Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1013 - That Feeling Came Out Immediately

Chapter 1013 - That Feeling Came Out Immediately

Chapter 1013: That Feeling Came Out Immediately

Back in Ying Ying’s room, the group gathered around the unconscious little girl and fed her various treasures.

Each time they threw the item, the starlight around Ying Ying grew brighter.

Lu Ze felt pleased. “It looks as though she will wake up soon.”

The girls nodded, gaining hope from the possibility.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “Ten days had already pa.s.sed. She should regain consciousness sooner.”

The level of Lu Ze’s...o...b.. has improved now.

The interval of Ying Ying’s sleeping time after being fed has been getting shorter recently.

Simultaneously, the brightness of the starlight intensified every time she was about to open her eyes.

Lu Ze felt glad. He then clapped. “Let’s continue this tomorrow. We still need to cultivate.”


In the warp dimension, Fred and Yi Lei were on their way back.

Yi Lei questioned, “Brother Fred, what are your thoughts about Lu Ze?”

Fred answered, “Absurdly talented. Both his G.o.d arts and divine arts have achieved deep mastery. Even though the Human Race didn’t have access to superior divine arts, his divine art is relatively better than the rest. Maybe someone is backing him. If not, he must have encountered some fortune.”

Yi Lei cracked a smile. “He didn’t show a trace of fear earlier. More likely, he has someone at his beck and call from a certain organization.”

Fred shook his head. “I don’t know about that. But he can subjugate a cosmic cloud beast to become his pet. Perhaps the other person supporting him values him so much.”

Yi Lei’s mouth twitched. He also wanted a powerful pet like the silver wolf. It was pleasing to look at and powerful.

“Let’s report it to the leader,” Fred said.

Yi Lei nodded. “Do you think Lu Ze will join Crisp Green Blade?”

Fred shook his head. “I don’t know either.”

It will depend on what he needs…

Following such, the two of them didn’t speak anymore.

Lu Ze’s talent was unmatched. Even though they were superior prodigies of a cosmic cloud state civilization, they were still astounded.


In the void s.p.a.ce near the Crystal Race, the enormous queen insectoid burrowed in the blood-colored hive. A pile of treasures was gleaming in front of it.

Powerful insectoids came and went to drop more precious materials before their queen.

In the meantime, the queen leisurely digested the energy from the resources presented to it.

As long as it had sufficient energy, it could nurture countless insectoids.

At this moment, the queen’s body suddenly stiffened as it opened its eyes.

Blood spirit force swept across the entire s.p.a.ce.

All the insectoids suddenly wavered and prostrated to the ground as they trembled.


The piercing shriek reached the battlefield and even affected the defense line of the Crystal Race.

“What is going on?”

“What is that sound?”

“What a powerful chi!”

“What is wrong with the insectoids?”

A lot of powerful beings from the Crystal Race were stunned. They felt taken aback.

“Why is the insectoid queen br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fury?”

Moments later, someone from the Crystal Race said, “Right! A cosmic cloud state insectoid was sent somewhere, wasn’t it? Fred and Yi Lei were tasked to hunt it. Did they finish it off already?”

Hearing the speculation, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Cosmic cloud state insectoids from the hive possessed an extremely strong combat power.

“If it really died, then las.h.i.+ng out just then makes sense.”

They were delighted.

The leader of the Crystal Race smiled. “Fred is a good child. Only a few days have pa.s.sed, but he killed the insectoid without difficulty.”

The other cosmic cloud states laughed.

“Those two are probably returning soon, right?”

“The leader should reward them upon their arrival.”

Lu Ze and the girls proceeded to their rooms. Thereafter, they entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Once again, they appeared within the desert and concealed their chi right away.

Nangong Jing said, “I wonder if we will encounter the other overlords today.”

The other girls rolled their eyes.

Lu Ze said, “Let’s find our prey.”

The group left the spot and began to hunt.

Since Lu Ze’s combat power reached the cosmic cloud state, their efficiency became more flawless. The sand beetles and scorpions couldn’t escape from Lu Ze.

Soon, myriads of resources ended up in his mental dimension.

Four hours later, the atmosphere became tense as the team moved along.

Out of nowhere, tens of meters wide mouth opened.

A gray substance that resembled goo and a sharp set of teeth made their skin crawl.

The mouth was aimed at Lu Ze and the girls. At the same time, it emitted an exceptionally suction force. The group was struggling to escape.

Lu Ze stiffened. The spirit flames burned around him as he directed his fist into the bottom of the mouth of the creature.

“p.i.s.s off!”


The spirit flames ignited from the depths, resembling a raging volcano.


A cry of agony reverberated throughout the dimension.

Lu Ze flashed with silver light and teleported the girls away from the gaping mouth.

They managed to reappear a few kilometers away. This time, a creature similar to a long worm writhed. Gray runes were engraved around it.

In terms of diameter, it was tens of meters long. Its exposed body part alone was a few hundred meters long already.

Nangong Jing said, “Weren’t we eaten by this bug a few times before…”


Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. “I do recall seeing this worm during the previous battles with the overlords.”

The girls nodded.

“Ze, are we going to fight it?”

The writhing worm was a level-7 cosmic system state. Its combat power should be approximately equivalent to Lu Ze’s.

Lu Ze grinned. “Of course, we have to exact revenge.”

Lu Ze instantly appeared next to the worm and punched its moist body.


The worm shrieked. An earth-colored light flashed as sand formed a wall in front of it.


A thunderous sound resounded throughout the region.

The sand wall crumbled a bit before being completely shattered by the fist force, which then struck the skin of the worm directly.

The ma.s.sive force caused it to be flung away.