She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: C, the G.o.d of Gaming (4)

She blinked, then replied, Trinity School.

Wow! Zac was also from Trinity School. This means that you two are about to become alumni of the same school! The rest echoed.

In order to leave a good impression of himself on Cheryl, Lionel sang Zacs praises. Do you know? Zac almost topped the college entrance examination in your school, but there was a mutant in your school that year who got a perfect score on the exam But this doesnt matter; what matters is that Zac legitimately enrolled in Harvard through the college entrance examination. If you stay here and ever need help with your studies, you can just approach him!

Lionel patted his chest and added, Zac almost got a perfect score in Mathematics in the college entrance examination, you know! Hes unbelievable! G.o.d C, do you want to know how to get an almost perfect score in Mathematics? If you do, you can ask the captain to explain it to you!

Cheryl: ?

She was stunned for a moment. After thinking briefly, she answered seriously, Is it by solving one fewer multiple-choice question?

Everyone: ?

Lionel: ???

What did she mean by solving one fewer question?!

What hed meant to express was that it was impressive how Zac had achieved a near-perfect score in mathematics, but why was G.o.d Cs response making it seem like she was a star student?

The corners of Zacs lips spasmed.

Suddenly, he found the kid in front of him pretty cute.

Still, he hesitated for a moment before he looked at the coach. When our team was recruiting, we had stated that candidates must be at least high school graduates. Never mind that shes a minor; after all, there are players who started playing professionally when they were only 16. Is she going to be a pro player when she hasnt even finished high school, though?

He broke into a frown and his tone turned serious, completely forgetting that the cute Cheryl in front of him was G.o.d C. This is not right, he said.

How so?

The coach said, She has already graduated high school! She even took the college entrance examination this year!

In recent years, the game industry had been growing more and more rapidly. Many teenagers addicted to the Internet wanted to become professional e-sports players, resulting in many children neglecting their studies and getting preoccupied with thoughts of dropping out of school to play games.

Thus, there was now a new rule in the professional leagueone must finish at least high school or vocational school before they could pursue a career as a professional e-sports player.

This rule was pa.s.sed for the good of the children.

Lionel was stunned. How can that be? Shes only fifteen! Yet she has already taken the college entrance examination?

Cheryl nodded.

Lionel found it a little incredulous. You skipped a grade? Why?

She had definitely skipped a grade.

Cheryl replied, So that I could play games!

Her parents had requested that she pa.s.s the college entrance examination before she started her career as a professional e-sports player, so Cheryl had to study as quickly as possible! If it wasnt for the fact that her brother was too demanding and insisted that she get a full score on the exam before she could skip a grade, she could even have taken the college entrance examination a year earlier!

Lionel suddenly understood something

There were cases like this in the professional league too.

Some children had gaming talent, and ages between 16 to 22 were optimal for one to play professionally. To avoid letting those few years go to waste, parents of the really talented children would help them skip grades and graduate from high school as soon as possible so that they could compete.

A kid who joined the league this year had mediocre grades, yet he kept skipping grades in order to play professionally. After graduating from high school this year, he finally became an official player!

Thus, Lionel thought that Cheryls case was a similar one

He smiled and changed the subject. Does this mean youre not going to university?

Cheryl shook her head again. No, my parents requested that I go to university, but they have agreed to let me take a year off from school this year.

Well, thats true. Aside from Zac, going to university would only be a boring affair for the rest of us. Youre probably only eligible for a third-rate university like me, right?

That shouldnt be the case, replied Cheryl.

You mean it may be worse?

Lionel frowned. He wanted to say something, but he suddenly realized that he was speaking to a delicate young girl, so he shouldnt rub salt into her wound. Therefore, before Cheryl could explain, he changed the topic and said, Alright, lets not talk about this anymore. Lets instead talk about what to do now. I see that you dont have much luggage with you. Shall I take you to the supermarket to get the things you need? Oh, by the way, there are only premium supermarkets nearby

After speaking, Lionel looked at Cheryl.

The teen girl looked dainty, but she dressed simply, and none of the clothes she wore had brand names on them.

Lionel had only decided to pursue a career in e-sports because his financial situation at home was not good.

Over the past two years, he had earned more than a million dollars in wages and bonuses in the club each year, so one could say that he was now exposed to various luxury brands. Since there werent brand names on the teens clothes, this meant that her clothes must be from fast fas.h.i.+on brands

With that in mind, Lionel thought of how he had only thirty bucks on him when he first came to the club back then.

He had gone to the supermarket for daily necessities, but after entering the premium supermarket, he accidentally spent $300 just shopping casually inside.

He had been dumbfounded at the time.

Why was a towel $15 when they were sold for two or three bucks back in his hometown?!

He couldnt pay at all!

It was Zac who noticed his embarra.s.sing situation and then footed the bill for him

After recalling his own situation, Lionel looked at Cheryl even more kindly and said, Come on, lets go, G.o.d C! Ill take you shopping. I have a members.h.i.+p card, so leave tonights bill to me!

I can do it too!

Me, I can do it! I have money!

Two other teammates also scrambled to pay.

Zac looked at them, the corners of his lips spasming. He said, You can ask the coaching team for an advance on your first months salary.

That isnt necessary at all, thought Cheryl.

She touched the black card in her pocket and said quietly, Um I can pay for myself.

How much can you possibly have?

Lionel beckoned to her and said, Come on, Ill drive you there.

Cheryl originally wanted to refuse, but when she heard the word drive, she let out a quiet sigh.

She wasnt old enough to even get a drivers license yet

Even though she could clearly drive and even ride a motorcycle

Cheryl could only follow Lionel out the door. There was nothing in the room, so she did have to buy things like shampoo, shower gel, etc.

After Cheryl left, Zac suddenly picked up his cell phone and sent a text message to his former homeroom teacher: Hey, are you there? Can I ask you about a student?

He wanted to know what Cheryls grades were like so that he could decide if she needed his help in finding a good school after the college entrance examination.

After all, his family did have some status. Lionels college entrance examination results had been mediocre back then. It was his family that had helped him enroll in an acceptable university. Otherwise, he would not have even been able to enroll in one.

As captain, Zac showed his teammates a lot of concern. If there was anything he could help with, he definitely would. He was much more reliable than their boss, Chester.

After he sent the message, his homeroom teacher replied: Who are you asking about?

Zac: Do you know Cheryl Smith?

His teacher: Of course! Shes famous!