Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1007 - risp Green Blade

Chapter 1007 - risp Green Blade

Chapter 1007 Crisp Green Blade

In the void s.p.a.ce, outside of the territory of the Crystal Race, the cataclysmic battle ensued. The battle disrupted the void and caused countless planets to be pulverized to dust. Accordingly, a great number of lives were lost too, which then included beings from the Crystal Race and the Insectoid Race.

The insectoid queen back in the blood-red lair of the insectoids was laying eggs. As of this moment, it suddenly opened its bloodshot eyes.

Beams of blood-colored light flashed as the nearby insectoids, which came to carry the eggs, trembled on the ground.

Three streams of light appeared in front of the insectoid queen. The three of the newly-arrived insectoids varied in appearance. Their chis distorted the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

One fancy-looking, black-and-white striped insectoid screamed, “Master, why are you so furious?”

The insectoid queen roared, “The ten insectoid lairs dispatched previously are destroyed. They are destroyed simultaneously. Those children almost died at the same time too.”

The three insectoids were taken aback. They exclaimed, “How is that possible? In that distant region, which powerful being could destroy ten insectoid lairs simultaneously?”

The three of them had been guarding the queen. They were well aware that ten lairs were sent to a distant region.

The queen exclaimed, “They’re all my children!… Basai Luomiao, go to that region of s.p.a.ce and annihilate all races there!”

The black-and-white striped insectoid hissed. “Yes, Master!” Thereafter, it tore the s.p.a.ce and disappeared from the spot.

At the same time, in the controlled region base of the Crystal Race, there was a s.p.a.cious room built with crystal, wherein one being from the Crystal Race stood there like a statue. There was a faint purple spirit light around him.

At this juncture, two purple lights flashed within its eyes, and in the next second, its body moved.

He then appeared in another room with a large star map at the center. There were white and blood-colored dots, which occupied half the s.p.a.ce each.

At the border of the star map, there were a few members of the Crystal Race engaged in a heated discussion. After noticing the appearance of the purple crystal, everyone stopped talking

One of them asked, “Nade, aren’t you watching the lair of the insectoid’s queen? Why did you come here?”

Nade responded, “One cosmic cloud state insectoid has left the lair.”


Everyone gasped.

“Ten insectoid lairs disappeared a few days ago, didn’t they? Now, a cosmic cloud state left too?”

“What are the insectoids doing?”

“Are they going to the same place?”

“How can a cosmic system state insectoid lair compare with a cosmic cloud state insectoid? They shouldn’t be going to the same place!”

“What is going on then?” After a while, the most powerful being from the Crystal Race chimed in, “How strong is the insectoid which just left?”.

Nade answered, “Level-3 cosmic system state. Combat power is unknown.”

The atmosphere plummeted.

One member of the Crystal Race frowned. “This group of insectoids is what our race needs to handle. It’s fine if cosmic system state lairs disappeared, but cosmic cloud state insectoid… has too much destructive power. If we leave it be, we probably won’t be pardoned by the Elf Race.

“But we are already experiencing too much pressure. We can’t halve our current personnel. If we do, we might not maintain our own defenses.”

“What do we do then?!”

The discussion grew intense.

“Enough!” The strongest member of the Crystal Race interrupted, “Fred has just communicated it with me. He recently finished a mission. He is on his way back from the Crisp Green Blade. Let him go.”

“By the way, did Yi Lei break through to the cosmic cloud state? Send him out as well to test the waters.”

Hearing this, everyone became dazed. Someone exclaimed, “Fred is returning? I wonder how his trip went…”

Someone smiled. “If it’s Fred, then it shouldn’t be a problem.”

The other being present within the room nodded.

Fred was a super-prodigy of the Crystal Race. He was only 4000 years old, but his cultivation level reached level-3 cosmic cloud state. Meanwhile, his combat power had risen to the peak of level-5 cosmic system state. If he would be one going, then they can feel a.s.sured.

Another cosmic cloud state cracked a smile. “Yi Lei just reached the cosmic cloud state. He’s about to join the Crisp Green Blade. This time, the kid should experience it too.”

“Race Leader is wise. Perfect, we can post the mission after Fred and the others head off. That way, they would be able to accept the mission.”

“Yes, based on tradition, the reward points from the Crisp Green Blade can be exchanged with a lot of valuable items in the Elf Race. Amazing, Race Leader!”

The leader of the Crystal Race coughed it off. “We won’t let the benefits flow elsewhere. If the other races had some special circ.u.mstances, they would let the prodigies of their own race handle it too.” Everyone nodded. The Crisp Green Blade was a temporary organization led by the Elf Race. It was specifically brought about by the insectoid crisis. Only the prodigies of each race were allowed to join.

If by chance, the races encountered an exceptional situation they couldn’t handle alone, they can ask the Crisp Green Blade to take over. Thereafter, the Crisp Green Blade will issue the mission.

Those prodigies who will complete such missions can earn reward points, which can be traded with treasures.

The available precious items were merely common for the Elf Race, but for cosmic cloud state civilizations, they were treated as treasures.

Hence, the prodigies of the different races fought to finish the missions.

This kind of situation arose due to the pressure brought upon by the insectoids to the Elf Race. In the end, they couldn’t handle everything within their cosmic realm.

“In that case, be prepared and contact Fred.” The corners of the lips of the leader of the Crystal Race curved up.

Planet Shenwu.

A white light flashed in s.p.a.ce. When it disappeared, the human fleet emerged.

The fleet docked at the s.p.a.ce station.

Elder Lin and Saint Lin Dong were already waiting there.

Their faces looked serious.

After the door opened, everyone alighted.

After confirming that Lu Ze, Lin Ling, and the others were fine, they felt relieved.

Elder Lin looked at Elder Nangong. “What happened outside the controlled region? How come we felt a surge of destructive battles at Shenwu?”

This matter involved over a hundred thousand light-year distance.

Elder Nangong provided, “It’s nothing, just ten insectoid lairs appeared.”


Saint Lin Dong gasped. “Just… ten insectoid lairs?”

Saint Shenwu grinned. “About a few hundred cosmic system state insectoids.”

Saint Shenwu also added, “Oh, a few of those insectoids pretty much possessed a cosmic cloud state power.” No wonder they were alarmed by the intense battle.

But things didn’t seem right…

Everyone appeared to be unscathed.

Seeing everyone’s confusion, Elder Nangong smiled. “Ze grew stronger again. He basically has a cosmic cloud state power. He was the one who killed the insectoids.”

With this explanation, Elder Lin and their company stopped breathing as they looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

Elder Nangong felt proud. “Alright, it’s just a cosmic cloud state combat power. What’s there to be amazed about? Hurry and just unload the resources.”