She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003: Stay

Trueman was trapped in the body.

He felt like he was watching a replay of his entire life.

From the moment he was born, he had been injected with the gene serum in the laboratory. People observed his body at regular intervals. The young boy did not know how people on the outside led their lives. He thought that people were born to suffer; after all, wasnt that exactly the case for all the children around him?

For him, the happiest day of each month was the day when the old man came to visit.

The old man had already gotten on in years. Trueman was one of the youngest among his children

It was said that many of the old mans children before him had already died

Even so, he still liked the old man because he always brought him loads of delicious treats, including chocolates and candies that reduced the bitter taste in his mouth after he was injected with the gene serum.

However, he always stayed at the back of the crowd and never dared to go forward to get closer to the old man. He was afraid of him.

Over time, he grew up.

He could no longer remember which gene serum it was, but one of the times he was being injected with it, he simply couldnt bear the pain and felt like he was about to die. At that time, a second personalityCalebhad slowly formed inside his head.

Caleb had a much better personality than him.

He was impulsive and irritable, and he wore his heart on his sleeve.

But Caleb was more likable, and he knew how to judge the situation better. When the old man visited, he even stepped forward to please the old man, making him so happy that he even gave him two more pieces of the chocolate he was holding.

When did changes start taking place between the two?

Ever since the old man discovered that Trueman had schizophrenia, he was given special treatment. Since then, the numerous times he was injected with the gene serum, the mysterious organization put in full effort to save him, and he ultimately survived the years of ordeal.

All his brothers and sisters around him had died.

Feeling lonely, Trueman regarded Caleb as his brother.

It was just that Trueman didnt understand why the old man had suddenly handed down the mysterious organization to him after he was injected with the V15. At the same time, he had specifically stated that the heir to the mysterious organization was Trueman while Caleb was only meant to a.s.sist him.

It was probably because Caleb was a secondary personality, right?

Then, they started looking for the V16

Being paranoid, after he became the heir, he acted impulsively in everything he did, no matter what. No one could keep him in checkexcept Caleb.

Because he cared about Caleb.

But never would he have ever imagined that Caleb would fight him for the control of the body one day.

He wanted to be the sole owner of the body.

It saddened Trueman terribly.

But he also felt relieved.

Perhaps only smart and manipulative people like him could survive in this world.

Trueman closed his eyes.

Goodbye, Caleb.

Goodbye, Xander. With Daddy Trueman accompanying you in the afterlife, you wont have to be scared anymore.

Goodbye, little fatty.

Soon, his consciousness disappeared.

He thought that he would never open his eyes again.

But in his daze, his eyes suddenly opened. Blinding light shone into his eyes, turning his vision completely white, and he couldnt adapt to it at all. He suddenly stretched out his hand and covered his face.

What was this place?

Where was he?

Wasnt he already dead?

As soon as the thoughts formed, he heard a voice coming from the side. Daddy Trueman, is that you?

Trueman abruptly looked in the direction where the voice came from to see Xander standing there.

Trueman was stunned. He asked, Xander? Why are you here? Did your illness relapse, so you reached the afterlife before me?

Xander: ?

The corners of his lips spasmed. He turned his head to the side and said, Looks like he really is Daddy Trueman.

Yeah. Its fine as long as we didnt get the wrong person.

The low and mellow voice took Trueman by surprise again. It was then that he finally looked to Xanders side and saw Nora. Trueman became even more stunned. Little servant? Are you dead too?


Nora switched off the light, dimming the room. She said dryly, Youre still alive. Also, I am not your servant.

Trueman: !!

He looked at Nora in disbelief and sat up suddenly.

He looked down at his hands and then pinched his cheek. Then, he asked Xander, Quick, take a look at me, Xander. Am I still the same person?

Yes, its you, Daddy Trueman.

Even Xander felt rather helpless.

He sighed and walked over to Trueman. He said, Mommy had already noticed that something was wrong a long time ago. That bad guy pretended to be you and kidnapped me and Mommy, right?

Trueman nodded. Yes, thats right!

It was precisely from that point onward that he sensed that something was wrong with Caleb, so he had kept asking for control over the body. However, Caleb claimed that he had a way to obtain the V16, so he suppressed him and refused to let him out.

The only time he had come out was when Xander had been in danger.

Caleb had been impersonating him to deal with Nora and wanted to disregard Xanders life.

Besides, if the rock had hit Xander, no one would pay attention to him anymore. With that, he would be able to inject the gene serum into himself immediately

However, Trueman had fought desperately to emerge that time, successfully saving Xanders life at the critical moment.

It was also after that time that he completely lost control over the body.

But now, he was finally back?

He turned to Nora in a daze. Suddenly, he frowned and sneered, My little servant, you and Justin sure are generous! You actually injected the V16 into me! Are you abandoning your son? The two of you are not worthy of being parents!

Caleb had also feigned regret and anguish, but he had done it gently, which looked overly hypocritical.

Who wouldnt want to live?

There was scorn and disappointment in Truemans words, but also some relief and hope. This was what a normal persons reaction should be.

The biggest difference between Trueman and Caleb lay in the fact that Trueman was genuine and not hypocritical.

Nora lowered her eyes and said nothing.

Justin took a step forward and brought Xander over to Trueman. Before doing anything else, he asked Nora, Caleb wont ever come out again, right?

Yeah. Nora nodded.

After realizing that Caleb was lying, she decided to go along with his ploy. To destroy a personality, the person must be completely relaxed. If Caleb was tense and distrusted her, it would have been even harder for her to get rid of him.

Xander asked nervously, Will he ever appear again?

Nora kept quiet for a while before she replied, Probably not.

This was unless Trueman birthed another personality.

Xander breathed a sigh of relief.

When Justin heard this, he looked at Xander and then nodded to Trueman. He motioned to them and said, You heard your mommy. You can rest a.s.sured now, right? Alright, say your goodbyes to each other. Xanders time is running out.

The light in Truemans eyes dimmed instantly.

Panic also appeared in Xanders eyes. He was just a child after all; how could he possibly not fear death?