Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1009 - Three Cosmic Cloud States?!

Chapter 1009 - Three Cosmic Cloud States?!

Chapter 1009 Three Cosmic Cloud States?!

Sensing the coldness in Lu Ze’s tone, everyone looked at each other and ended up keeping their mouths shut.

In a solar system a few hundred light-years away from Lu Ze, a being inscribed with white runes, which also appeared scrawny and fragile, immediately screamed, “Run! Eun! Everyone, board the s.h.i.+p. We’ll leave now!”

What a joke! They are about to face a cosmic cloud state!

If Lu Ze was set on catching them, they wouldn’t even be able to flee!

The other powerhouses of the race eagerly agreed. All of them had the desire to leave.

Likewise, the other races in the other regions also had the same plan.

Each one of them didn’t have the courage to remain within the site and face cosmic cloud


Back at the blade demon border, Alex and the others looked at each other. Alex smiled helplessly. “Let’s go. No one can fight against the Human Race here.”

The others agreed with a nod.

The current region of s.p.a.ce was the border between the Elf Race and the Advanced Demon Race. Only cosmic system state civilizations were established within the area.

Even for powerful cosmic system state civilizations like the Blood Claw Race, their prodigy with a combat power of cosmic cloud state would only be employed at the very last moment. It wouldn’t be too wise to utilize it on a territory with a cosmic system state civilization.

The Human Race was unstoppable now.

When they attempted to leave, their bodies stiffened on the spur of the moment, and they looked into the distance. The scene made everyone’s hair stand on ends.

“What… what is that?” “Such a powerful chi?!”

“It’s so bloodthirsty. Who is it?!”

In the next second, everyone present felt the emergence of another chi from someone who was closely following Lu Ze.

The other chi was several times stronger than Lu Ze’s. Even from their position, they could feel the overwhelming pressure.

Everyone looked in Lu Ze’s direction in disbelief.

The newly-appeared chi evoked a feeling that death was coming for them. It seemed as though they were on the brink of death.

Lu Ze was enthusiastically waiting for everyone to take flight when he abruptly turned around.

A distortion occurred in s.p.a.ce, resulting in a formation of a wormhole. An absurdly powerful chi emerged out of the wormhole.


That kind of overwhelming chi was something Lu Ze only experienced in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. This would be his first time encountering a powerful chi in the real world.

Other than Ying Ying, who else could it be?!

Lu Ze looked anxiously at the wormhole.

The girls also trained their eyes at the wormhole with antic.i.p.ation.

Elder Nangong asked, “What a powerful chi! Which powerful being arrived?”

Man Yi frowned. “This chi… is so calamitous. The newcomer doesn’t seem to bear good intentions.”

The others couldn’t refute the remark.

Martha also furrowed her brows. “This chi seems to originate from… an insectoid?”

All of the eyes within the region narrowed. True enough, it resembled the aura of an insectoid. At this time, an insectoid emitting a black-and-white light exited the wormhole and gradually revealed its figure.

It was three meters tall with a black-and-white-runed sh.e.l.l. It had four pairs of sharp claws and one piercing tail.

Everyone held their breaths. “It really is an insectoid?!”

“Why would an insectoid show up here? How come it is unbelievably powerful?”

The hearts of everybody froze up right then and there.

With their current power, they wouldn’t be able to defend against the incoming insectoid at all.

Even the chances of escaping were practically none.

Are they going to die here?

Although everyone was drowning in despair, the girls weren’t fazed at all. They were a.s.sured by the knowledge that Lu Ze hadn’t used the summoning crystal yet.

Lu Ze had provided that the beast inside the crystal was a level-1 cosmic cloud state overlord. Its combat power should be able to reach level-7 cosmic system state.

Clearly, the insectoid wouldn’t be able to compare with the power of the overlord beast.

The presence of the powerful insectoid startled Lu Ze and made him confused. Just a few days ago, ten insectoid lairs appeared. Why would cosmic cloud state insectoids show themselves afterwards?

What crime did the Human Race do to provoke the insectoids?

Lu Ze couldn’t figure it out.

On the other end, Basai Luomiao’s red eyes glared at Lu Ze with puzzlement and surprise. He said coldly, “No wonder the previous ten insectoid lairs were annihilated immediately. I didn’t expect a powerful being like you to exist in such a distant region.”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened. “You can talk!”

It seemed as though he was the only person who can hear the mutated insectoid at the Telun System. Prior to this encounter, he hadn’t heard another insectoid speak.

Basai Luomiao: “…”

“As a royal insectoid, a descendant of the Great Insectoid Queen, what’s the big deal with having the ability to talk?!”

Its black-and-white runes flowed as its chi suddenly shot up, surpa.s.sing his current cultivation level.

He continued, “It turns out you are the culprit. After I murder you, I will annihilate the nearby civilizations away!” Lu Ze frowned.

Great Insectoid Queen?

Is it an insectoid super-boss?

Did this insectoid make an appearance here because of the insectoid lair?

So which of the Insectoid Race had a dispute with them?

Why did they have the urge to keep on charging at them?

Although various questions plagued Lu Ze’s minds, he didn’t stop in his tracks. He used his mental force to grab the s.h.i.+ning silver crystal in his head.

It was the summoning crystal Lu Ze hadn’t used.

All of a sudden, Lu Ze was surrounded by a silver light.


A howl belonging to a wolf reverberated through s.p.a.ce. It affected the entire blade demon territory. It was making its way across the universe. Following such, a silver light shot out from Lu Ze’s body and formed a giant figure that resembled a wolf with a silver fur. But unlike a wolf, it had a pair of horns on its head.

It was about 20 meters tall with a sleek and elegant figure. It looked as though its body was merging with s.p.a.ce.

Its devastating chi went beyond the boundaries of the blade demon territory. Elder Nangong and the others: “???”

They looked at the wolf with astonishment. Moments ago, they succ.u.mbed to hopelessness, but out of nowhere, a silver wolf materialized from Lu Ze’s body…

Its chi was exceedingly powerful?!

Evidently, it was infinitely stronger than the newly-arrived insectoid!

What… is going on?

When Alex and the others were about to run, they suddenly paused once more because they sense the presence of another cosmic cloud state chi.

The recent chi was stronger than the previous one!

“Another one made its appearance?!”

“What is going on? Three cosmic cloud states?!”

“That last one’s chi is too terrifying!?”

The region containing the three cosmic cloud states was petrifying. Among the beings, a combat power reaching the high-level cosmic cloud state was even present.

They didn’t know what to do.

They didn’t even have the courage to escape anymore.

In the warp dimension, outside the blade demon territory, two pale white crystal figures were moving

A gold light flashed in the eyes of one of the figures while a white light flashed in the other.

Thereafter, one of the beings smiled. “Brother Fred, you have to show me how strong those cosmic cloud state insectoids are this time. By the way, is it true that the Crisp Green Blade has genuinely rare resources? I have some things I want to trade.”

“The elders are really amazing this time. They found a great mission for us.” The golden crystal figure didn’t respond while the white crystal figure didn’t cease talking.

At this juncture, the golden crystal figure suddenly stopped. He spat the words, “Stop!”

The white crystal figure immediately stopped in place with a serious expression.