She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: G.o.d C is a Rich Second-Generation Heir!!!

Lionel subconsciously stepped on the brakes.

But when the car stopped, he looked out to find that they hadnt left the neighborhood at all.

Confused, he asked, Whats going on? There isnt any house here except for Villa No. 9

But when he uttered that, his words trailed off in astonishment.

The rest of the team was also stunned.

Zac stared at Villa No. 9, his lips curling up into a near-imperceptible arc.

Oh my, the kiddos family is pretty well-off, isnt it?

A villa in the neighborhood cost more than $7.5 million. On top of that, Villa No. 9 was situated by the lake and was slightly larger than Villa No. 8, so it was worth almost $15 million!

When they first moved in, Lionel had pa.s.sed by the villa on an evening run once and remarked enviously, I wonder who the owner of Villa No. 9 is. The scenery here is even better than ours, and it also seems a bit bigger. d.a.m.n the rich, why do they get to enjoy life so much?

But now!

He seemed to have found out who the owners of this villa were.

Zac coughed.

Lionel also swallowed and asked incredulously, G-G.o.d C, sure surely you dont mean to say that Villa No. 9 is the house you were referring to, right?

Cheryl nodded. Yup!


Lionel felt like crying. Come on, no acting cute in the club, alright?! Who would have thought that an adorable girl like her would turn out to be a little money bag in disguise?!

He was this close to shedding tears of envy. He said, A-are you living here alone, G.o.d C? How lonely would it be if you dont have anyone cooking for you, right? Do you want us to come over and accompany you?

As soon as he spoke, though, the door to the villa opened and a full-time butler stepped out. Dressed in a suit, he looked at the car with a smile and quickly walked over. He made Zac step aside and then opened the door for Cheryl.

Only then did Cheryl get out of the car.

Ms. Cheryl, the villa is ready. This way, please.

M Ms. Cheryl?!

What the heck was this?

Also, the butler looked awfully professional!

The group was stunned.

They had met rich peoplefor example, Zacbefore Lionel and the others had even visited his home. Only manors like the Stannards home would need a butler, come on!

So, was G.o.d Cs family as rich as Zacs?!

Zac was also taken abackbecause he recognized the butler.

The housekeeping industry had a ranking of its own, and this particular butler ranked among the top five in the United States. A few years ago, his family had contacted him with the intention to hire him.

Hoover, the butler, had told them that he was already employed by someone else.

Little did he think that it would turn out to be Cheryls family!

Just who exactly was her family?

Even Zac, who was exposed to the wealthy and dignitaries, felt a little lost now.


Was Cheryl part of the Smiths from New York?!

But as far as he knew, the Smiths only had one fifteen-year-old girl in the family, and she was currently in her second year of high school. The girl was said to be shy and gentle, and was also renowned for her beauty

Of course, Cheryl was also a beauty, but she was no shy and gentle girl!

While Zacs imagination was running wild, the butler picked up Cheryls suitcase and politely invited Lionel and the others into the villa.

The housekeeper was currently occupied in the kitchen, which was wafting an aromatic smell of something cooking.

Lionel swallowed hard. G.o.d C, Im so envious that my tears are flowing out from the corners of my mouth. Why does your housekeepers cooking smell so good?

Wanna stay for lunch, then? asked Cheryl.

No problem!

Lionel walked straight to the dining hall and seated himself at the dining table.

Zac and Benjamin looked around at the interior decor. It was obvious that the decor here was cozier than in the club, and all the little details exhibited low-key luxury.

After the meal, Lionel couldnt help but secretly look at Cheryl and ask, Hey, G.o.d C. Um, I kinda wanna ask you something, but I dont know if its okay to?

Go ahead, replied Cheryl.

Lionel coughed and asked, What business is your family in, G.o.d C?

Cheryl thought for a while. Actually, Im not sure myself.

The Hunts had businesses in a large number of industries, while her grandaunt was involved with mysterious matters overseas. On top of that, her mom was also an enigmatic one who disappeared for a couple of days or so every month for some inexplicable reason.

In the entire family, her brother, Peter, was the only normal one who went through his education systematically. She had heard that their father intended to hand over the Hunt Corporation to him this year.

Her other brother, Alexander, was also an unfathomable one. n.o.body knew what their father was doing with him every day, and she had heard that he was planning to have him inherit something to do with King and whatnot

In any case, Cheryl wasnt bothered about these things. All she knew was that she was the weakest in the family and that she was so rich that she would never run out of money her whole life!

However, Cheryls teammates misunderstood and thought that she was reluctant to reveal anything to outsiders because of her desire to remain low-key, so they didnt probe further.

After lunch, everyone drove back to Villa No. 8 for afternoon training.

After the training session, Cheryl refused the butlers offer to pick her up, instead insisting on walking home by herself.

The villa was only a ten-minute walk or three-minute drive away. She would just take the walk as exercise!

Zac suddenly stood up and said, Im going out for an evening run, so I can walk you back home along the way.

