Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1003 - My Cultivation Speed Is That Fast?!

Chapter 1003 - My Cultivation Speed Is That Fast?!

Chapter 1003 My Cultivation Speed Is That Fast?!

Lu Ze opened his hands, and a golden dewdrop emerged.

It was a gel-like substance. He scanned with his mental force, and information appeared in his mind.

Nangong Jing asked, “Ze, what is this?”

Lu Ze replied, “This is great! It can allow us to increase our cultivation talent in a short while and greatly increase our energy digestion rate. It greatly enhances cultivation speed.”

The girls paused their breath in disbelief.


Their cultivation speed was already very insane now. Yet, this dew could increase their speed again?!


Everyone felt like it was a dream.

Lu Ze grinned. He felt the same.

Now, they could break through a level in a month. If this golden dew could improve their energy digestion by 20%, then they could break through a level in about a week. This was rather terrifying.

And… Lu Ze uttered, “Using this golden dew would slowly increase our cultivation talent and affinity to spirit force.”

This was another surprise. It felt so good that they didn’t know what to say. Their cultivation talent was already very strong due to using red liquids and red orbs.

Yet, it could still be improved.

Lu Ze had a spirit body too. If that could be enhanced, it would be even better. The girls couldn’t wait. “Let’s try!”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

He gave some golden dew to everyone. They saw on the bed and started cultivating immediately.

Lu Ze drew near a golden dew inside his body.

It turned into this special golden spirit light that covered his body. Then, Lu Ze felt his sensory towards spirit force became very clear.

He could even feel the spikes in spirit force.

He took a deep breath. He didn’t even settle down into cultivation. And yet, his spirit force affinity increased by so much. The golden dew and the blue dew were almost the same, but one improved learning capability and the other improved cultivation talent.

Lu Ze was planning to digest a level 5 golden scorpion’s red liquid.

He looked at the dark green scorpion’s red liquid with a level-7 cosmic system state.

He gritted his teeth and used that.

Although the red liquid energy of super beasts was much more gentle than ordinary beasts, Lu Ze still couldn’t digest level-7 red liquid until now.

But this was different with the golden dew.

Lu Ze used the level-7 red liquid.

This red energy was like a hideous beast. If it was before, Lu Ze would be heavily injured at the very least. But now, the golden dew seemed to have added a layer of protection to Lu Ze helping him digest this energy.

Lu Ze just felt a slight pain.

It worked!

This was a level-7 cosmic system state super red liquid!

He could use it now!

He quickly inserted the energy into the second row of planets.

Far away in s.p.a.ce, there was a Blood Red Planet.

Both the earth and the ocean on the planet were painted red.

There was a hideous structure on top of a tall mountain.

Inside, there were the bones of all sorts of species. These bones still emitted powerful chi despite being dead.

At the ends of the stairs, there was a throne made of bones. A blood claw was sitting there listening to reports. On the two sides of the throne, there were blood claws either sitting or standing. They were also listening to the report. These blood claws were extremely powerful.

After the report was done, the reporter said, “Leader, this is the information that Lord Alfonsi sent forth.”

The atmosphere became silent.

After a while, one couldn’t resist saying, “Milo just sent news about this prodigy back a few days ago. And now, we hear about him again.”

“Is that human prodigy that strong? Alfonsi isn’t weak.”

“The difference in power displayed by that prodigy is considerably huge based on the two descriptions.”

The race leader slowly said, “Alex, take a few people to the human territory and check out their situation. Collect information about Lu Ze.”

Alex grinned. “Sure, Leader.”

They were all very respectful towards their leader.

Ever since he challenged the previous leader and became the new leader, the Blood Claw Race had never made a mistake on major matters.

Their power has been growing steadily and almost matched the Half Demon Race, one of the pinnacle cosmic system state civilizations.

Meanwhile, the Pale Scale Race, Evil-Eyed Race, Green Ghost Race, Dark Metal Demon Race, and Black Smoke Race all made similar decisions.

Therefore, s.h.i.+ps headed towards the Milky Way Galaxy

A day later, Lu Ze opened his eyes.


After checking out his situation, he was in disbelief.

In just one day, his cultivation level increased by one-fifth?

He only just broke through to level-2 cosmic system state!

At this rate, he would reach a level-3 cosmic system state in five days.

What speed was this?

He was truly scared.

He had ten drops of level-7 super red liquid. As for the golden dew…

It had been a day, and its effects were still felt. It should last about two days.

In at most four days, he would reach level-3 cosmic system state!

Would his combat power reach a cosmic cloud state?