Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1001 - Huge Loot

Chapter 1001 - Huge Loot

Chapter 1001 Huge Loot

Lu Ze thought about things and said, “I’ll go check out that tree. You guys finish the flowers first.”

The girls nodded.

Lu Ze appeared before the blossoming tree. Lu Ze stared at the golden flowers. In the center, there was a drop of golden dew laid on.

It wasn’t the same indeed.

Lu Ze raised a brow. Last time, it was blue dew, now, it is golden.

He didn’t know what effect it would have.

Lu Ze didn’t think much and took the dew.

Then, he flew to the other flowers.

Not all the flowers had blossomed on the tree. Most of them were still unbloomed. There were only 22 flowers that had blossomed. Each one had one golden dew in the center.

Lu Ze gathered these dews. At this moment, there was a rumbling sound. This powerful wave spread in all directions.

Lu Ze looked over. The girls had found one lively flower and attacked it.

Lu Ze disappeared from his spot and appeared among the girls.

It was a vibrant red flower. It seemed to be burning with flames and was four meters tall.

This flower was frozen, and its chi was weak.

The girls were attacking the ice, but it wasn’t truly working. The rigidity was way stronger than before.

After all, this place wasn’t too far from the battlefield. The girls stopped attacking after Lu Ze came over.

Lu Li asked. “Did you get anything Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze grinned. “Of course, I’ll tell you once we get outside.”

Although they didn’t use the blue dew before, they heard the effects from Lu Ze.

They were very curious about what was on the golden tree.

Lu Ze wondered. “Can’t you break it?”

Qiuyue Hesha replied, “We might need some time. This ice is much stern than we thought.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Continue.”

This was a cosmic cloud state boss!

The drops would be amazing. It would be a loss not to try.

Lu Ze clenched his fist then spirit flames gathered. He punched towards the ice.


A terrifying explosion sounded. However, the ice didn’t bear any crack at all. Instead, Lu Ze felt his hands hurt.

Luckily, they instantly healed with his recovery power.

He punched the ice again and again.

The girls did the same. They pummeled the ice with their attacks.

After half a minute, it bore a light crack.

They finally saw the first white mark on the ice.

They were excited. “It can be broken!” Lin Ling smiled.

Lu Ze gasped. “Let’s continue!”

With hope, the group used even more effort.

As time went on, cracks expanded and covered the entire ice.

At this moment, they suddenly felt this coldness in their heart. The flower inside the ice began to quickly recover. Flames burned, and the ice began to rapidly melt.

Everyone: “…”

They didn’t feel well.

Oh s.h.i.+t. This flower recovered?!

It still seemed weak, but it was a cosmic cloud state cultivation level after all. They didn’t know how terrifying its combat power was.


Suddenly, the flames on the flower erupted like a volcano.

Lu Ze could feel that extremely terrifying temperate coming. Their consciousness went blank.

They woke up back in the room.

That flower was too bleak. Could it still recover?!

They thought they would be able to get a cosmic cloud state drop. Yet, they died instead.

They were vaporized from the flames.

Nangong Jing said, “Although they died, the loot was huge!”

Alice nodded. “Yeah, there’s a few of those super beasts.”

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s see what sort of treasures are there.”

There were so many good things before, but they couldn’t make sure at all.

Lu Ze took out the earth crystal first. It was the equipment one.

Lu Ze inserted his mental force, and the equipment inside was revealed.

It was a faint golden breastplate. It was similar to what the sand beetles’ dropped, but it seemed better quality and more vibrant.

Lu Li mumbled, “Lu Ze, try it.”

Lu Ze tried it on. It transformed into a golden light and fused into his chest. The sand beetle breastplate receded and turned into a crystal instead.

The golden one then appeared on Lu Ze’s chest.

Lu Ze sensed this chest plate.

Its improvement on spirit force was much better than the ordinary set. It could also improve sand and earth G.o.d art. For spirit force buffs, just the breastplate could improve it by 40%!

This was too powerful.

Lu Ze placed on the rest of the pieces too. The sand beetle armor and golden sand beetle armor also had a special connection.

When the entire set was completed, the buff for spirit force was over 80%. Spirit force digestion also improved by 60%.

“How is it?” Everyone looked hopefully at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze nodded. “Not bad.”

He took out two more equipment crystals. The four golden sand beetles dropped three of these.

It was unveiled to be two pairs of boots.

Lu Ze said, “Just like before, I’ll take a pair for myself, and Jing Jing can have a pair.” Everyone agreed. Wearing the boots on, Lu Ze felt his spirit force heightened to 90% more efficient. If this continued, his combat power would soon reach a cosmic cloud state.

Lin Ling gasped. “Ze, your power right now should be at the very pinnacle of the cosmic cloud state.”

“Yeah, senior. This chi should be seriously terrifying.”