Ha, Id rather give all the coins the team earned to a wild boar instead of you. At least the wild boar knows that it should counterattack the enemy, but what about you? You were knocked out in one hit before you could even cast any of the mages skills You should learn how to move first!

Lionel: !!!!!

Although it felt great to see their boss, who was always scolding them, suffer a setback for once, was it really alright for G.o.d C to diss him like that?


G.o.d C was so scary!

She didnt even need to use swear words when she insulted someone!

No wonder their boss always said that his prowess at dis.h.i.+ng out insults couldnt compare to even half of his leaders

Lionel swallowed.

At the end of the round, even though Cheryl and Zac led their teammates to victory, the game didnt bring Chester any joy at all. He looked at Cheryl aggrievedly. Hey, leader

Be a good boy and go back to the baby. This game doesnt suit you.

In the end, she still played another round with her poor uncle. Although he still got scolded, Chester felt totally refreshed this time. After the game, he got ready to leave.

When he was leaving, all the members of the club went to see him off.

Cheryl also followed them out the door.

Chester looked at everyone except for Cheryl and said threateningly, You guys better treat my leader well, you hear? Or all of you will be in for it!


After speaking, Chester looked at Cheryl cheerfully and then suddenly leaned in close to her. He lowered his voice and said, By the way, Justin wants me to remind you that its Noras birthday this month.

Got it.

Cheryl sighed silently.

Her dad celebrated her moms birthday grandly every year. Her mom clearly didnt like it, but her dad insisted that life was about having a sense of ceremony, so she was also forced to prepare birthday gifts for her mom every year.

Sigh, how troublesome.

After the exchange, Chester left in the car.

He had moved to San Francisco for good. Not only was he near the club, but he could also escape the Hunts control. Life couldnt get any better.

After he left, the way Lionel and the others looked at Cheryl changed.

Zac was even convinced that Cheryl must be related to the Smiths in New York. Otherwise, a Hunt would never put up with her temper.

But soon, he didnt have the time or leisure to think about Cheryls ident.i.ty because!

Something had happened to their club again!

It was also about Cheryl this time

The next morning, social media went into an uproar.

Someone had taken photos of Chester leaving the club the previous night, and the person who had posted the photos even maliciously edited the photos before posting them online. Everyone was now secretly saying that Cheryl had only wormed her way into the club by relying on her feminine wiles.

They even called Cheryl a homewrecker. After all, most people knew that Chester was married.

The head coach was furious.

Lionel was puzzled. We all know this isnt true. Besides, its obvious that the photos are Photoshopped. What are you panicking about?

The head coach glared at Lionel and then said, Boss was whispering into Cheryls ear in the photo. The two of them are too close to each other physically Im afraid that Mr. Hunts wife will see the photo. How do you think shell look at the photo?

Lionel: ?

The head coach sighed. If the boss wife asks me to fire Cheryl, should I fire her or not?

Lionel: !!

The head coach looked at him. Also, although we all know the truth, can Cheryl guarantee that it will not affect her? She is also good friends with the boss in the game. Im afraid that this incident will affect their friends.h.i.+p! This may seem like a terrible move on their end, but they are going for a psychological attack!

The qualifiers are about to start, and its highly likely that well be matched with Club JQ right in the qualifiers. What if Cheryl becomes emotionally unstable at this time and doesnt perform well in the compet.i.tion?

While the head coach was worrying over this, a voice reached them from outside. Coach, this is terrible! Boss and his wife are here!

The head coach: !

Lionel panicked. What should we do? The lady boss is here Will she really make things difficult for G.o.d C? Ill take G.o.d C and go into hiding right away!

Even Zac broke into a frown and looked worried this time.

To be honest, when their boss and that kid leaned in so close to each other that day, he had found their actions rather inappropriate. After all, men and women should keep a respectable distance from each other, and it wasnt like they were family

Amid their worry, Chester openly walked into the room.