She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018: C, the G.o.d of Gaming (5)


Zac was a bit taken aback as he stared at the reply. He asked: Whats going on?

However, his homeroom teacher left him on a cliffhanger: Wanna guess?


Guess? What for?!

He sent another message to the teacher: Ill bring you a couple of bottles of good wine when I go to New York for a compet.i.tion during summer vacation.

Only then did his teacher laugh and reply: Cheryl skipped two grades in a row, jumping directly from freshman year to senior year in high school. I heard she did it so that she could take part in a professional compet.i.tion for the same game youre playing. Oh, by the way, she is also a star athlete. She was specially head-hunted by the school.

A star athlete?

Zac thought of Cheryls docile and soft appearance. She probably wasnt a student specializing in track and field, was she?

His attention was successfully diverted, and he asked: In arts?

His teacher: No, shooting.


He thought of how thin and frail she looked, yet she had enrolled in her high school as a shooting sports specialist. In addition, there was a charming contrast when he thought of a cute girl like her holding a gun.

The teacher sent another message: She stopped practicing during the last few years, though. But with the awards she has won, she wont have any problems enrolling in university

Zac suddenly realized what was going on.

So, that was what Cheryl was doing.

As an important sport and even a compet.i.tive segment in the Olympics, shooting had indeed become very popular in recent years. If her familys financial situation was good enough and they had exposed her to the sport since she was a child, this was indeed a viable option for her.

By now, he was already under the impression that Cheryl had poor grades and could only get into university by being a specialized student.

Thus, he stopped asking about her grades. Instead, he asked: She wont have problems enrolling in university?

His teacher: Of course not. Shes very talented in shooting

Cheryl was so sought after by various schools precisely because she was a hot favorite for marksmans.h.i.+p champion in the next Olympics.

Of course, his homeroom teacher didnt dare to say this out loud, so he could only hint at it vaguely.

After all, Cheryl was so young. If they put so much pressure on her, she might not be able to perform at her usual standard Therefore, the coaches of the national team never let teachers show off to outsiders.

She was the national teams hidden trump card for the next Olympics.

Zac understood now. He asked: I see. By the way, which university did she choose in the end?

His teacher: She hasnt picked one so far. The college entrance examination scores arent out yet.

Academic scores were taken into consideration for specialized students too.

As a result, Zac felt that the teacher must have been exaggerating when he said that she had a lot of talent.

If she was really that talented, why would she still need to take part in the college entrance examination? Schools would just find a way to directly recruit her

Zac felt that he now had a better understanding of Cheryl.

Her familys financial situation was not bad and her grades were average. However, because her family was rich, they groomed her interest in shooting, where she then used her talent to enroll in a top high school and eventually university.

C had been playing games since she was five, and she had spent a lot of time playing games over the years, so her forte was still gaming.

Zac, who seemed to have realized something, ended his chat with his homeroom teacher.

However, the head coach of the team walked in with a sullen look on his face. This is too much!

Zac was surprised. Whats wrong?

The head coach picked up his cell phone and handed it to Zac. Only then did he realize that their team was being roasted on social media.

Only Cheryls back was pictured, but someone had taken a photo of Cheryl, Lionel, and the others shopping at the supermarket, as well as of her entering the club.

The paparazzi must have taken the photos.

However, as soon as the photos were released, all h.e.l.l broke loose.

Team HS had failed to win the champions.h.i.+p this year and came in second place because their gunner had injured his hand during the last season. This had angered the fans.

In the beginning, everyone was just sad, but because of these photos, the fans now behaved as though they had caught on to something and started roasting the team.

No wonder they lost the game! Their minds are no longer on the game after they made some money, right? Are they just having fun with girls now?

Us fans cant even go to a sacred place like the club, yet they brought a girl in? Has HS given up on themselves after losing the compet.i.tion once?

The whole team was performing below expectations in the compet.i.tion. Their success has obviously gotten into their heads!

Hah, they still havent officially announced their new gunner. Has the club given up on recruiting? Has everyone given up?

If you have given up, then please let your fans know, lest we continue to foolishly wait for the champions to return!

Their comments were extremely unpleasant and unbearable.

After losing a game, even dating would be seen as a sin.

This was the reality that professional players had to face.

Seeing this, Zacs expression darkened. Get rid of it, lest the kid sees such a disgusting thing and has her mood ruined when she has only just joined.

The head coach sighed. Ill go clarify the matter, then.