Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1012 - Heart Aches

Chapter 1012 - Heart Aches

Chapter 1012: Heart Aches


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Hearing Lu Ze’s words, Yi Lei’s and Fred’s eyes lit up.

The two looked at each other. Fred then said, “If you want to join the Crisp Green Blade, we can be your witness for this mission. After that, we can join hands and accomplish missions together. We know our way around the Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Lu Ze felt delighted and nodded. “I will trouble you then. I’m Lu Ze.”

Yi Lei was glad. He waved his hand. “No need to be so polite, Brother Lu Ze.”

What a joke! Even though Lu Ze was only a level-3 cosmic system state, he already had a cosmic cloud state combat power. With a talent like his, the prodigies of the Elf Race would surely build a relations.h.i.+p with him. Naturally, the two of them wouldn’t be different.

On the other hand, Lu Ze understood what they meant and nodded.

Yi Lei said, “By the way, Brother Lu Ze, we still need to return to defend against the rest of the insectoids. If there is nothing else, we will be going first.”

In truth, the real reason for their departure was to report the matter concerning Lu Ze to their race.

Lu Ze didn’t object. “I won’t keep you here for long then.”

Anyway, he didn’t want to hold them back either. Even if he knew they would share the information about him with their superiors, he still wouldn’t stop them. After all, their pleasant att.i.tude could only be attributed to the presence of the silver wolf.

Who knows what will happen if his trump card suddenly vanishes?

Ying Ying wasn’t awake yet. If they didn’t have any ace in their sleeves, the situation would be risky.

Both Yi Lei and Fred relaxed. Yi Lei said, “Then, if Brother Lu Ze wants to join the Crisp Green Blade, please come and find us in the territory of the Crystal Race!”

Lu Ze agreed. “No problem.”

The two disappeared through warp dimension.

Lu Ze didn’t do anything right away. Only when the silver wolf could not detect their chi did he feel relieved.

The elders didn’t interfere this time. After all, Yi Lei and Fred were already cosmic cloud states. It would be best to leave the matter to Lu Ze who possessed a cosmic cloud state combat power.

The others flew over. Nangong Jing asked, “Ze, how is it?”

Lu Ze responded, “Don’t worry, it’s fine. They just want me to join the Crisp Green Blade for missions.”

Lu Ze recounted what happened. Thereafter, the elders of the Human Race felt a.s.sured while the other three races felt envious.

‘It is the Crystal Race!’

They had been around for a few hundred million years, steadily building a name for themselves. Among the cosmic cloud state civilizations, they were considerably strong.

The Barbarian Race might be considered a cosmic cloud state civilization. Still, they were far inferior to the Crystal Race in terms of power.

And now, even the prestigious Crystal Race wanted to establish a connection with Lu Ze. His prowess was alarming.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang asked, “Kid, are you going to join that Crisp Green Blade?”

Lu Ze was taken aback. Honestly, even if he just remained at home and cultivated, he would probably still grow invincible out of everyone in the Elf Cosmic Realm in two to three years. It wouldn’t matter whether he joined the Crisp Green Blade or not.

He just couldn’t let go of the possible mission reward points. More importantly, he had to make them leave as quickly as possible.

Lu Ze replied, “Let me decide in the meantime. We need to deal with the blade demon territory first.”

The elders agreed. They didn’t really want Lu Ze to leave.

Although Lu Ze was absurdly strong right now, his power was still lacking compared to cosmic cloud states.

At this time, Lu Ze ordered the silver wolf, “Spread your chi out.”


The wolf expanded its chi across the entire blade demon territory.

Lu Ze transmitted his voice through the power of the wolf. “All races, leave immediately! If not, death might come for you!”

Everyone immediately left the blade demon territory as quickly as they could. A high-level cosmic cloud state being was around.

Why would they dare to remain in this region?

For fear of being pursued by Lu Ze, they also threw around the resource they just gathered.

Soon, Lu Ze confirmed through the wolf’s senses that all the races had left.

He smiled at Elder Nangong. “Okay, Elder, we can go and collect our land.”

Elder Nangong showed a smile. “Spread my orders! Send the Shenwu Army to be a.s.signed at the blade demon territory!”


They didn’t expect the Monarch of the New Dawn to hide a terrifying trump card.

Before, they a.s.sumed the blade demon territory would end in chaos right now. But in less than a month, they had gained complete control over it.

From this day forward, the territory of the Human Race will be twice as vast. The race would surely acc.u.mulate abundant resources.

Man Yi looked at the silver wolf. “Lu Ze, this beast is?”

Lu Ze confirmed it. “That’s right. My master gave it to me.”

Everyone: “…”


Since the threats in the blade demon territory were eliminated, the cosmic system states didn’t need to guard the fleets.

Lu Ze then ordered the wolf to clear out any lurking threats. Right after, he returned to his room.

Nangong Jing stretched out. “It’s finally over.”

Qiuyue Hesha leaned on Lu Ze’s shoulder and felt pleased. “I didn’t expect the Crystal Race and the Insectoid Race to come over.”

“Ze, are we going to accept those missions?” Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze answered, “We will, when become much stronger. Right now, our power isn’t enough. If we didn’t have the summoning crystal, we wouldn’t be able to weather the storm during the invasion of the insectoid. We would have no choice but to flee.”

Nangong Jing was a little disappointed, but she didn’t say much. Lu Ze was telling the truth in the end.

Perhaps they had no enemies left in this region right now, but back in the Elf Cosmic Realm, numerous cosmic cloud states were present.

With their current power, they wouldn’t be able to accept high-level missions. The risk involved would be too much for them to handle.

It was unnecessary right now.

After finis.h.i.+ng their dinner, Lu Ze suddenly stiffened, causing the rest of the girls to notice him. They then asked him what was wrong.

Lu Ze answered, “Nothing, the silver wolf is gone.”

The silver wolf could only last half an hour using full power. Since it didn’t consume everything, it managed to hold on for an hour or so. This could be considered long.

Even so, Lu Ze sighed. He just used his strongest move. He had been saving it for a long time…

Qiuyue Hesha frowned. “We don’t have a stronger card now. We will end up in danger if the other insectoids retaliate.”

Nangong Jing asked, “When would Ying Ying wake up?”

Only Ying Ying could grant them peace of mind now.