Cheryl, who didnt think much about it, nodded.

Before they went out, Cheryl, who suddenly thought of something, said, By the way, I have to take two days off starting tomorrow.

The head coach happened to exit the room at this point. Upon hearing this, he asked, What for?

Mm, shooting practice.

Dont forget that Cheryl had another ident.i.tya shooting athlete!

Although she had enrolled in Harvard via the college entrance examination, she had never given up on shooting as a sport.

The coach was confused. What?

Zac explained on her behalf and said, Cheryl is a shooting athlete.

Uh-huh, and then?

Cheryl said, I promised the national team that I would train with them for at least two days a month.

The coach: ??

The rest of the club seeing her out the door: ?

Cheryl, who had mistaken their reaction as disapproval, explained, I only need to go for shooting practice two days a month so that they wouldnt bother me. Dont worry, my focus is on the game!

Gaming wasnt a one-man show but a team effort.

Therefore, Cheryl indeed had to spend more time training team coordination with them.

Lionel, who had pretty much become numb to further revelations, said jokingly, Um, considering that you got a score of 1598 in the college entrance examinations, be it games or shooting, isnt either too much of a waste? Why dont you do scientific research instead?

Celebrities and game clubs were lucrative businesses, but being a scientist was obviously a more respected profession!

Cheryl thought for a moment and then replied, Thats an option.


Im kidding, Im kidding After speaking, Lionel, who wanted to improve his relations.h.i.+p with Ms. Rich Heir G.o.d C, patted his chest and said, For the sake of playing for our club, you have decided to patronize the national shooting team and just train with them a couple of days each month But dont worry! You may not be able to take the champions.h.i.+p in shooting, but we will make it up to you with the game compet.i.tion! We are very confident of taking the champions.h.i.+p this year!

Cheryl: ?

Who said she couldnt take the champions.h.i.+p in shooting?

She blinked a couple of times and thought of explaining, but when she saw how moved everyone looked, as though she had given up shooting for the game she couldnt be bothered to say anything.

She put on her shoes and went out.

Zac followed behind her.

As soon as the two of them exited, they saw a car at the door. A middle-aged lady dressed opulently then got out and walked straight to the two of them.

The woman frowned at the pair in front of her and then said to Zac, Why is there a girl in the club? Is she the girlfriend you mentioned?

Zac: ?

Some time ago, his family had wanted to set him up on a blind date.

However, he couldnt be bothered to go, so he made up an excuse and said that he already had a girlfriend.

It seemed like his mother had misunderstood, though.

He was about to explain when the woman said, Zac, youd better be rational about this! Ive already given my permission for you to become a professional e-sports player under the condition that you would only play until you are 25, whereupon you will retire and return to inherit the family business! But I will never agree to you dating just any random woman!

After saying that, the middle-aged womans eyes reddened and she said, Your father has brought his illegitimate son home, and I heard that he is even planning to set him up on a blind date with the young lady of the Smiths in New York. If he really marries Ms. Smith, youll be finished! You wont be able to inherit the family business anymore!! If he wins the Smiths over, unless you marry the mysterious young lady of the Hunts, you really wont have any hope of inheriting the company anymore! Are you trying to drive me to my grave?!

As she spoke, she took out a handkerchief and started to dab at her eyes. Never mind that hes fooling around outside, but hes even brought his illegitimate son home now. Is he so confident that we wont fight back? Zac, you heartless boy. I suffered so much all these years, yet you dont care about how I feel at all I have given you everything you wanted all your life How can you treat me as heartlessly as your father? Are you going to let that homewrecker step all over me in the future, too?

Zac heaved a helpless sigh and said, Mom, stop that act of yours. She is not my girlfriend but a new member of the club.

After a moment, the stunned woman stopped crying and then smiled awkwardly at Cheryl. Oh, is that so? You should have told me earlier. I ended up crying for nothing



Cheryl was thinking about what the woman had said just now, though. Did she say that the Stannards illegitimate son was planning to befriend Mia?

She tilted her head and took out her cell phone to inform Mia of the news.

But after a moments thought, she decided not to. Mia was currently in her second year of high school, which was a critical moment for her studies. It would be better if she didnt bother Mia with such news.

Thus, Cheryl sent the message to Peter instead. She wrote: Hey Peter, the Stannards in San Francisco are planning a political marriage with Mia.

After sending the message, she looked back up to see the middle-aged lady pulling Zacs ear as she said, Listen up now. I didnt let you do whatever you want so that you dont fight for whats yours. That boy is only 18 years old now; youre a whole three years older than him! You can play games if thats what you want, but you must take back the familys a.s.sets! Itll be so embarra.s.sing if I end up being kicked out of the family after putting up so much with the Stannards!

An extremely helpless Zac replied, Okay, okay.

Try to find the young lady of the Hunts and see if you can seduce her!

Zac: !!

Cheryl: ????

The young lady of the Hunts Was she talking about her?!