She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023: Fighting For The Same Candidate!!

Cheryl also found herself stunned for a moment. Then, she heaved a disappointed sigh.

Displayed on the screen was a score of 0?

While Cheryl was s.p.a.cing out, a furor went through the rest of the team.

How can this be?!

Is something wrong with the system? How can the score be 0?

Even if you guess your way through the papers and choose C for every question, you still wont get 0 points, right?

Yeah, there must have been a mistake somewhere!

Even I scored more than 100 points on my college entrance examination back then! Its too difficult to get a 0!

Someone even entertained a ludicrous thought and asked, Hey Cheryl, you couldnt possibly have skipped every single paper and just filled in your name, right? Did you do that just to shut your family up because they wouldnt let you join the team unless you took the college entrance examination? Are you trying to get back at them?


The corners of her lips spasmed. When she was about to say something, next to her, a contemplative look came over Zacs face.

0 points He had seen that before.

But compared to those people, this young lady in front of him was So, how could it possibly have been 0 points?

At the same time, Cheryl lowered her head and saw Peter leisurely send a message in the group chat:

Cherry wont be able to see her scores tonight. The scores of the top 50 in each city are protected, so their scores will be masked and displayed as 0. A certain somebody did not take the college entrance examination, so its only natural that he wouldnt know. @Alexander]

He was dissing Alexander for saying that he didnt care about his sister.

Alexander responded very quickly: Even if they have masked it, as a hacker, couldnt you have hacked into the system to take a look? At the bottom of it all, its still because you dont care enough about Cherry.

Peter replied: I tried hacking into their system to check Cherrys score just now, but they are using the latest firewall technology, so I didnt manage to get in.

A proud Justin immediately sent a message: That firewall was enhanced by Nora.

Everyone: ?

Cheryls lip corners spasmed. What was her dad being so proud of when it was her mom who wrote the firewall program?

Peter asked: Can Dad hack into it?

Justin, who was completely unashamed of the fact that he couldnt get past his wifes firewall, replied proudly: Of course not.



Cheryl: I have six things to say:


Just as the three were utterly speechless, Nora finally popped up in the chat: 1598. Two points were deducted in the essay.

Cheryl: ?

The others: ???

After that, Cheryl received congratulatory messages from Alexander, Peter, and Justin. However, she was still a little disappointed, so she hung her head.

Her reaction made Lionel and others even more nervous. Everyone asked, Hey G.o.d C, you you didnt really submit a blank paper, did you?

Zac was also a little confused.

As far as he was aware, the scores of the top 50 in each city were masked as a protective measure. And of course, those 50 candidates were basically split between Harvard and MIT.

Should this really be the case, then there wouldnt be anything wrong when Cheryl said that she was still considering Harvard and MIT!

Zac felt like he had stumbled upon the truth.

Cheryl was actually a star student.

He clearly felt like he had guessed the truth, so why was Cheryl suddenly showing such an abject look of disappointment? Had she really handed in a blank paper like what Lionel and the others were saying?

Zac became uncertain again.

Just as everyone was bewildered and confused, Cheryl heaved a huge sigh and said, I didnt get 1600 points. This is so maddening!


The difference between 0 and 1600 was kinda big, wasnt it?

Was G.o.d C still in lala-land?

Or did she decide to go for the lowest score possible because she couldnt get a score of 1600?

It was certainly true that n.o.body had a lower score than that in the entire country!

Everyones lip corners spasmed. They wanted to say something, but they didnt know how they should comfort her.

0 points G.o.d C sure was pitiful!

The only one with a different reaction was Zac. His pupils shrank fiercely, and he confirmed his suspicions.

Originally, he had thought that Cheryl barely made it into the top 50, but judging from what she just said her score was nearly perfect?!

So, she was even smarter than hed thought?!

Where did a star student like her pop up from?!

Zac frowned.

It was at this point that the head coach also rushed into the room. G.o.d C, how many points did you score?

Cheryl closed the results page quietly and replied, Well have to wait a little longer to find out.

Wait? The head coach, who had never a.s.sociated with true star students before, was confused. Arent the college entrance examination results out yet? But I saw many people showing off their scores on social media!

Lionel and the others immediately lowered their heads and kept quiet.

Sigh. Since G.o.d C was embarra.s.sed to talk about her exam score, then theyd better not expose her.

Zac, however, clenched his jaw, his dark eyes glued to Cheryl. The adorable young lady in front of him looked harmless and easily made one let down their guard against her, but as it turned out, she wasnt just amazing at games Was she so full of surprises even when it came to studying?!

He pressed his lips together.

As for Cheryl, she downloaded the Facebook app onto her cell phone.

