Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1006 - Best Used As Scapegoat

Chapter 1006 - Best Used As Scapegoat

Chapter 1006 Best Used As Scapegoat

Lu Ze raised a brow.

Those last three insectoids barely had cosmic cloud state power. It just took not much effort for him to kill them.

His power was pretty much at level-1 cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze felt great. This was his constant power.

With this, he would be able to book the entire


He didn’t know if other races had beings with cosmic cloud state combat power at peak cosmic system state. But the humans were closest to the blade demons. It was the most convenient for them to control the region.

Even if other races had someone who could fight Lu Ze, they wouldn’t come to compete.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled.

He looked at the distant ten black planets and formed a spirit flame palm that was bigger than the planets.

He closed his hand wanting to crush the planet.

At this moment, blood light flashed blocking before the hand.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

Did they have some means?

Cosmic system state peak insectoid?

There was such a powerful insectoid inside.

His mental force swept, and he saw it in the center of the lair.

It was a black sh.e.l.led insectoid tens of kilometers long.

It had a large soft belly with red eggs inside.

It was the queen insectoid. They usually didn’t go out for battle. But it probably didn’t expect all those cosmic system state insectoids to die in one blast.

Lu Ze smiled and added some force.

Immediately, the blood spirit light broke, and the palm crushed the black planet to powder.

Meanwhile, the other nine planets planned to tear open s.p.a.ce and run.

Lu Ze smiled, then silver light glowed in his hand.

The opened wormholes closed once again.

The remaining nine insectoid queens howled in terror.

Beams of blood spirit light shot at Lu Ze.

They were near cosmic cloud state power.

Eventually, they formed into one. The chi became extremely terrifying.

The allied cosmic system states tensed up.

This was so powerful that their bodies were shaking just from the feel of it.

Elder Nangong and the soldiers knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop such an attack even if they used all their means.

Lu Ze’s face focused a little.

He formed a spirit force fist and punched.

The cosmos rumbled, then a terrifying fist force attacked the beam.


A few kilometers wide blood spirit force beam clashed with a few meters wide fist force.

It was a stalemate despite the huge size difference.

Shocking s.p.a.ce storms were formed.

Lu Ze frowned.

This power was stronger than he had imagined. Even he felt some pressure.

He kept adding more power, but it could only prevent the fist force from being broken.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled and used seduction G.o.d art. The interference stirred the chi of the insectoid queens. They spat blood in the backlash and their beam weakened.

Lu Ze grinned. Great timing for demons. The fist forces tore apart the spirit light and attacked an insectoid lair penetrating it.


The planet was blasted to pieces.

Lu Ze didn’t stop there. He kept attacking.

The fist forces crushed all of the insectoid lairs.

Those full-powered attacks used up nearly two-thirds of his power.

Lu Ze came back to the girls.

Everyone was looking at him in astonishment. Lu Ze scratched his head. “What? The insectoid lair is taken care of? Aren’t we going to go back?”

Elder Nangong asked, “Ze, you broke through again?”

This kid just reached level-2 cosmic system state the last time they headed off. It’s been less than ten days, and he broke through again?

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, my master gave me something good.”

Ying Ying was the best scapegoat ever.

Elder Nangong and the soldiers still didn’t understand what Lu Ze’s cultivation G.o.d art was.

How could there be such a powerful G.o.d art in the universe?

The others were extremely envious.

Just what sort of wealthy extravagant master was this?

Why didn’t they have one?

But they weren’t Lu Ze. His talent was amazing

Only such a prodigy would be favored by the potentially cosmic monarch state.

Elder Nangong laughed. “Ze, that master is nice to you. You need to be obedient and nice to him, understand?”

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched, and he laughed dryly. “Sure Elder.”

Elder Nangong replied, “Okay, let’s get back.” Everyone felt relieved and went back to the fleets.

On the distant planets, those spies didn’t speak for a long time.

Alex said, “Send all the race members who came into the human territory back. Let’s go back too.”

Everyone nodded with a strong sense of threat.

If Lu Ze just killed a group of cosmic system state insectoids They would think he used some trump card.

But then, there was the battle afterward and Lu Ze didn’t show any signs of backlash or injuries. This meant that this was Lu Ze’s power.

The Human Race had a cosmic cloud state combat power.

They were near the blade demon territory. Fighting over the resources there would be rather troublesome.

Regardless, they were going to report this back first.