She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005: Two Options!

Petes question made everyone look at Justin.

Only Nora, who seemed to have vaguely guessed something, pressed her lips together and kept quiet.

Justin let out a small sigh. He squatted down, looked at Xander, and stroked his head. Xander, you have two options now.

The puzzled Xander looked at him. What?

The first one: we capture and bring Trueman back, lock him up for life, and never let him show his face outside. This way, youll be able to live on openly.

Xander: ?

Stunned, the boy didnt seem to be able to quite digest the news.

What was going on?

What was this sudden plot twist?

He didnt have to die anymore?

They had the V16 now?

While he was thinking, Nora asked, What is the second option?

Justin answered, We let Trueman go free while you stay hidden for life, unable to ever appear before others.

Pete frowned.

Cherry asked blankly, Why?

At her question, Justin explained to the three children seriously, Because we cant let outsiders know that a third V16 exists.

Other five-year-olds were still naive and innocent at this stage of their lives, but the three of them were different. All three of them were exceptionally intelligent, so Justin felt it necessary to explain everything to them clearly.

Xander suddenly realized something. A third V16 exists?

Justin kept quiet for a while and looked at Nora. When he was about to speak, Nora interjected and spoke ahead of him. My guess is that there exists not just a third but also a fourth, fifth, and even more. Am I right?

Justin sighed.

He knew he wouldnt be able to hide anything from Nora.

He nodded.

However, Xander didnt understand. But didnt Grandma only leave two? They were at the university!

Nora explained, Thats because your father only allowed your grandma to leave two.

The more Xander heard, the more confused he became.

He felt like he didnt understand what was going on at all.

He stared at them blankly.

Nora, however, looked at Justin and asked, If Im not wrong, the V16 is actually me, right?

A resigned Justin nodded. When did you realize?

I became suspicious when you told me to give Trueman the V16. Nora lowered her eyes. Also, back when we found out that Barbarian was coming to New York for the V16 and that Mom had left clues in the bank, I slept very deeply for an hour that night. When I woke up, I found a needle hole on my sole, an inconspicuous part of the body. I didnt think much about it at that time but come to think of it now, you must have extracted my blood? Therefore, my blood is the V16, right? No, to be exact, my plasma is the V16.

Justin nodded. Thats right.

Enlightenment dawned upon Nora. So, back then, when you faked your death, your purpose was to create an illusion for them that those were the only V16s left, so if they failed to get their hands on them, they would die! It wasnt a diversion tactic at all

When Justins ident.i.ty as King was still a secret, Nora had really been under the impression that he was diverting attention away from her.

But after his ident.i.ty as King was revealed, Nora didnt understand anymore Since he was so powerful, why did he still have to divert attention away from her? But she finally understood now

Justin had done all that just to protect her!!

If news of her plasma being the V16 were to spread, even if Justin was King, he still wouldnt be able to stop the whole world from wanting to become stronger.

This was especially the case for the longevity gene

How many big shots and t.i.tans of various industries with the desire to lengthen their lifespans were there in this world? Sure, King could set up the Imperial League and rule over the world, but he still would never be able to control everybodys desires.

Think about it, once the news got out, how many people would try to steal Noras blood?

Their lives would become incredibly tiresome!

Therefore Justin was actually the one who had left behind the Morse code and so on that Noras mother had put in the safe in the bank.

He had already figured out the truth long ago and set up a huge conspiracy!

Justin looked at Nora. Suddenly, he said, Your mother really loved you a lot.

Nora fell silent.

Yes, Yvette had indeed thought of everything.

If Nora wanted to fight the worlds largest organizations, i.e. the Imperial League and the mysterious organization, she would have needed incredible strength and power. Thus, her mother had prepared a great number of teachers for her.

However, no one could say for sure how powerful she would become as an individual, so Yvette had also arranged one last route for her.

This way, even if she lost the fight, the mysterious organization would still be prevented from killing her.

After all, once she was dead, that would be all the blood they would have.

But if she was alive, she would be able to continuously produce the V16!

The gene serum she was injected with when she was a child was not an IQ-improving one at all; that was nothing more than a gimmick. Her mother had injected her with the V16 instead!!!

When everyone suddenly realized what was going on, Justin said, But I didnt foresee Queenies sudden appearance.

He had only made two gene serums.

After all, if there were three or four, it wouldnt be able to make the five survivors of the mysterious organization go for one anothers throats anymore.

One was for Xander.

The other was meant for the mysterious organization as a form of hope. This way, at least the mysterious organization could still give Xander a way out, and they could also cut down on unnecessary trouble.

But never would he have thought that Queenies genes had also undergone modification.

As a result, they were still one V16 short.

Although Trueman was not a good man and had taken and injected Xander with the gene serum, this didnt change the fact that he had saved the two children back then!

Without him, Pete and Xander might have already died long ago.

Moreover, even though Xander had grown up in the bas.e.m.e.nt, Trueman hadnt done it on purpose. He himself had grown up in an environment like that; in his world, that was how children were supposed to live.

He had even given Xander a lot of animals as company.

Of course, he was not trying to whitewash Trueman. He was indeed a bad person, but his life should not end in their hands

Justin looked at Xander again. In order to keep your Mommys secret, you must choose one of the two options. If we lock up Trueman, we can say that we extracted all his blood and refined the V16 from it, thereby saving you. Therefore, Trueman must die. If Trueman doesnt die, then you must.

Justin lowered his eyes. I already have it all planned. Pete will receive all of the Hunts a.s.sets in the future, but the Imperial League also needs a successor. If you wish to go underground, then it works out because you can be the next King to the Imperial League.

If he chose the second option, then Xander would have to die tonight.

From that day onward, he would have nothing to do with the Hunts anymore.

Without hesitation, Xander said, I choose Option 2!

He had lived in darkness since the day he was born. So what if he had to continue living in the shadows for the rest of his life?

But as soon as he spoke, Justins cell phone suddenly rang. When he answered, a fl.u.s.tered voice came from the other end. Boss, this is terrible! Trueman He