Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1002 - The Highlight

Chapter 1002 - The Highlight

Chapter 1002 The Highlight

Lu Ze took out a complex earth rune.

The golden sand beetle also dropped it.

Lu Ze checked the information and smiled excitedly. “It’s amazing!”

Qiuyue Hesha softly asked, “What is it?”

Lu Ze replied gladly, “It’s a one-time divine art rune. We were killed by that super sand beetle last time. It used sand grinding divine art.”

Lin Ling inquired, “So, it was this divine art?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Its power is about barely cosmic cloud state.”

The girls gasped and rejoiced.

“Cosmic cloud state?”

The Human Race did have borderline cosmic cloud state trump cards. That was what the elders were using, the one-time divine art runes from the fourth map.

However, they needed to burn all of their powers completely. If they couldn’t kill the enemy after one use, they would be sitting ducks.

This method was useless to Lu Ze and the girls. Their divine art was at perfect mastery.

Now, they had their own cosmic cloud state card.

They only needed to use a little spirit force to unleash cosmic cloud state combat power.

The group smiled.

At this moment, Lu Ze took out the dark green rune.

The girls were stunned. Lu Li asked, “IS this…?”

Lu Ze nodded. “The dark green sand scorpion dropped it. It should also be a one-time divine art rune.”

Lu Ze scrutinized it and said, “Yes, this rune can shoot out a poison ball. Its power is around level-2 cosmic cloud state. You can control the explosion of the poison ball. It would be very troublesome for a level-2 cosmic cloud state to even touch a little bit of the poison.”

The girls’ faces turned red with excitement.

This rune was extremely powerful!

At least, it was invincible in this region of s.p.a.ce since there were no cosmic cloud states.

Some cosmic system states could reach cosmic cloud state combat power after many years of mastery. But it was implausible to reach level-2 cosmic cloud state combat power if the person wasn’t a super prodigy or had some special means.

Lu Ze was trying to be calm but was truly excited.

Lu Ze straightly kissed the closest girl Lin Ling Then, Lu Ze kissed everyone.

The girls seemed embarra.s.sed and annoyed.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. “The loot is abundant. I’m just celebrating. Plus, we’ve done more intimate…”

The girls charged up before Lu Ze could finish. “ARghhhh…”

Moments later, Lu Ze rubbed his head.

They were old couples already. Do they need to be embarra.s.sed?

Then, he said, “By the way, I’ll take one of these poison divine art runes. You guys can use the other one and four one-time sand divine art runes.”

Alice gasped. “Senior, you’re charging at the front every time. We don’t need the poison divine art rune. Your opponents would be strong. You should take all of it.”

The girls nodded.

“Little brother Lu Ze, I feel Alice is right.”

Lu Ze smiled. “I already took one. In addition, I have a summoning crystal. That is a peak cosmic cloud state power. If I go to support other fleets and enemies, you can beat the enemies. You can use this rune.”

The girls rolled their eyes. They had four sand divine art runes. Those were four cosmic cloud state attacks. What enemies couldn’t they handle with that?

However, they knew that Lu Ze was worried about them.

They smiled. “Okay then.”

Lu Ze rubbed Qiuyue Hesha. “Good girl.”

Qiuyue Hesha rolled her eyes.

Lu Ze handed the runes and gave the poison to Nangong Jing.

When Lu Ze wasn’t there, she would be at the front line.

“Okay, let’s look at the others.”

He took out the four rune shards. The golden sand beetles dropped all of them.

Alice suggested. “There are four. It can form a complete one.”

Lu Ze nodded and wrapped the four pieces together with mental force.

They floated and then gradually fused in a shower of light.

When the light was gone, they fused into a complete earth divine art rune.

The divine art was the same as the one-time divine art rune. It was using sand G.o.d art to wrap around the enemy then seals and grinds them.

It was tremendously powerful.

It was a cosmic system state boss’s divine art. It would be much better than the divine arts they collected from the fourth map.

Lu Ze smiled and put the rune away. He would master it later.

“Too bad, there aren’t any of those blue dews left, or it would be much easier not to master it.”

With that, Lu Ze felt that he could perhaps, reach perfect mastery in a week.

There were also two little poison b.a.l.l.s with a level-7 cosmic system state. It could barely reach cosmic cloud state power.

Lu Ze took one and gave one to the girls.

However, they insisted on him keeping it, because they had enough cards.

Lu Ze eventually conceded.

Then, they began checking the drops of other beasts.

There was a pile of liquids from level 7 to level 9. A stack of G.o.d art orbs and a few earth crystals.

They took ten minutes to count everything. Lu Ze grinned. “Now, this is the most important thing.” The girls revealed jubilant faces.

The golden dew was the highlight of the day.