Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1005 - A Scene They Would Never Forget

Chapter 1005 - A Scene They Would Never Forget

Chapter 1005 A Scene They Would Never Forget

Wormholes suddenly appeared, and destructive chi instantly surged. Dark red spirit force came out from them.

“This chi…”

Alex of the Blood Claw Race gasped. “Insectoids?!”

“Why are there so many?? A soldier from the Green Ghost Race exclaimed.

This wasn’t just a lair or two.

At this moment, huge black planets flew out of the wormholes, bringing down vast dark red spirit forces.

s.p.a.ce shook.

One, two, three… there were ten insectoid lairs!

Looking at the ten large black planets, they didn’t dare to show their chi at all.

There were too many.

They were all insectoids and many powerful peak cosmic cloud state insectoids.

A fighter from the Pale Scale Race spoke quietly. “The Human Race is over.”

The others looked strangely at each other. They were just here to investigate the Human Race but instead, saw ten insectoid lairs!

Alex asked, “How did they mess with the insectoids?”

All these insectoids were coming just for the Human Race!

Just what did they do to bring ten insectoid lairs?

The human fleets also saw this.

The Shenwu Army soldiers gasped in terror. “Insectoid lairs?!” “Ten? Why are there so many?”

“What do we do?”

All the saints and the other three races gasped looking at the ten large planets.

Elder Nangong spoke in disbelief. “How could there be that many?”

Saint Shenwu frowned. “They’re coming for


Elder Nangong gritted his teeth and spread his voice, “Everyone please protect the fleet, retreat to our territory!”

There weren’t just resources on these s.h.i.+ps but also Shenwu Army soldiers. They were human elites.

Back inside, there were a lot of allies there. It wasn’t completely over. Lu Ze and the girls also frowned. At this moment, they heard Saint Shenwu’s order.

Then, wormholes appeared and the saints came out.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang frowned. “Let’s go out too.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded and also came outside the s.h.i.+p.

Everyone’s face was tense. They felt some peak cosmic system state chi there. It was powerful, and they felt great pressure. Man Yi frowned. “These insectoids seem to be coming after us. Little Nangong, what did you guys do to offend the insectoids?”

Elder Nangong and Saint Shenwu were confused. How would they know?

They did nothing.

Martha said, “We probably can’t stop all these insectoids?” They weren’t weak and were just one step from a cosmic cloud state. If they used their trump cards, they would barely reach a cosmic cloud state too.

But as a top civilization in the universe, how could the insectoids just have ordinary cosmic system states?

At this moment, the insectoids’ lairs had left warp dimension.

Howls sounded through s.p.a.ce. Each lair had tens of blood lights that dashed out towards the fleet.

There were a few hundred cosmic system states. This was more than all the cosmic system states in the alliance of the Human Race. In addition, only a portion of them was here.

There were over 20 peak cosmic system states.

Some of them were near a cosmic cloud state or might even have cosmic cloud state combat power.

Elder Nangong and Shenwu looked at each other. They took out a rune.

It was the one-time divine art rune. They were going to use it to kill some of them first.

Martha and the other girls all planned to use their trump cards.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze was very excited.

He just reached level-3 cosmic system state and had the golden beetle armor.

He wanted to see if he was a cosmic cloud state yet, and now, there were practice targets.


How did the insectoids understand him so well?

Lu Ze flared with spirit flames, then terrifying power surged.


Suddenly, everyone looked in Lu Ze’s direction.

What happened there?

Lu Ze already appeared amidst the sea of cosmic system state insectoids. Lu Ze looked coldly at these insectoids. Dark runes flowed in his eyes as he grinned. “Die!”

Endless demonic flames burned in the s.p.a.ce wrapping around the entire sea of insectoids.

The weaker cosmic system state insectoids instantly turned to dust. The stronger ones formed blood energy s.h.i.+elds, but they also turned to dust soon along with their s.h.i.+elds.

Eventually, only three insectoids remained. They were struggling to defend against Lu Ze’s demonic flames. Their power was barely cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze grinned. The flames burned even more and eventually shattered their s.h.i.+eld. The three insectoids shrieked, but they couldn’t get away from the flames.

Moments later, their life force disintegrated. They turned into bodies floating in s.p.a.ce. Flames still burned on their bodies eventually turning them to dust.

Now, only Lu Ze remained…

Everyone’s eyes were dropping out. They opened their mouths and couldn’t speak a word.

What was this terrifying power?! Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “How is he that strong?!”

Elder Nangong and Shenwu were also confused.

Elder Nangong asked, “Jingjing, what is going on?”

Nangong Jing smiled. “It’s because Lu Ze broke through to level-3 cosmic system state. His power increased.”

A level-3 cosmic system state had such combat power. They were the peak cosmic system states.

On a distant planet, the other races felt the humans were over. But then there was that terrifying chi.

Alex turned around. “This chi… is a cosmic cloud state?!”

Then, they watched a scene they would never forget in their entire life.

Lu Ze charged into the cosmic system state insectoids and burned them all with his demonic flames.

How were they going to report this?