Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1011 - No Internet Connection, Amazing

Chapter 1011 - No Internet Connection, Amazing

Chapter 1011: No Internet Connection, Amazing


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Fred and Yi Lei were forcefully dragged out of the warp dimension. All at once, they felt the gazes directed upon them, but they weren’t even a.s.saulted in the next second.

Hence, they began to relax a little and proceeded to scan the surroundings.

Hm… Barbarian Race? Winged Race? Human and Round Race?

The insectoid was in the midst of being pulverized. Even the corpse wasn’t left unscathed?!

In the next moment, they noticed the silver wolf standing next to Lu Ze.

Upon coming into contact with its silver eyes, their bodies tensed up and dropped their temperature to freezing point.

Didn’t this chi belong to the strongest one they had sensed earlier?

Is it this beast that forced them out of the warp dimension?

What a powerful beast!

Fred couldn’t quite absorb the developments. “A level-1 cosmic cloud state?!”

Yi Lei gasped. “What?!”

The creature was merely a level-1 cosmic cloud state, but it could pull them out of the dimension against their will?!

But Fred was a level-3 cosmic cloud state already. What was more, he had a level-5 cosmic cloud state combat power!

Just what monster is it?!

Why would there be a powerful beast in a faraway region?

For it to grow, it should have needed valuable resources too.

The region they were currently in wasn’t rich in resources. Even ordinary powerful beasts wouldn’t be interested in this area, let alone talented ones!

Despite their confusion, they didn’t dare to voice out a question.

Then, they looked at Lu Ze. Their eyes widened again.

Yi Lie’s mouth twitched. “A level-3 cosmic cloud state?!”

A level-3 cosmic system state is capable of possessing a cosmic cloud state combat power?!

What kind of monster is he?


Yi Lei frowned and observed Lu Ze intently. He had his doubts.

… How come there is a sense of familiarity? Did he see this human somewhere before?

He pondered for a time and suddenly gasped as he pointed at Lu Ze.

“It’s you! You’re that human I saw at the trade planet last time!!”

Yi Lei definitely encountered Lu Ze during the East Realm Gathering. He even deemed him a prodigy with a good talent!


But back then, didn’t he only have a planetary state cultivation level?

How many days have pa.s.sed since then?

Is it two years?

How did he suddenly become a cosmic system state right now?

Someone from the Human Race managed to reach the cosmic system state from the planetary state in just two years?

This was illogical.

Fred asked telepathically, “You know him?”

Yi Lei’s mouth twitched.

He was familiar with Lu Ze, but then again, the latter probably didn’t know him.

This was a bit embarra.s.sing.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze realized that Yi Lei was the one who seemed to have pa.s.sed on before.

The recognition only clicked at this moment. They must have been fated to encounter each other again.

Is he a cosmic cloud state already?

Not bad.

Lu Ze let out a smile. “I am wondering why two cosmic cloud states would conceal themselves in the warp dimension. Are they planning on harming us?”

Yi Lei quickly explained, “Brother, you have misunderstood. We have no ill intentions. We were tracking the insectoid earlier. You have seen it too, right?”

Lu Ze smiled “Do you know what is going on with that insectoid?”

Yi Lei nodded. “That insectoid was originally from the battlefield of the Crystal Race. To prevent it from wreaking havoc elsewhere, we came over.”

“By the way, I’m Yi Lei, and this is my elder, Fred. We are both prodigies from the Crystal Race. Although it’s a bit shameless to say it, we’re actually quite famous. Some people from your race should know us.”

Lu Ze: “….”


Of course, Lu Ze knew Yi Lei wasn’t lying.

He raised a brow. “Then, do you know why the insectoid would rush here?”

He found it odd why those creatures would be drawn to this place.

Furthermore, the Human Race couldn’t have offended the Insectoid Race.

The two looked at each other, and Yi Lei laughed dryly. “We do not know the answer either. We are just tracking the insectoid.”

Yi Lei continued, “Perhaps they did not gain anything from the battlefield of the Crystal Race. Hence, they changed targets. Just recently, ten insectoid lairs disappeared. We still don’t know where they went.”

Lu Ze: “…”

So the source of the ten insectoid lairs is your side?!

Lu Ze said slowly, “Those ten insectoid lairs had transferred over here as well.”

Yi Lei: “…”

Fred: “…”

Yi Lei laughed it off. “Then, they must have sent a cosmic cloud state to avenge their race.”

As it turned out, the ten missing lairs had been here. Most likely, with Lu Ze and the beast around, those ten lairs must have been eliminated.

Fred suddenly said, “You killed the cosmic cloud state insectoid. You are the one who completed this Crisp Green Blade mission.”

Lu Ze was puzzled.

‘What is he talking about?’

Yi Lei quickly said, “Brother, Fred isn’t good at communicating. I apologize. It seems as though you don’t know anything about the Crisp Green Blade?”

Lu Ze confirmed it. “Mhm, what is that?”

Yi Lei smiled. “This region is far away. Ordinarily, insectoids wouldn’t invade it. It is normal for you to not recognize it, Brother.”

Lu Ze interjected, “Get to the point.”

‘Sorry, we are in the rural villages. There is no internet.’

Lu Ze felt as if he was being mocked for not knowing.

Sensing his att.i.tude, Yi Lei quickly provided, “The Crisp Green Blade is a temporary organization formed by the Elf Race. It especially deals with the insectoid tide. You will be ent.i.tled to rewards after completing a mission from the Crisp Green Blade. Those rewards can be exchanged with rare treasures from the Elf Race!”

Yi Lei then asked, “Brother, this cosmic beast is…?”

This beast appeared to be dazed as it stood beside Lu Ze.

He suspected it might be Lu Ze’s pet.

Fred looked over curiously. He also had the same thoughts, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Lu Ze smiled. “It is my pet.”

‘Mhm… Technically it is true, although it is only a one-time pet and will disappear after the energy is consumed.’

The two shuddered.

Yi Lei cracked a smile. “Brother, I really admire you for having such a powerful beast to protect you. The reward given by the Elf Race would be all too attractive for you then.”

Yi Lei had concluded Lu Ze wasn’t simple.

There were probably great secrets behind this human, but Yi Lei didn’t probe further.

It wasn’t good to show too much curiosity in someone else’s secrets.

This human didn’t even hide it. He openly admitted it. Meaning, he wasn’t scared.

Yi Lei said, “The Elf Race possesses various rare treasures. You completed this mission. Brother, if you’re interested, you can consider joining the Crisp Green Blade. It would be a waste not to use the reward points, right? Perhaps there’s something else you need.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “I will think about it.”

His resources were only suitable for those close to him.

Perhaps the Elf Race had something that could benefit everyone.