She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: Moving Out

Harvard University: Well, did you take the college entrance examination this year? And did you get a score of 1598? :)

They had also added a smiley face at the end.

Their reply was overflowing with counter-mockery!


As soon as they replied, all of Club JQ went into an uproar!

The member who had mocked Cheryl in his comment widened his eyes, somewhat confused. What is Harvard University talking about? Why would I take the college entrance examinations this year? A score of 1598? Are they trying to be funny or what?

But as soon as he spoke, he saw the looks in his teammates eyes change.

After the momentary surprise, the guy finally understood something. N-no way? You must be kidding, right?

Likewise, all the netizens also went into an uproar.

Everyone pressed Harvard University for more details.

A score of 1598? You mean to say that Cheryl Smith achieved a score of 1598 in the college entrance examinations?

What the actual f*ck? Am I dreaming? On top of the guy who got a perfect score five years ago, a new mutant has emerged now?

No wonder she said that shes trying to decide between the two schools! With those results, she must be the top scorer this year. Its obvious that she can decide freely between the two schools! She can even take her pick from among all the majors available!

The news didnt just excite the netizens. The fans of Club HS, who hadnt dared to say anything just now, instantly became elated.

One by one, they swarmed into Club JQs Facebook page and attacked them furiously.

Hmm, didnt someone just say that they wanted Harvard University to recruit them via special admissions? How shameless. Did he become full of himself just because he is a professional e-sports player? Or does he think the whole world has to pander to him or what?

Wanna hear a joke? Jimy has the highest academic qualifications among the female professional e-sports players.

Oh my, Im sorry but the two players with the highest academic qualifications are both in our favorite, Club HS now. As for who they are, Im sure that n.o.body needs further elaboration about Zac, while the other is the cutie Cheryl!

Upon seeing the sarcastic comments, an awful look came over Jimys countenance.

She bit her lip.

Her teammates were also incensed. Whats the big deal about having better grades? What are they being so for?

However, someone said sheepishly, Werent we the ones who started this?

Everyone: ?

Was this fellow unable to read the room or what?!

However! They werent going to take it lying down just like that.

Jimy thought for a while and then smiled and said, Arent we e-sports professionals? Is that star student here to just fool around or something?

The rest instantly understood what she meant.

Exactly. Were e-sports professionals. Whats the use of having good grades? The compet.i.tion is about our gaming abilities Who exactly is Cheryl Smith? Club HS recruitment of her is rather surprising. What cla.s.s is a girl like her going to be? Support cla.s.s?

Shes a support cla.s.s for sure. Have you forgotten that the person currently playing as support in their team was initially a gunner? Its not like girls can be gunners anyway, right?

Well, she wont be a threat if shes just a support cla.s.s, then! Jimy is the top support cla.s.s player in the local server! Theres no way she can outcla.s.s Jimy when it comes to being a support!

While they were dissing Cheryl, the member whom Harvard University had mocked just now couldnt stop himself from posting a new comment:

Whoops, sorry about that, it was just a joke. I didnt expect Ms. Smiths score to be so good. But since she has spent all her time studying, I wonder how good she is at gaming?

With just one sentence, he had mocked Cheryl again.

Even Jimy couldnt resist joining in and posting a comment this time.

Jimy: Nice to meet you. You must also be a support cla.s.s like me, right? See you in-game. @Cherry HS]

Immediately after she posted the comment, Club JQ fans seemingly found a direction to go in again, and they tried to reverse online public opinion by saying things like how e-sports were ultimately still all about games and so on

In Club HS.

Dont bother looking at it anymore. They are just a whole bunch of keyboard warriors who cant stop flaming others the moment they find even the most trifling thing to nitpick about. Our fans are no pushovers, though. They have already begun to fight back.

Zac said in a bid to comfort Cheryl. As the girl nodded, the corners of her lips curled into a smile and she said, They think Im playing as support.


Zac was not surprised, though.

They were not trying to look down on women in e-sports. However, biological differences were such that mens reflexes were indeed sharper than womens. This was no different from how most men were physically stronger and taller than women.

This was an undeniable fact.

However, there were also cases where women would outcla.s.s men.

If anything, after partnering with Cheryl for the past half a month, Zac had already become fully convinced of her capabilities and didnt dare doubt her prowess anymore. He smiled and said, Let them say whatever they want for now. When its time for the actual compet.i.tion, you will be a real eye-opener for them, as well as a big surprise for our fans.

