She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014: C, the G.o.d of Gaming (1)

Ten years later.


The plane drew a long trail across the sky.

At the San Francisco International Airport.

Cheryl slowly walked out of the airport with an extra-large 32-inch pink suitcase.

The sixteen-year-old girl had pretty and delicate facial features and did not have any makeup on her flawless and tender skin. Her hair was up in a half-bun, and she wore a white dress cinched at the waist. She looked just like a fairy, causing people all around to look at her.


There were even people who thought that she must be a celebrity of some sort.

Cheryl was already accustomed to the way people looked at her.

She was simply too good-looking. She and her brothers were always the center of attention wherever they went. There was nothing they could do about it.

She let out a quiet sigh and then picked up her cell phone to see that there were already a few messages in the family group chat.

Justin: Are you there yet?

Peter: She should have gotten off the plane by now, I think?

Alexander: She isnt there yet? But I just called the airport, and they said that she has definitely arrived.

Justin: @Cheryl, reply once youve reached.


The corners of her lips spasmed, and she let out another silent sigh. Yet she also inexplicably felt like she had just flown out of a cage. She was simply so excited!

At last, she could finally escape her three fathers control.

The way her two brothers cared for her practically made them her fathers.

Only her mom was slightly more normal among everyone in the family.

For example Now that she had grown up, she wanted to play in an e-sports tournament and fulfill her childhood dream, however, just convincing her brothers and her father alone had taken so much work!

In the end, her mom had to step in. With just a single sentence, she allowed her to escape from the h.e.l.lish scene and shut her brothers and father up.

She sighed quietly and replied: I have reached. Im busy, so lets talk in the evening instead. Leave me alone!!!!!

It was only after she sent the five exclamation points in a row that she finally stopped the three men who wanted to call her.

After putting down the phone, she looked at the pick-up area ahead of her.

Thats right.

She had found a team she had high hopes for and decided to join them.

The team had been sending her private messages in the game for many years, but she had been too young then. Her father had stated that she could only go on trips by herself after she turned sixteen, so she had declined all their invitations in the past.

She looked at the area in front and finally spotted two boys looking at her holding a placard.

Written on the placard was her in-game aliasG.o.d C.

She had already given up her sweetcherry account a long time ago because she found the name too childish now that she was all grown up. Thus, she took the first letter from cherry as her new in-game name. Her in-game name was C, but everyone called her G.o.d C.

Cheryl walked toward the pair. As soon as she went near, she heard them discussing something in low voices.

Who on earth is G.o.d C? Shes so mysterious. There has been a lot of speculation over the years that shes not a girl but a guy instead!

When one registered for an account in the game, they had to state their gender, and Cheryl had picked Female, of course.

Therefore, outsiders knew that C was female.

It was just a pity that n.o.body believed it as they felt that it was impossible for girls to achieve such results in the game.

The other person replied, I dont know, man. G.o.d C only joined after our gunner retired I heard that the coaching team had contacted her long ago, but she rejected them.

Everybody says that G.o.d C has never shown her face all these years because she isnt good-looking Actually, I think she is a guy, but still, the coaching team was too hasty! Our life as e-sports compet.i.tors basically ends at 25 years old. Once we pa.s.s the age of 25, our reaction time and muscle movement will slow down But G.o.d C had already dominated the game seven to eight years ago. Even if she was 16 years old seven to eight years ago, she would still be 25 now! Is she really up to the task?

Yeah Captain threw a fit in the club because of this too, sigh!

Is our club out of money? Going by our bossChester Huntspersonality, that shouldnt be the case, though. How nice would it be if he just head-hunted an expert player from abroad at a high price instead?

Yup, the club that Cheryl was joining was founded by Chester, her uncle.

Cheryl stood in front of the pair.

However, the pair was in a hurry to find G.o.d C, so one of them took out his cell phone and said, Ill give G.o.d C a call. I have her number!

After he spoke, he dialed Cheryls number.