She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027: Well, Her Family is Worth At Least $1.5 Million


Cheryl kept quiet for a while.

This upscale neighborhood was relatively quiet, so there was indeed quite a distance between each villa, and traveling to another villa by foot would take at least ten minutes.

However, it took only three to five minutes by car.

In that case, they would just drive, then.

But before Cheryl could answer that it would take only a few minutes, Lionel had loaded the suitcase into the trunk and slipped into the drivers seat.

This was a seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle. When Lionel sat in the drivers seat, the rest got into the car immediately. One sat in the pa.s.senger seat in the front while others sat in the back, leaving the two seats in the middle to Cheryl and Zac.

After the two got in, Lionel asked, Where are we going? Ill set up the GPS.

We dont need the GPS.

Cheryl said, Just drive forward.

Huh? Oh, okay.

Lionel started the car obediently and left Villa No. 8. Just as he was about to turn to the gate, Cheryl said, Turn left.

He subconsciously turned left as instructed, but after he did, he said in confusion, Youre pointing me in the wrong direction, G.o.d C. The exit is to the north while the entrance is to the south Never mind, Ill just circle back here.

After Lionel spoke, a teammate nicknamed Chonk, who played as a support cla.s.s, asked, How big is the house, G.o.d C? Is it bigger or smaller than your room in the villa?

Chonks question arose purely out of curiosity. The room in question was referring to Cheryls suite in the villa.

However, Cheryl, who had automatically overlooked the word room, thought that he was comparing villa to villa, so she naturally replied, They are the same size!

Her voice was simply too cute.

Chonk, who was entranced by her voice, subconsciously voiced his true thoughts and replied, Isnt that really small?

All the members, no matter their financial status in the past, had made a lot of money during their few years of being professional gamers.

Lionel raked in about $1.5 million per year from prize money from compet.i.tions, various product endors.e.m.e.nts, live-stream appearances, and more. After a few years as professional e-sports players, all of them had acc.u.mulated substantial wealth that allowed them to purchase property, cars, and more

Therefore, Chonk found even a house about 500 square feet small these days. After all, he had bought a big villa for his parents back in his hometown! Even the penniless Lionel had bought a 2000-square-feet house in San Francisco!

They werent looking down on Cheryl; rather, they truly found the house small.

However, Chonk quickly came back to his senses and patted Cheryl on the shoulder. He said, Dont worry, its not a big deal. If you work hard in the club, you will be able to afford a big house within two years!

As one of the only two female professional e-sports players in the league, Cheryl must have an even higher endors.e.m.e.nt fee than them.

Lionel also nodded. Yeah, ignore Chonk. Its already fortunate that you can afford to live in a 1000-square-feet house. Back then, I was so poor that we had to sell almost everything we had just to cover my travel expenses to the club. Later, when the boss found out about this, he quickly sent some money to my family. Otherwise, my parents would have fainted from hunger Even though I was poor back then, it doesnt matter anymore. Look at me now! I have already escaped poverty!

Lionel was afraid that they had upset Cheryl.

That was why he was bringing up his embarra.s.sing past.

Chonk immediately followed up and added, Yes, yes, I can still remember how Lionel looked when he arrived! All the clothes he was wearing were patched and mended! When he took off his shorts at night, even his underwear was full of holes

p.i.s.s off! Watch what you say! Why are you telling dirty jokes?!

Lionel was furious.

However, it was mainly because such details were simply too embarra.s.sing. How could he tell the pretty girl something like that?

In the backseat, Benjamin, a reticent top-laner, couldnt help but nod when he heard Lionel. He frequently cleared obstacles in the top lane alone in the game and was a rather reserved guy by nature. In all the time that Cheryl had been here, she had never heard him say much.

If he could just grunt in response, he would never choose to utter an okay.

If he could express what he wanted to say in just two words, he would never utter a third.

Now, though, he actually spoke up for once. Everybody starts somewhere. You guys dont have to overthink this, though. Cheryls family is definitely not a poor one.

Would a poor family be able to raise someone as spoiled as Cheryl?

Benjamin had always been one to observe others quietly.

Lionel and Chonk might not have noticed anything, but Benjamin had long since discovered that G.o.d C was actually very spoiled.

During meals, she would never take a second bite of food that tasted even a little overcooked.

And when she ate apples, she would only eat them if they were peeled and cut into small pieces, or shed rather just not have any When she first came to the villa, he had thought that Cheryl didnt like fruits.

It wasnt until one night when they ordered a fruit platter takeout that he found her munching away like a little hamster. In addition, she only ate the fresh fruits. For example, she didnt touch the watermelon, which seemed like it had been left out all afternoon.

Later, when Benjamin quietly cut a few apples into small pieces and placed them on the dining table, sure enough, Cheryl dug into them immediately after dinner She was undeniably a pampered little princess!

Or at the very least, her family doted on her very much.

Benjamin had then thought deeper into it and arrived at the conclusion that Cheryl must come from a rich family.

After all, for them to be able to afford a 1000-square-feet house in San Francisco, they were undoubtedly no ordinary people, alright?!

After all, real estate rates in San Francisco were sky-high The houses nearby cost about $150 per square foot Yup, her family was definitely worth at least $1.5 million!

Lionel echoed him. Yeah, Benjamin is right! Everyone starts somewhere!

Just as he was about to continue, Cheryl said, Were here. You can stop here.