Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1008 - Like A God

Chapter 1008 - Like A God

Chapter 1008 Like A G.o.d

After Elder Nangong and the soldiers made the arrangements, Lu Ze and the girls had nothing to do, so they returned to the cultivation building.

Now, Lu Ze was cultivating Sand One G.o.d Art. He could use the dao enlightenment room to master it. Lu Ze stretched with profound relief. “We’re finally back.”

The girls smiled and rested on the couch.

Being home was the best.

At this moment, Lu Ze remembered something. “Oh right, I forgot Ying Ying is still on the main s.h.i.+p. I’ll bring her home.”

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared in Ying Ying’s room on the s.h.i.+p. Lu Ze pinched her little face. It felt great.

Ying Ying frowned and her little body writhed.

Seeing this, Lu Ze smiled and carried her back to her room on Shenwu.

The group fed her and then the three girls went to cook. They shared a happy meal before returning to cultivate.

Lu Ze came to the dao enlightenment room and was immersed in learning Sand One G.o.d


Under the effect of the blue crystal and purple liquid, Lu Ze’s learning capability greatly increased. However, the dao enlightenment room’s effect was weakening.

Was his cultivation level too high?

Lu Ze frowned. Where was the high-level dao enlightenment stone?

Lu Ze wondered, but soon, he became engrossed in learning.

A day later, the resources had been unloaded.

The group headed off again.

This time, Lu Ze told the elders his plan of taking over the entire place.

They were surprised but chose to support Lu Ze anyway.

What a joke! Lu Ze’s power was now at cosmic cloud state. How could they be scared now?

The Blade Demon Race was so close to the Human Race. They had enough power as well. Of course, they had to take complete control over it.

With this wave of resources, the Human Race would enter a rapid development phase. With the help of Lu Ze’s...o...b.. and spirit liquid, both the high-level and mid-level cultivators would spring out.

Four days later, the fleet left warp dimension and came back to the blade demon territory. Lu Ze was still mastering the Sand One Divine Art. It was a cosmic system state level divine art. It was much harder to learn. He had exhausted beginner mastery for six days but still wasn’t able to progress to familiar mastery.

This was truly hard.

But his guts dictate him that in about three to five days, he would successfully make a breakthrough.

The familiar mastery of Sand One Divine Art should be on par with the Earth Shocking Blow and Demonic Flame Divine Art in terms of power.

He grinned.

Lu Ze concealed his chi and looked around. Nangong Jing and the soldiers were gone.

He got out of bed and left the room.

In the living room, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Zuoqiu Xunshuang were all there.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang said, “Little kid, we’re about to arrive at the blade demon territory.”

Lu Ze raised a brow and looked outside the window. He smiled. “I see.”

Today, fighters from the Human Race were going to exert their power.

At least in the nearby vicinity of the cosmos, the Human Race would make the other races feel their power.

The girls were also hopeful.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was the most excited. The Human Race had been treading on ice before, but now, it was different.

Soon, the fleet arrived at the blade demon-controlled region.

Elder Nangong and the soldiers looked at Lu Ze, especially Elder Nangong and Elder Liu Zhiyu. As the human cosmic system states, they were very excited and nervous.

The other three races looked at Lu Ze with complicated looks.

This human youth was about to bring the Human Race to a higher level.

Elder Nangong slowly said, “Are you ready, Ze?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, I’m going out.” Elder Nangong and Elder Lin nodded.

Lu Ze appeared in s.p.a.ce nearby.

He looked at the vibrant cosmos and breathed. Then, a sharp look appeared in his eyes as transparent spirit flames burned around him.

It had been nearly ten days since he broke through to level-3 cosmic system state. During this time, Lu Ze would also work on his cultivation level while mastering the Sand One Divine Art. Also, there was the golden dew from a few days ago.

His chi was stronger than when the insectoid lairs appeared. A dominant spirit force wave spread out in all directions. The human fleet vibrated under such spirit force.

Everyone looked at the figure in s.p.a.ce. Lu Ze tried to control his chi that went in their direction, everyone still felt an extremely heavy pressure. Those soldiers of the Shenwu Army who hadn’t even reached a cosmic system state felt powerless and pale-faced.

Despite this, they stared at Lu Ze with craze and admiration.

Monarch of the New Dawn was the first to have a cosmic cloud state combat power in the Human Race! He would lead the Human Race to make a new step!

As his chi expanded and the cosmos shook, those planets with life on them cowered to the ground in terror.

All the other races collecting resources felt the incomparable chi and trailed the source of the powerful chi.

“This.. what is this chi??”

“Which cosmic cloud state ent.i.ty is traversing here?”

“Does this subtle being harbor evil intentions?”

Everyone discussed in horror.

One light-year, five light-years, a hundred light-years, a thousand light-years…

Lu Ze’s combat power just reached the cosmic cloud state, but it was still at the cosmic cloud state. His chi expanded for hundreds of thousands of light-years before slowly stopping. His chi covered most of the blade demon territory and their void s.p.a.ce region.

All beings in this area looked in Lu Ze’s direction in shock.

At the border of the Blade Demon Race’s field, there were the Pale Scale Race, Evil-Eyed Race, and Blood Claw Race. A few peak cosmic system states were standing in s.p.a.ce.

However, they didn’t have their fleets. It was just a few of them.

After sensing the powerful chi, they gasped. Alex from the Blood Claw race pursued the source of the chi. “It’s here! Indeed, the Human Race is going to invade the blade demon territory for themselves.”

The Pale Scale Race said helplessly. “This was to be expected. Since they have cosmic cloud state combat power, how can they let others take a share of the meat right in their home?”

“Luckily, we let our fleets leave early. That way, we can rescue a portion of the resources.”

At this moment, a demon from a Green Ghost Race said, “… Didn’t you feel that the person’s power seemed to have progressed compared to a few days ago?”

Everyone’s mouth twitched.

Lu Ze was discharging a vibrant and holy light that made him appear like a G.o.d. A being of this level was tantamount to a G.o.d. He slowly said, “From now on, the blade demon territory belongs to the Human Race! All other races, leave immediately or die!” The threatening remark soon spread all over the regions covered by the chi.

Human Race?!

Since when did they have such a powerful, G.o.d-like being??