As soon as she did, she saw that fans of both Club HS and Club JQ had poured into her Facebook page and were asking her about her college entrance examination score.

Cheryl could only reply: It isnt out yet.

As soon as she sent the reply, her cell phone rang. She glanced at the number and then stood. I have to answer a call.

The head coach nodded.

Cheryl tapped on the answer b.u.t.ton as she walked past the few of them. Zac happened to be standing right beside her, so he overheard the voice coming from her cell phone: h.e.l.lo, can I speak with Ms. Cheryl Smith? h.e.l.lo, we are calling from the Harvard University admissions office. As you have scored particularly well in your college entrance examination, we would like to invite you

Zac: !!

He was not only an excellent player in the gaming industry, but he had also been a Harvard student. This had always been something that gave him extraordinary status, as well as something he was proud of.

But in this instant, he suddenly felt that his academic qualifications were worthless

While Cheryl was on the phone, the head coach looked at the Facebook page again. The comments on the page were going crazy.

Cheryls reply had stunned everyone.

Everyone thought she was pulling a diva act.

Fans of Club HS were defending her while fans of Club JQ were attacking her madly.

Ha, didnt somebody boast about choosing between two universities previously? Yet she is staying quiet when the results are out? What a joke! Is she afraid that well mock her if she announces her results?

Everybody elses grades are already out except hers? Yeah right, does she think shes special or what?

Special? What nonsense! A certain somebody is just scared! Since she sucks at studying, why even bother competing with Jimy over education qualifications?

Isnt that obvious? Shes just trying to leech off Jimys popularity by competing with her over academic qualifications! Tras.h.!.+

Club HS fans panicked.

This is e-sports, not school!

Are exam scores even that important? Did everyone in your club go to college?

What a joke! Whos even trying to compete with Jimy? It was obviously you guys who came forward, okay? Has Club HS ever claimed that she is a star student?

However, Club JQ fans refused to listen to the explanations.

During this period of time, everyone had focused only on what Cheryl had said about how she was considering Harvard University and MIT and flamed her for it.

Her statement had been posted on Facebook without any context. Who would care about the actual circ.u.mstances behind it when they were just onlookers?

All they knew was that they simply found her statement too arrogant!

Many fans even started to at-mention the two schools and inquire if they had admitted her.

MIT was the first to respond.

On MITs official page: We dont admit just anybody into the school.

They outright mocked Cheryl with just one sentence.

This elicited even more laughter from Club JQ fans.

Even Jimy herself stepped forward and at-mentioned MIT: It has always been my dream to attend MIT. I hope I can enroll in the school as a student

However, the cold and aloof MIT ignored her.

This did not stop the others from ridiculing Cheryl, though.

The head coach was in a huge panic. They are dragging MIT into it as well, its going to be even harder for G.o.d C to respond now!

As soon as he said that, Zac narrowed his eyes.

He suddenly realized that MIT might not even know the name of the new Club HS member.

Zac clenched his jaw.

He walked toward the door and Cheryl happened to end the call with Harvard University when he did, so Zac immediately showed her what MIT had posted on Facebook.

At this moment, Cheryls cell phone rang again.


Student Admissions Office.

A teacher was frantically calling someone on the phone. The New York top scorers phone has been busy this whole time. She must be on the phone with Harvard University! Why are they on the call for so long?

The top scorers name is Cheryl?

Just as the teacher was wondering why the name Cheryl sounded so familiar to her, she suddenly realized something and looked straight at the other teacher. Are you talking about the Cheryl I think youre talking about?!


Hurry up and call her! We have been trying to recruit her into the school since last year, but she has refused us all this time! The even personally instructed me to recruit her into the school, no matter the method and no matter what the conditions I must offer!

While she was talking, the phone call finally connected.

She spoke in a very friendly tone and said, h.e.l.lo, Ms. Cheryl Smith. I am calling from the student admissions office at MIT. You

But before she could finish, Cheryl replied coldly, Oh, its you No, Im not going there.

The teacher was stunned. Why? We are below Harvard University in any form. In fact, our school has a better shooting team, which suits your future plans better. You

Before the teacher could finish her proposal, Cheryl snorted coldly and said, Didnt you guys say that not everyone is worthy of being admitted into the school?

The teacher was bewildered.

After Cheryl said that, she hung up at once.

It was obvious that the girl was furious.

The teacher was stunned. When did we ever say anything like that?

The teacher next to her was also stunned. Students indeed see our school as the best, but how would we ever dare to say anything like that to a genius like Cheryl? There must be some kind of misunderstanding in here!

Next to them, a teacher said quietly, I think I know whats going on.