She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016: C, the G.o.d of Gaming (3)

Everyone looked at Cheryl in astonishment and complete disbelief.

Zac also frowned. However, he was more composed, so his reaction wasnt too dramatic.

The other members of the club, however, went into a huge furor after a moment of silence. No way!

How could G.o.d C possibly be a young girl in her teens like her?

Everyone started talking.

Hey, stop joking around!

Yeah, I know everyone is down because we lost the last champions.h.i.+p, but come on, dont joke around with us like this!

Although the sight of a pretty girl makes me very happy, were all still waiting for G.o.d C to carry us, you know

Everyone piped up one by one, none of them believing that the girl was G.o.d C, no matter what.

This was very understandable. C was already dominating the game ten years ago, but how young had Cheryl been back then?

n.o.body would ever think that Cheryl was C.

Cheryl had long since become desensitized to such situations.

Without hesitation, she took out her cell phone, started up the game app, and logged into her account in front of them.

Everyone: !!

Zac frowned, Are you really C?


Even the way Cheryl spoke was soft and cutesy, making her look like a child.

Zac frowned and asked, Kid, you dont look like youre of age yet, do you?

Cheryl replied seriously, How can that be?

Zac heaved a sigh of relief.

He knew it. Why would the club get a minor to compete in professional e-sports tournaments, right? However, the next moment, Cheryl added, Im only 15! I still have a long way to go before I turn 18!


Zac: !!!

Cheryl certainly looked very young. If it wasnt for her height, with her young and adorable facial features, she could even pa.s.s off as a 10-year-old Zac had thought that she merely looked young.

After all, in this day and age, it was nearly impossible to tell someones age once they put on make-up.

He had thought that she was just pretending to be young and was at least in her twenties, but to his surprise, the kid was only fifteen?


The corners of his lips spasmed.

At this point, someone from the coaching team hurried over. He extended his hand to Cheryl respectfully and said, h.e.l.lo, G.o.d C! Welcome to the club! Why dont we go in first? What are you doing standing outside?

Cheryl hesitated and glanced at Villa No. 9

The club consisted only of boys, so her uncle had already a.s.signed her Villa No. 9 before her arrival. She only needed to walk a short distance over to report for duty every day.

However, everyone was so enthusiastic that she ended up being ushered into the clubhouse.

As soon as she entered, the head coach said, G.o.d C, we took into consideration that youre a girl, so we have connected two rooms into one upstairs and renovated it for you. Would you like to go up and have a look?


Before she could move, her teammates picked up the pink suitcase for her and went upstairs.

Cheryl could only follow after them

She thought about it seriously and decided that she would just stay in this villa for the next few days. She would bring up the topic of moving out after she became familiar with her teammates.

Thus, she followed her teammates up the stairs.

Lionel, a mid lane mage, was a young lively boy who looked like he was about 20 years old. He smiled and said, Look! Isnt your room big? We specially prepared this for girls. Even your room at home isnt as big as this, right?

The two rooms had been connected into one, making the room look about 50 to 60 square meters big. For ordinary people, it was indeed considered sufficiently big.

But when Cheryl thought of her suite in the New York villa

She gave him a polite smile.

Zac smacked Lionel on the head.

Zac could also be considered a rich heir, and his family was also well-known in San Francisco. He could tell that even though the girl was even-tempered and easy to get along with, her every move carried an air of extravagance. She was not a child raised in an ordinary family. Judging simply from how delicate she looked Her entire self gave off an air of extravagance that only money could nurture.

Do you want us to help you clean up? Zac asked.

Cheryl was about to reply when her cell phone suddenly rang. She smiled apologetically at the coach and her teammates and said, Sorry, I have to take a call.

Then, she answered the phone call. h.e.l.lo, sir

She turned and walked out of the room.

After closing the door, Cheryl looked at the phone and asked, Is something the matter?

Its Her high school homeroom teachers voice came from the opposite end. Its about your college admission again. Another few schools have called and offered various attractive conditions in hopes that you would enroll in the schools. You

Cheryl sighed. Sir, Ive already taken the college entrance examination this year.

Thats right.

Cheryl had also skipped grades.

Ever since she made a bet with her great-grandmother, she had started to study hard.

Although she started late, her IQ was high enough, so she completed all the courses in five years and took the college entrance examination that summer.

Of course, she had still played a lot of games during the past five years.

Now that she was done with the college entrance examination, she had finally come to the club to compete as a professional e-sports player

The teacher nodded. I know you have already taken the college entrance examination, but the schools have been urging me for an answer Those are the top universities in the US, yet you refused recommendations and insisted on taking the college entrance examination Never mind. Are you really going to wait for the scores to be released?


Cheryl smiled.

She had confidence in herself.


The teacher also had confidence in her. Nevertheless, he said, I heard that youre going to compete professionally. Dont forget to train every day!

Got it.

After hanging up, Cheryl opened the door again and walked back in, where she saw the whole group looking at her.

After hesitating for a while, Zac said, Kid, you must be taking your high school entrance examinations this year, right? I still think you are too young. You should at least finish high school before you decide what to do for the rest of your life


The others nodded repeatedly. Zac was a Harvard student. Back then, he took his college entrance examination and enrolled in the university. It was only after he made it into the team that he dropped out and became a professional player!

Although we arent good at our studies, you should still study hard By the way, did your teacher call you just now because the high school entrance exam results are out? Which high school did you get into? Youre a New Yorker, right? Zac lived in New York City for a while too! Do you want him to help you find a school or something?

Cheryl: ???