She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: Our New Member is Cheryl Smith

Whats going on?

The director of the admissions office was right next to him. When the other teacher was talking to Cheryl just now, he desperately wanted to grab the phone and talk to her personally, but Cheryl hadnt given him a chance to do so at all, hanging up right away instead.

Upon hearing one of the teachers speak up, he immediately became anxious.

The teacher, who happened to open up the universitys Facebook page, showed the post to the director.

The director was stunned when he read it. But we didnt say anything wrong in our Facebook post, so why would she be angry? Is she a fan of Club HS? But isnt Cheryl Smith a shooting athlete? Does she follow gaming news?

The teacher didnt understand what was going on, either. He replied, But she was obviously referring to this statement. Maybe she is a fan of Zac Stannard? Stannard is not only a Harvard student but also good-looking. Hes very popular in the gaming circle.

Youngsters are just so impulsive. How can she reject our school just because of this? She didnt even bother listening to our offer! exclaimed the director.

After grousing, the director looked at him and instructed, Contact the people managing the schools official Facebook page immediately and tell them to delete the post!

Got it! The teacher replied.

When the people managing the schools Facebook page received the news, they were also stunned.

The school hadnt said anything wrong. After all, a small-time professional player boasting that they were hesitating between the two schools was indeed disrespectful to them.

The universitys Facebook page was managed by students, who had made the post in a moment of pique.

There were countless students who woke up early and stayed up late to study just so they could be admitted to the university. Moreover, most of the students in the university were the top students from all over the world. Even if they werent the top scorers in their cities, they were at least the top scorers in their schools. Why should the university that they were so proud of be relegated to a mere choice in someone elses eyes?

As a result, one of the students, who had been stewing over this for a long while, couldnt hold himself back from making such a post earlier in the day.

Yet they were saying that he had made a mistake?

The student was furious and outraged.

He said to his cla.s.smate, For their mediocre grades, those professional players sure are divas! They have actually attracted the attention of the school leaders! Do they make as great a contribution to society as we do when all they do is play games? All of us will be elites in society after graduation, so how are we any inferior to them?! Every single one of them acts as if they are celebrities What kind of world is this?! Not only do celebrities make more money than scientists, but they are also more respected than scientists

Despite the indignant students complaints, he nevertheless deleted the post from the schools official Facebook page.

However, after he deleted it, the more he thought about it, the more indignant he felt.

In the end, he simply couldnt help but post about it on his private Facebook account.

They deleted the post.

In the dim corridor, Zacs low voice rang out as he stared intently at Cheryl.


Cheryl replied adorably. She turned around to return to the training room, but she had only taken two steps when Zac suddenly grabbed her arm. Hey kid, dont you have anything to tell me?

Cheryl: ?

Stunned, she blinked a couple of times, not quite understanding what he meant. Like what?

Like how many points you really scored in the exam?

Cheryl let out a sigh, which was followed by another sigh. This made Zac suspect that she had botched the exams. Perhaps the girl usually had stellar grades but had been off-form on the college entrance examination this time?

For example, maybe she was usually one of the top five scorers but had only achieved 50th place in the college entrance examination this time?

While his imagination was running wild, Cheryl replied softly, 1598 points.

Zac: ??

He was utterly dumbfounded!

There were hardly such high college entrance examination scores in recent years!

He didnt wonder why Cheryl knew her scoreafter all, she had chatted with the Harvard University staff for so long. They might have told her the score in a show of their sincerity.

Rather, what he didnt understand was

Then why are you so unhappy?

Cheryl pouted. Because I wanted a perfect score!

Zacs lip corners spasmed, and he felt like he truly couldnt understand how geniuses think.

He ruffled Cheryls hair and said, Uh Its near-impossible to achieve a perfect score. With your score of 1598, you must already be the top scorer this year, so dont ask for too much.

Since the implementation of the college entrance examination system, his cohort was the only one that had produced a candidate with a perfect score. On top of that, the candidate had even been a ten-year-old child. This had shocked the whole country.

Surely this kid didnt think that she was that smart or that big of a mutant, right?

After all, people like that candidate must be incredibly intelligent.

But how would he possibly know that Cheryls IQ was even higher than her brothers?! The only reason why Cheryl hadnt scored full marks was due to her having grown up abroad. Compared to Peter, she was indeed not as used to local expectations as he was.

Given how Cheryl couldnt even get her history facts right when she was a child, scoring that high in the exams was already a miracle in itself.

G.o.d knows how tiring it had been for Peter when he tutored Cheryl all these years

Cheryl, who soon came to terms with it, grinned and said, Youre right!

No way in h.e.l.l was she going to compare herself to her brother!

Wasnt that purely just asking for trouble?

She turned and happily skipped into the training room.

As soon as she and Zac entered, they heard the head coach say, They deleted it! They deleted it! MIT has deleted the post!

But right after he spoke, a distressed staff member next to him broke into a frown in distress. But an MIT student has posted an expos

The public relations staff member was close to tears.

It had only been half an hour since the results were released. Why was wave after wave of trouble taking place on the Internet?

The head coach looked over to see that a student who claimed to be from MIT had made a Facebook post as follows:

Sonny: Hi everyone, Im a student at MIT. Regarding the Facebook post that was just taken down, one must thank the power of celebrities for that. When did Americas scientists and the best higher inst.i.tution of learning become a tool for celebrities to hype themselves? How smug do you feel to trample upon us? Yet our school cant even respond because if we do, well be criticized for not being magnanimous I am really worried about the future of this country. Will there come a day when university admissions no longer look at college entrance examination results as admission criteria but the number of fans one has? The future of the scientific community is truly deplorable!

The post was pretty much short of just outright saying that the clubs star power had forced the school into deleting the post!

MITs deletion of the Facebook post had initially confused Club JQ fans, but when they saw this post, they immediately went on a mad rampage. In just the span of five minutes, the post had garnered thousands of likes and reposts!

Everyone was questioning what had happened.

What gives the new member of Club HS the power to force MIT into deleting their post?!

The head coach, who initially thought that it was their boss who had paid his way out of the situation, was so freaked out that he was going around in circles. How can you go head-to-head with those two schools?! Boss has really done it this time!

The public relations department was also awfully troubled. How are we supposed to settle this diplomatically now?!

Club HS fans were also a little outraged.

What on earth is HS doing? How can you be so stupid? Can money control schools?! This is terrible!

Although I like both celebrities and HS players, I have more respect for the two universities. This behavior is indeed ludicrous

Seeing that both sides were now questioning the behavior of Club HS, the head coach knew that their reputation was truly finished this time.

Just as he was at a loss and in a panic

Zac suddenly logged onto his Facebook account.

He merely made a one-liner post:

Zac: Introducing our newest member. Her name is Cheryl Smith. @MIT @Sonny

This post was simply bewildering.

Fans on both sides were stunned.

Was the introduction just a name?

Ha, what does this even mean? Is he telling everyone to attack the new member and hinting that this matter has nothing to do with HS?

There isnt any relation between the two in the first place. From the start, the new member was the only one stirring trouble. I highly recommend that Club HS fire her. After all, she did stir up a lot of trouble

What is Captain Zac doing? Is he pus.h.i.+ng the blame? Didnt they say that he is the most protective of his own? LOL

Everyone went into full-on mocking mode again. However, a huge furor went through the Facebook sphere after that.