Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1000 - Golden Crystal Tree

Chapter 1000 - Golden Crystal Tree

Chapter 1000 Golden Crystal Tree

Soon, the giant wolf dropped its loot.

Lu Ze and the girls looked hopefully at the items on the ground.

It dropped five red and purple liquids like other beasts. However, compared to the sand beetles, it was much larger. The power contained in it was much greater as well.

There was a yellow G.o.d art orb which was most likely a sand G.o.d art.

There was another chi concealing G.o.d art and a yellow crystal.

It was the crystal that Lu Ze had collected before from the sand beetle cave. It could improve the body’s defense and earth G.o.d art mastery.

It was much larger than the one he collected from the cave.

The group smiled excitedly. “The giant wolf’s drop is extremely abundant!”

Everyone nodded.

Lu Ze said, “The wolf’s cultivation level is a peak cosmic system state. It’s a pity, we won’t be able to use the red and purple liquids now.”

Even Lu Ze could only use level-6 cosmic system state red liquid for cultivation.

If he dared to use a peak cosmic system state, he would explode.

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes. “There are other things that can be used.”

Lu Ze put these things away. Qiuyue Hesha said, “Let’s continue, there might be more beasts.”

The group kept moving. Half a minute later, they stopped and changed directions. Soon, they found the second beast.

It was a roasted golden sand beetle.

It smelled very good, but it wasn’t dead yet.

It was on the verge of death.

The group rejoiced. “It’s the golden sand beetle?!”

This was a super beast! Its combat power and cultivation level might not be as strong as that giant wolf, but it was surely more useful to them now.

The group flew over rapidly. Lu Ze didn’t hesitate to crush its head.


The golden sand beetle finally died.

Lu Li asked, “I wonder what this one would drop?”

Lin Ling replied, “This is a super beast with G.o.d art. Should it have a lot of good things?”

Moments later, the body turned to dust.

There were five drops of red and purple liquids, but they had this golden tint.

The golden beetle’s cultivation level was just level-5 cosmic system state. It was useful for Lu Ze now.

It would be very beneficial!

There were two earth crystals. One big and one small.

The small one contained intense earth G.o.d art power. As for the larger one, it was an equipment crystal.

There was also an earth G.o.d art orb, chi concealing G.o.d art, and a golden G.o.d art orb.

There was also an earth rune and a G.o.d art rune shard.

There were nearly 20 drops.

Everyone gasped.

There was so much loot.

Lu Ze quickly took everything and said, “There’s so much treasure!”

The golden sand beetle’s power was barely cosmic cloud state. There was no way Lu Ze and the girls could beat it.

“Let’s continue!”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “Let’s split up. It’ll be more efficient.”

The girls nodded.

The other beasts had pretty much run away. What was left here were half-dead beasts.

Half an hour later, the group kept searching for beasts.

They had found four golden sand beetles, two dark green sand scorpions, and many other treasures.

There were also powerful beasts that had great drops too.

However, because they weren’t super beasts, their drops weren’t as good as the golden sand beetle and dark green scorpion.

But even stronger super beasts would be decent in a cosmic cloud state.

The overlord battles were very strong, but just the shockwaves wouldn’t be enough to injure them.

Lu Ze was flying in the sky. He couldn’t stop smiling.

This huge loot was unbelievable.

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly stopped, and he looked at the distant scene.

There was a huge oasis.

Half of it was charred by fire, and half of it was frozen into an ice sculpture.

Lu Ze’s heart beat rapidly.

Oasis = flower sea = blue dew =terrifying learning capability = large amounts of G.o.d art learning with the current orbs = improvement in combat power= invincibility. Lu Ze: “…”

Oh s.h.i.+t!

He was about to be invincible!

At this moment, Lu Ze saw the girls fly over.

They were very excited because they saw the oasis too.

Alice shouted, “Senior! There’s an oasis there!”

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go over!”

He didn’t know if this was the same oasis they encountered last time, but there were too many bosses inside. There were a lot of cosmic cloud states.

This place was rather ravaged by the two overlords.

The group went inside the oasis.

Lu Ze found that poison vine from last time. However, it was already dead.

He shook his head helplessly, then he kept moving deeper.

After some distance, Lu Ze paused and looked ahead.

He sensed more than ten weak chi.

They were just reaching the cosmic cloud state.

How was this possible!

Soon, Lu Ze came before the sea of flowers.

A small part of it was charred, and another part was frozen.

The chi came from amidst the flowers.

The girls made their way over too. Lin Ling suddenly said, “There are 12 cosmic cloud state flowers which are still alive!”

Nangong Jing clenched her fists. “Quick quick quick! Kill it!”

Lu Ze looked at the middle of the flowers.

There was a crystal tree growing there. It seemed to have been made of golden crystals. Golden flowers were blossoming on the branches.

Yet, it wasn’t frozen??

Lu Ze was confused. Was this not a blue tree?

Why was it golden now?