Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1010 - Why Are They Here?

Chapter 1010 - Why Are They Here?

Chapter 1010 Why Are They Here?

“Brother Fred, what’s wrong?” Yi Lei asked in confusion. He didn’t notice anything unusual.

Fred frowned, and just when he was about to talk, Yi Lei’s eyes suddenly dilated as he looked into the distance. “Th-this is such a powerful chi!” He exclaimed.

“One chi is exceedingly ruthless. Is that a cosmic cloud state insectoid? Then, to whom did the other two chis belong, especially that strongest one? How can there be such a powerful ent.i.ty from a far-flung region?” Yi Lei asked in confusion.

In this region, there might be beings whose combat power reached the cosmic cloud state. However, someone with a high-level cosmic cloud state chi couldn’t possibly thrive here.

Fred’s golden eyes flashed as he shook his head. “I don’t know.”

He was greatly beyond belief either.

Yi Lei stared at Fred and seemed keen. “Brother Fred, should we come closer and inspect? That insectoid is our mission target.”

Fred nodded.

Although that chi was immensely strong, the insectoid was the goal of their mission. He was indisposed to returning just like that.

The two kept moving in the warp dimension towards that chi.

After the silver wolf appeared, the atmosphere fell into deafening silence.

Basai Luomiao stared at the wolf in disbelief.

Feeling the terrifying chi coming from that silver wolf, his body tensed up.

He spoke in disbelief. “How is this possible?! What beast is this?”

He had never seen such a powerful beast. And, if this beast was here before, he should’ve sensed it.

But why would he encounter this beast only now?

Lu Ze smiled.

He wasn’t going to explain anything.

However, he was surprised that this insectoid seemed much smarter than those previous dumb insectoids.

Even his emotions were overwhelming. It wasn’t just destruction.

There was a time limit for the summoning crystal. To avoid accidents, it was best to end things soon. Lu Ze ordered the silver wolf. “Kill him.”


The silver wolf howled, and then its bearing was truly fierce where it was.

Meanwhile, another silver wolf appeared before Basai Luomiao.

It lifted its front two claws which had silver light flickering at their tips.

Then, silver light flashed in s.p.a.ce and disappeared.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to calm. It was like the silver wolf never attacked. Lu Ze: “???”

Seeing that Basai Luomiao did not change position at all, he was confused.

The attack was over?

Why did he sense that the wolf did nothing?

Shortly after this thought, a wave swept past. Soon, cracks appeared on Basai Luomiao’s body.

Cracks increasingly manifested until Basai Luomiao’s body turned to powder and was dispersed in cosmic winds.

Meanwhile, Basai Luomiao’s powerful chi disappeared as well.

Only then, did the silver wolf’s figure slowly disappear from where it initially was.

Seeing this, everyone was dazed.

So powerful!

This was what everyone thought.

Lu Ze looked at this handsome silver wolf and was in awe of disbelief.

This guy was much stronger than he thought. That attack… Is it a divine art?

Is it a s.p.a.ce Attack Divine Art?

So terrifying! Lu Ze didn’t even feel the energy ripple and that powerful insectoid died just like that.

Even Lu Ze was stunned, let alone the others.

They watched the powder being blown away and couldn’t say a single word.

Alex and the battlers looked into Lu Ze’s direction with extreme shock.

“Impossible!” “The chi of that insectoid disappeared?”

“Is it dead?”

That insectoid wasn’t weak amongst the cosmic cloud states, and yet it just died like that??

Everything felt like they were dreaming.

Alex, his eyes were dilated and his mouth slightly gaped. “Just what happened there? Who possessed that final deadly chi that intruded? Was it some help Lu Ze got? Why does Lu Ze always have such timely, powerful help??”

Every single question struck the heart of everyone there.

They were very curious but found no answers.

They knew that if they went over now, they probably wouldn’t be able to return.


The other beings all over the blade demon territory felt this too. They felt more complicated than Alex and the rest.

Most of them were just ordinary cosmic system state races. Their power was average or below average. Some of them didn’t even have a peak cosmic system state.

They were almost scared to death after that powerful cosmic cloud state just died.

They were confused about whether to stay or leave.

In the warp dimension, Fred and Yi Lei both halted where they were. They looked at each other in disbelief.

Yi Lei’s mouth twitched. “… Brother Fred, did I sense something wrong? That cosmic cloud state insectoid, seemed to have… died?” Fred watched over into the distance. His eyes flashed with gold light as though watching the scene outside the warp dimension. He slowly said, “You sensed right. That insectoid is indeed dead.”

Yi Lei: “…”

“Then what about our mission?”

Lu Ze studied the handsome wolf before him. He grinned.

This was indeed something from the Pocket Hunting Dimension. It was not only good-looking but also very strong.

At this moment, Lu Ze raised a brow. After summoning the silver wolf, its senses would also reflect in his mind.

He could feel two chi getting close in the nearby warp dimension.

They were two cosmic cloud states.

One just broke through to cosmic cloud state and didn’t feel like a threat.

The other was a level-3 cosmic cloud state with unknown combat power, but it didn’t appear very dangerous either.

Nevertheless, the two were heading towards them.


Lu Ze raised a brow. “Force them out!”

Lu Ze could order the wolf to kill the two, but that was no longer necessary.

A race with two cosmic cloud states was clearly from a cosmic cloud state civilization.

With the Human Race’s current power, they couldn’t fight with a cosmic cloud state civilization yet. The wolf roared and swept past the distant s.p.a.ce with silver light.

In the warp dimension, Yi Lei and Fred suddenly froze.

Yi Lei gasped. “What’s going on? Why do I feel that the warp dimension is pus.h.i.+ng us out?!”

Fred felt the same. He flashed in golden light and tried to forcefully hold on in the warp dimension.

However, his struggles were futile. He felt that the pus.h.i.+ng force intensified.

He said heavily, “We’ve been found! He’s forcing us out!”

Yi Lei’s eyes flashed with a sliver of terror.

“Brother Fred, what should we do? Should we run?”

At this moment, the warp dimension twisted and the two fell out into s.p.a.ce.

When they saw the small crystal body, Lu Ze and Elder Nangong were dazed.

Elder Nangong was confused. “Crystal Race? Why are they here?”.