She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025: Harvard Universitys Response

Zac had a great number of fans. He had nearly 4 million followers, a number that was comparable to first-rate celebrities follower counts.

His Facebook page was even more popular than the official Club HS one.

Since the incident took place, many people had visited Zacs Facebook page to ask about the situation. However, he was usually focused on training and rarely posted on social media, so he had never logged in during this period.

The post he had just made puzzled everyone.

Even Sonny, the MIT student, was perplexed.

What was the big deal about Cheryl Smith?

Was he trying to tell everybody to refer to Cheryl by her name instead of the new Club HS member when they were blasting her?!

While he was sneering at the post, his cell phone suddenly rang.

To his surprise, MITs admissions office was calling him.

Given that the admissions office was calling him again after making him delete his Facebook post just now, Sonny suddenly felt a little sheepish. When he answered the call, the director of the admissions office roared, What the h.e.l.l are you saying on the Internet?!

However, Sonny, who didnt think he was in the wrong at all, retorted, I cant say what I want on the universitys official page, so Ive deleted the post. But why cant I say what I want on my own account? Dont I have any freedom of speech?

The director was so mad that he could hardly speak. He yelled, Do you have any idea who Cheryl Smith is?!

Heh, who is she? Or is this related to who her father is? Sir, you taught us that we should not feel sorry for ourselves. We may be penniless students, but we have ideals and ambition! There are so many students applying every year, but how many of them qualify to enroll in our school? I was also the top scorer back in my hometown! What makes her think she can look down on MIT?

The director was so speechless that he actually calmed down. After staying quiet for a moment, he asked, What was your score in the college entrance examination back then?

At the mention, Sonny immediately replied arrogantly, 1442! It was the highest score in my hometown! Both Harvard and MIT called me back then, but I chose MIT in the end. But even so, I have never looked down on Harvard University.

Which part of Cheryl Smiths post looks down on Harvard University? Its only because of your own low self-esteem that you would find her arrogant! Even you have admitted that you were deliberating between Harvard and MIT back then, so why cant she?! said the director.

After being taken back for a moment, Sonny immediately became indignant. He said, Sir, are you really comparing me to her? I have been studying so hard for more than ten years, whereas she is a gamer. How can she compare to me?!

The director kept quiet for a while and then slowly said, She scored 1598 points on the college entrance examination this year. Be it Harvard or MIT, both are trying to contact her in hopes of recruiting her into the school. When a student like her says that she is considering enrolling in our school, she is actually giving us a chance. But now, I dont think she will be considering us as an option anymore.

Sonny: ???

He was stunned. What? How many points did she score again? 1598 points? Thats impossible! How can anyone even achieve such a high score?!

However, the director didnt respond. He hung up on Sonny, leaving him utterly dumbfounded.

Only then did he truly feel like he had made a mistake.

Though Sonny had learned about Cheryls score, everyone else on the Internet hadnt.

While everyone was still attacking Cheryl, the Club JQ professional players, who were mostly night owls, gathered around Jimy in the training room and chatted with one another.

Haha! This is terrible! To think Zac actually threw the little missy under the bus. He has no conscience whatsoever.

To think they actually recruited a female member too. But how can she possibly compare to our Jimy? Jimy graduated from a prestigious university, you know! Their member even boasted that she could choose freely between the two universities or something, right? Haha, does she really think shes a star student? Or does she think that Club HS would take her side? Shes so naive!

Exactly. Jimy is undoubtedly the top female player in the league! With the exception of Zac, few have better academic qualifications than you

But while the group was gloating about Cheryls misfortune, an uproar suddenly broke out on the Internet.

Harvard University had made a post on their official Facebook page.

Harvard University: We sincerely and wholeheartedly invite Cheryl Smith to be a part of our school! Thanks for giving her up, MIT. @MIT @Club HS

Harvard had posted this at night, and as soon as it was posted, the entire Internet exploded!

Fans were stunned.

What was going on?

Fans of Club JQ flocked to Harvard Universitys Facebook post.

LOL, whats going on? Has Harvard also decided to join the fray and back her up?

Why should she be admitted into Harvard? Is it just because she is a member of Club HS? Or did the owner of Club HS donate a library in her name or something?

Exactly. Even gamers can enroll into the top two universities these days?

This is so unfair!!

How much did Club HS pay you to put up this pretense?!

The fans of Club HS didnt dare to speak up anymore, either. Although it seemed like their club had won, it looked like they hadnt employed very respectable means?

Only the director of the MIT students admissions office was furious when he saw the post.

Harvard University was totally refusing to admit that they had benefited from the situation! Yet it was too late for them to do anything now!

What could they do when they were the ones who had made a dumb move first and offended the girl? It was no exaggeration to say that they had offered up a student with immense potential on a silver platter to their nemesis!

Given what they had posted on their official Facebook page at that time, it would be a cold day in h.e.l.l before Cheryl would pick them!

The furious director of the admissions office immediately called up one of the school leaders. Wherever did you recruit such a stupid administrator for the schools Facebook page?! Fire him right away!!

At Club JQ.

Everyone frowned.

What the f*ck?! Why?

Whats up with Harvard University? Are they really recruiting her? Special admissions? Is gaming her specialty? If so, then doesnt that mean we can all go to Harvard University now?

They are too much!

Jimys brows drew together as she balled up her fists. Having high academic qualifications had given her grounds to be arrogant in this industry. What gave the other girl the right to be admitted into Harvard University?

Nevertheless, she didnt voice her thoughts. Instead, she comforted her teammates and said, Alright, alright. We all know the owner of Club HS is rich anyway. To be honest, is there even anything money cant buy these days? After all, it would be great promotional material if their newly recruited club member was a Harvard student, right? Come on, dont be mad anymore. Im fine.

But her words only served to make her teammates even angrier.

One of them even logged in to their Facebook account and left a comment on Harvard Universitys post.

In that case, can I also be admitted via special admissions? I play better than Cheryl Smith. :)

The smiley at the end couldnt get any more sarcastic!

On top of that, as he had many fans, his comment quickly garnered tens of thousands of likes and became the top comment on Harvard Universitys post.

His comment was simply oozing sarcasm!

In fact, it even made headlines on social media.

As a result, everyone started to ridicule Cheryl even more.

However, it was at this moment that Harvard University suddenly replied to the Club JQ members comment.