She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004: Will He Really Die?

Xander looked at Trueman.

He grinned at him, revealing two little canine teeth.

Truemans eyes reddened.

Although he had received the V16 injection and survivedwhich made him selfishly feel happy for himselfnow that he was truly faced with the moment of separation, Trueman suddenly understood something he had read on the Internet:

If one could exchange their life for anothers, or if one could make a wish with their death as the price, then there would probably be a lot of mothers and fathers in Heaven.

Though Xander was not his biological son, he had brought him up for five years and watched him grow from a tiny infant to the big boy he was now. How could Trueman possibly bear to part with him?

He reached out and stroked Xanders head. Youre such a silly boy.

Xander took his hand. Daddy Trueman, dont do anything illegal anymore. Mommy works with the special department, so she is authorized to arrest you Daddy is also very fierce. He will be watching you too.

Xander looked at Trueman intently. Can you promise me that?

Xanders words stunned Trueman.

Faced with the childs clear and pristine eyes, Truemans lips curled into a smile. Okay.

Hearing his reply, relief flooded Xander.

Although Daddy Trueman was not a good man, he always kept his word and never lied

After talking to him, Xander returned to Noras side.

Trueman looked at Nora and Justin and asked, What do the two of you intend to do about me?

Trueman could be said to be an out-and-out villain.

Over the years, he had led the mysterious organization to commit a lot of crimes. Besides, he was not like Caleb who had pushed the blame for all the crimes on himhe was indeed a villain.

Nora and Justin exchanged a look.

Justin replied, I will get you out of here, but everything else that happens after is out of my hands.

The special department was still searching for him all over the world and trying to capture him. Although the mysterious organization had been dissolved, as its leader, Trueman would remain a wanted criminal for the rest of his life.

To be honest, Nora and Justin had the option of handing over Trueman directly to the special department.

However, Trueman had saved Xander twice and even Pete too

These two reasons were more than enough to hold back Nora and Justin from doing something like that.

Trueman nodded and got up. We dont owe each other anything anymore.

Justin said, The car is right outside.

Justin didnt want to see him anymore, not even for another minute or second

Trueman nodded and headed straight for the door. But halfway through, he suddenly turned to look at Justin. By right, I can be considered your elder brother, which would then make Nora my sister-in-law. I have something to ask her. You dont mind, right?

Justin looked at him with a complex look on his face. No, go ahead.

There was no way he would ever tell Trueman the truth! After all, that would put him a whole generation younger than him! Hed just let him think that they were brothers instead!

Trueman looked at Nora. When did you discover Calebs secret?

The messages he had tried to send hadnt been conveyed to Nora at all. In that case, how had it occurred to Nora?

Nora cast her eyes down. Suddenly, she smiled and said, If I tell you that I never really trusted Caleb, would you believe me?

Trueman was taken aback.

Nora explained, Back then, when he first appeared in New York, he was captured and humiliated because of me. I went to rescue him that time. You may not know this, but later, Morris told me that all those who had bullied him perished in a fire. When he was investigating the matter, hed thought that either Justin or I was behind it, but neither of us is that cruel.

Although they were all bad people, Justin and Nora never broke the law in the United States!

They were both model citizens who abided by the law. The most they would do was teach them a lesson; they would never cause any fatalities.

In that case, the only other possible explanation was that Caleb had murdered them to vent his anger.

Since they had kidnapped him, there was no doubt that he would want to kill them. However, Caleb had killed them in too cruel a way. All of them had been tortured before they died. It was to the extent that all their bones were broken.

Trueman frowned.

Nora went on. Later When he was arrested by the special department, doubts did form in my mind when you sent me a text message to take care of him when there was no way he could access his cell phone in prison. But later, when he got someone to impersonate you and meet me, that was when I thought, I see, so you can do it like that too! He could totally just get a subordinate to imitate the way you speak and do what youre supposed to do!

After his ident.i.ty was exposed, I became even more suspicious of him. When the cook was killed, that was when I became sure that Caleb was not a good person!

At that time, Id thought you were pretending to be him, but the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Considering how arrogant and conceited you are, how would you possibly pretend to be someone else?

Ever since Nora met Trueman, she had always known that he was a little devil.

However, the little devil was awfully naive, easily provoked, and didnt have that many tricks up his sleeve. It was unlikely that he would be willing to pretend to be Caleb to approach her

Later, Xander finally confirmed your ident.i.ty. He has spent the most time with you and knows you the best. He refused to call Caleb Daddy the whole time but always addressed you as Daddy Trueman

At this point, Nora said at last, So, I took a gambleI gambled that you were the one who saved us back then Also, it came back to me

Trueman asked, What did?

The way you threw stuff at me from outside my door back then. Calebs biggest mistake was telling me that he was the one who had given me food. Given that persons little devil-like behavior at that time, that person was clearly you!

Trueman lowered his eyes and smiled. In the end, he was the one who ultimately exposed himself.


After explaining everything, Nora gestured to the door. Its time to go. I cant guarantee when Morris would be here to arrest you.

Trueman nodded and left.

After he went downstairs and got into the car that Justin had arranged for him, Pete looked nervously at Nora and Justin. Mommy, Daddy. Will Xander really die?