Though the fans of Club HS supported the clubs decision, they were ultimately still apprehensive about having a female player on the team.

Everyone was worried that Cheryl would have trouble keeping up

Cheryl nodded. Yeah. Im not bothered about their comments. Well see who has the last laugh once the compet.i.tion starts.

After speaking, she popped into her mouth a lollipop that she had removed the wrapper of at some point and then blinked at him.

The way she looked so sweet and cute made Zacs heart flutter.

But immediately after, he couldnt help but be horrified at himself. She was only 15 years old! She was still a kid!

He coughed and turned around, whereupon he saw his teammates utterly stunned.

The head coach was also bewildered.

Everyone in the PR department stared blankly at the battle of words on Facebook.

How did they win the public opinion battle when they hadnt even done anything yet?

Among them, Lionel was the first to break the silence. He said, Um, hey, Cheryl. What does Harvard University mean by this? I know you took part in the college entrance examinations this year, but what does this part about having a score of 1598 mean? What am I failing to understand here?

Zac couldnt make himself look on.

Here he was thinking that Lionel had finally smartened up for once, but as it turned out, he was just utterly bewildered!

The corners of his lips spasmed and he said, Cheryl scored 1598 points in the college entrance examinations.

While the others hadnt recovered from the shock, Zac said to Cheryl, You can head upstairs and rest first.


With the lollipop in her mouth, Cheryl went upstairs. Along the way, text message notifications from a group chat popped up on her cell phone.

Alexander: I bet you had candy, right? Dont forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Peter: Peace has returned to the Internet. Ill be there when your compet.i.tion starts.

Cheryl smiled at the messages, but right after she did, she saw a message from Justin that surprised her.

Justin: Move out tomorrow, you hear?

Cheryl: !

The corners of her lips spasmed.

However, even she understood that her presence was inconveniencing all the occupants of the villa.

For example, the morning after she moved into the villa, when she exited her room in her pajamas after she woke up, she had b.u.mped into a s.h.i.+rtless Lionel having breakfast in his floral-patterned boxers.

Lionel had been caught completely off guard at that time. Then, he let out a piercing shriek and ran into his room.

As for herself, she also realized that it wasnt appropriate for her to be walking around in her pajamas, either, so she had returned to her room and changed into another set of clothes

Besides, the villa she was supposed to move into was right beside this one, so it wasnt like it was inconvenient for her to report for duty, either!

Cheryl wanted to head back down to inform her teammates that she was moving out, but the moment she turned around, she heard her teammates exclamations.

Oh my G.o.d, G.o.d C scored 1598 in the college entrance examinations?

Is she really human?!

What the f*ck? How can someone be so good in their studies, yet also be crazy good at games?!

After a moments thought, Cheryl decided that she would tell them about it the next morning instead.

The following morning.

Pfft! Lionel choked and spat out his mouthful of bread when Cheryl mentioned that she was moving out. G.o.d C, are you going back to heaven?

Cheryl: ?

What on earth was he talking about?!

The corners of her lips spasmed and she replied, Im just moving out. My dad said that hes worried about me because its not appropriate for me to stay here with you guys. Plus, he has a house nearby, so

Only then did Lionel breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone tried to rea.s.sure her that everything was fine and that they didnt feel inconvenienced.

Zac was the only one whose eyes dimmed a little.

He thought of how the girl had exited her room with a blank look on her face in the morning, and how adorable she had looked half-asleep. But the next moment, he thought of how Lionel and the rest often made dirty jokes

He coughed and said, You can move out if you want, but is the house good enough?

Lionel immediately nodded. Yeah. Look at all the fabulous benefits you get when you live here. Your room here is also a s.p.a.cious one. Your dads property is probably an apartment, right? Or a two-bedroom house? In any case, it wont be any better than this big villa, so why bother moving out

Just as Cheryl was about to explain, Zac smacked Lionel on the head and said, Shut up and eat. Why are you talking so much?

Lionel curled his lips disdainfully. A short pause later, though, he said, Fine, I suppose. Well help you with the move later, G.o.d C.

Then, he sent a message to the team group chat.

When we help G.o.d C move out, no one is allowed to mock her for having a small house, you hear? We must be considerate toward her self-esteem!!

After he sent the message, all the other teammates responded affirmatively.

After breakfast, Cheryl headed upstairs to pack her luggage.

Lionel hurriedly took the suitcase from her and then lugged it out the door. Then, he asked, Where are you moving to, G.o.d C? How long will it take to drive there?