She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 See You At the Compet.i.tion!

Her words stunned the other party right away.

The club also fell completely silent in an instant.

Lionel, who had been worrying about Cheryl, looked at her in surprise when he heard what the lady boss said.

Then, he looked at Chester

Cheryl and Peter shared identical facial features.

Though they were indistinguishable from each other when they were children, now that they had grown up, it was now possible to tell one apart from the other.

After all, Peter was already starting to go through a growth spurt and was now half a head taller than Cheryl.

They were only fifteen years old now, so he would only grow taller in the future.

The older Peter became, the more he resembled Justin.

Cheryls facial features were very similar to Justins, except that they were gentler and younger.

Despite her young age, she was already a stunning beauty, and it was obvious that she would become a second Brenda once she grew up 70% of the twins appearance took after their fathers.

Therefore, if one looked closely, they would see that Cheryl and Chester did resemble each other somewhat.

Wasnt Cheryls last name Smith, though? How could she possibly be a Hunt? On the phone, Jimy was also stunned.

W-what did you say, Mrs.Hunt? Butbut her last name is Smith!

Cheryls aunt sneered.

Cant she take her mothers surname?! You fool! In my opinion, you shouldnt stay in the club anymore. That place doesnt suit


After saying that, she hung up.

However, she went on after hanging up and said, What a foolish woman.Doesnt she know who she is messing with? To think she had the guts to call meChester, call Club JQ immediately and tell them to fire Jimy.Look at how much trouble they have caused G.o.d C all because of that woman?

Its not quite appropriate of us to bully others like this, right? asked Chester.

Cheryls aunt sneered and asked, Do you know what I love the most?


Bullying others.

Chester had long since wanted to do this, but he didnt dare to reveal Cheryls ident.i.ty to the public.

After all, Justin had never once publicly announced anything in order to protect his three children

If he kicked up a fuss, wouldnt he end up exposing Cheryls ident.i.ty? But since his wife had said so, then it must be alright for him to do so.

Chester picked up his cell phone and called Club JQ immediately.

Have you had enough yet? I want you to fire Jimy immediately! Otherwise, Club JQ will cease to exist.

Why? Ha, because she called my wife and made her angry!

After saying this, Chester hung up.While Chester was on the phone, Cheryls aunt was also talking to the rest of the team cheerfully.

Do you know why my niece took her mothers last name?

By then, Lionel and the others were already numb to further shocks, and their brains were not even functioning anymore.

Because shes hiding her ident.i.ty, of course! My niece wants a quiet, peaceful life without any disturbances. Get it?

Lionel and the others nodded.

On the side, when Zac saw this, he couldnt help but hold his forehead.

The guys in the team were so shocked by Cheryls ident.i.ty that they didnt even understand what the lady boss was trying to say.

He kept quiet for a while and then said, Dont worry, I wont tell anyone about it.

Only then did Lionel and the others react.

They nodded hurriedly and echoed, Yeah, we wont tell anyone!

Lionel then asked, But what about Jimy?

The lady boss smiled and replied, Dont worry, shes a smart one. She knows that there are things she can say and things she cant

Even though she had offended her in this industry, things werent that bad for her.

At the very least, she could continue live-streaming even after she was kicked out of the club.

However, if she told outsiders that she had offended the Huntsthen she could forget about making a living in other industries, too.

Zac understood this very quickly.

Rather, it was Lionel and the others who didnt understand how such things worked in the wealthy circle.

Regardless, they didnt probe any further.

The lady boss was always right anyway! As they had a month-old infant at home, Chester and his wife didnt stay long at the club.

They left shortly.

Ten minutes later.

Lionel, who was scrolling through Facebook, smiled and said, Did you see? Jimy has made a post saying that she is quitting Club JQ because gaming is ultimately not something for her

Club JQ had also posted on Facebook and announced that they had terminated their contract with Jimy, citing incompatibility issues as the reason.

Surprisingly enough, their fans didnt show much of a reaction.

After all, few girls played professionally in the first place.

Some clubs had tried using this as a gimmick before, but it had ultimately failed.

Jimys departure made Club JQ fans breathe sighs of relief instead.

The trending news about Cheryl and Chester had also died down without anyone realizing it.

In fact, there wasnt even any news about them anywhere on Facebook.

It was as if the incident had never happened.

However, in order to prevent similar incidents, they nevertheless secretly released a piece of news to the publicCheryl and Chester were relatives! As the piece of news died down before it even gained traction, few noticed it.

However, Club HS fans were a little worried.

They went to Club HS and the members Facebook pages and left messages.

For the sake of the champions.h.i.+p, shouldnt we cancel Cheryl?

Club JQ has already terminated their contract with Jimy. Why dont you guys do it, too? Girls really are a bit lacking when it comes to e-sports:

Im not looking down on girls here; Im a girl myself.But girls reflexes really arent as quick as boys.

Are you guys really not going to consider the suggestion?

Are you guys planning on giving up the champions.h.i.+p this year because youve won for so many years?

Members of other clubs on good terms with Club HS also at-mentioned Zac in their respective group chats.

It was common for people to switch teams during their time as professional e-sports players, so there wasnt much hostility between members of different clubs.

The captains of the various teams had created a group chat each.

The captains of the other teams were all trying to persuade him in their group chats.

It really is very tough to win with girls on the team

No matter how good you are as a jungler, it wont do to have a support cla.s.s holding you back, Zac: Everyone had, by default, a.s.sumed that Cheryl was playing as a support cla.s.s.

Hey, quit it, guys.I heard through the grapevine that the girl is related to their boss.I reckon shes probably the daughter of a wealthy family somewhere whos just out to have some fun.

We wont hold back during the compet.i.tion, though: Yeah, let the rich little princess know about the sinister nature of the world! Even Zac wont be able to carry her, but still bring the team victory!

E-sports gaming was a team effort.

No matter how strong ones individual ability was, if the team had a weak link, it would still be tough for them to win.

However, this was also where the charm of e-sports was.

Zac looked at the group chat messages that were either showing concern or issuing challenges and then looked up at the girl currently seated in front of the computer tapping away on her pink keyboard seriously.

He smiled and wrote: Im not carrying the kid: As soon as he sent the reply, everyone got ready to comfort him.

However, before they could, they saw his next message: The kid is the one carrying the team: See you guys at the compet.i.tion.

Everyone: ??

Three days later, the compet.i.tion officially started, and Club HS ushered to their very first battle!?!!!!