She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015: C, the G.o.d of Gaming (2)

When the ringtone rang out next to them, the pair who was there to pick up Cheryl stared at her blankly.

Then, they saw the pretty, little princess-like Cheryl in front of them holding up her cell phone. In a soft and cute voice, she said, h.e.l.lo, Im C.

h.e.l.lo, Im C.

The voice echoed from the cell phone at the same time. The caller looked at her in disbelief and then stammered, You y-youre G.o.d C?

Cheryl nodded. Uh-huh!

She hung up.

To be honest, it wasnt so much that she didnt want to directly identify herself. Rather, she knew that the two would never believe she was C even if she went to them directly. That was why she had stood in front of them and waited for them to call her and confirm her arrival.

In this regard, Cheryl understood people like them all too well.

After all, all these years, no one she knew believed that she was C, and some even thought she was lying

Now that the evidence was in front of them, the two staff members could only accept the truth, no matter how much they doubted it.

G.o.d C! h.e.l.lo! We are from Club HS. Here, this way, please!

Cheryl handed the two her suitcase after they spoke, and one of them took it from her. Then, Cheryl walked ahead and asked, Where is the car?

Its in the car park on B2.

Cheryl nodded.

As the two behind her walked on, they suddenly felt like something didnt feel right Why did they seem like her subordinates and G.o.d C a queen high up in the air?!

With this thought in mind, the two of them looked at each other.

Then, the car took Cheryl straight to the club.

Club HS was located in a villa district in San Francisco. Chester received dividends from his shares in the Hunt Corporation every year, so he had tons of pocket money that he couldnt finish spending even if he wanted to. He also owned properties all over the country.

Club HS had shown pretty good results all this time, so Chester had very generously converted a villa in a luxurious district into their clubhouse.

When the car entered the district, Cheryl found herself slightly taken aback. Is the clubhouse in this district?


The person taking her to the clubhouse nodded. Then, he said proudly, Our boss is super rich, so our club is known as one for the wealthy. All the club members are rich young men!

The guy thought that Cheryl was astonished by the locale because it was common for anyone who visited their clubhouse for the first time to be surprised by the district it was in.

People living in this district were either rich or of high social status. It was undoubtedly an extravagant move to set up a clubhouse here.

However, Cheryl merely nodded calmly.

Afterward, she arrived at Villa No. 8.

When the other pro players in the clubhouse heard the news of her arrival, all of them craned their necks and looked outside.

G.o.d C was their idol.

Many of them had been her fans since they were 16 and continued to this day.

Thus, all of them wanted to see who G.o.d C was.

The boy standing at the forefront was dressed handsomely in the team uniform. He rested both hands on his hips, and his whole demeanor screamed arrogance. After all, as the captain of Club HS, and even the one in charge of the design and planning department of the game league, Zac Stannard had always been very proud of himself.

But now that G.o.d C was joining the club, was the club going to listen to him or to her from now on?

Zac raised his chin arrogantly.

Mildly unhappy with G.o.d C, he planned to trash her in a game and make her recognize his abilities

His teammates behind him were also talking about G.o.d C.

Judging from how much time has pa.s.sed, G.o.d C must be at least 24 or 25 by now, right? Isnt she too old to become a pro now?

I dont think shes too old; the coaching team must have their reasons for doing what they did. They wouldnt have invited G.o.d C to join the team if she didnt have the skill

G.o.d C has never publicly shown her face, and everyone in the industry says that she is horribly ugly

Haha, G.o.d C has always been awfully stuck-up, and there were even rumors going around that she may be a rich heir to some business tyc.o.o.n. Im just waiting to see the look of astonishment on G.o.d Cs face when she sees that we live in such an awesome place. She will definitely be intimidated, right?

A car slowly came to a stop in front of him.

Then, the door opened, and a sweet and beautiful teen girl stepped out of it.

The girl was stunningly beautiful. Her exquisite beauty lit up peoples eyes and made it impossible for them to take their eyes off her, but

Zac frowned and reprimanded the two boys. Wheres G.o.d C? Didnt you two go to the airport to pick up G.o.d C? Why did you bring back some random minor instead of G.o.d C?

The two staff members stared at each other, both at a loss for words.

Zac became even angrier. Just as he was about to speak again, Cheryl stretched out her hand to him. Hi, Im C.

Zac: ??

The teammates behind him who were waiting to catch a glimpse of Cs charming demeanor: ?