Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 999 - Scavenging

Chapter 999 - Scavenging

Chapter 999 Scavenging

Lu Ze swiftly brought the girls up, flying off. It’s not that he didn’t want to use s.p.a.ce transmission power, but the battle made the surrounding s.p.a.ce gravely unstable. Even with Lu Ze’s power, he wasn’t able to use s.p.a.ce transmission.

The group was wrapped in the wind, then they flew off.

Behind them were waves of fire and ice brus.h.i.+ng fast.

At this moment, vociferous roars rose in the desert. They were fleeing outside.

Lu Ze saw some beasts escaping like them.

There were sand beetles, scorpions, golden lightning eagles, yellow anacondas, ear-deafening, and an extremely large worm. There were also earth wolves.

There were many types of strange beasts which the group had never seen before.

Some of them were stronger than them. There were even a few cosmic cloud state beasts mixed among them.

They weren’t terrified of the shockwaves, but who knew if the battle would be brought over.

The great escape became very chaotic. There would be beasts attacking those ahead that blocked the way.


A sand blade sliced past Lu Ze, and the girls clanked against their sand beetle armor.

Lu Ze’s face was bewildered. He saw a huge sand wolf howl. Sand blades rushed towards the beasts ahead. Sand blades nearly wounded Lu Ze and the girls.

Nangong Jing frowned. “Ze, let’s go down? It’s too dangerous in the sky.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Qiuyue Hesha suggested. “Let’s use sand G.o.d art to camouflage our escape.”

Lin Ling agreed. “We’re tiny. If we are extra careful, it’ll be hard for the beasts to recognize us as targets.

Lu Li complemented. “Alice and I will use sand G.o.d art to cover us up.” Alice nodded. “Leave this to both of us.”

They were cosmic system states, but their speed was slower than Lu Ze’s. Lu Ze nodded.

The two girls also used chi concealing G.o.d art to cover them up.

Lu Ze and the girls dodged all sorts of attacks while fleeing.

They successfully survived.


‘Rumble!! ‘Rumble!!!’


The battle of the two overlords continued. Wave after wave of attacks swept after the group.

At this moment, Lin Ling gazed at the two overlords. “… Why do I feel that their battle is slowly moving towards us?”

Everyone: “???”

They observed and indeed, the battlefield was getting closer to them.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

At this moment, a wave of fire and ice was drawing near. Fire waves wrapped the sand beetles behind them and turned to ashes.

Lu Ze shouted, “We can’t run away. Defend!”

Lu Ze stopped. He exhausted all his spirit force. Orange flames spun around him, wrapping the girls inside. The girls also exhausted all their spirit force forming barriers under the flames. ‘Rumble!!’

The fire waves and the defenses clashed. There was an ear deafening explosion.

Lu Ze spat a mouthful of blood. The girls behind him also spat blood.

Under the charge of such terrifying shockwaves, their defenses were torn apart like paper.

Eventually, only two layers of earth s.h.i.+elds remained. Seeing the fire waves disappear, the group felt relieved.

Lu Ze gasped. “We won’t be able to stop the next one.”

They’ve used up pretty much all their powers to stop these fire waves.


The group looked up and saw the two overlords had split apart. Then, they flew off in opposite directions. Their powers slowly dissipated from the sky.



Lu Ze was uncertain “… The two birds just flew off like that?”

Lin Ling wondered as well. “… Seems like it?”

Everyone wondered and then smiled. “We survived?!”

Alice was in great disbelief. She thought they were dead for sure.

Lu Ze laughed. “Hahaha! We truly survived!”

Death was usual in the Pocket Hunting Dimension. But who would want to die, if they could live?

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with strong excitement. “I have an idea.”

Nangong Jing blankly asked, “What is it?”

Lu Ze answered excitedly. “Do you think there were already powerful beasts caught in the shockwaves before?”

Everyone’s breath slowed.

There were some powerful beasts injured in the escape. Whether they survived, they would surely be severely injured.

This was a perfect opportunity to scavenge.

Lu Ze yelled, “Quick, let’s go over now!”

The girls nodded. Although their power was pretty much exhausted, their recovery speed was strong.

They would soon recover to their vitality.

The group flew towards the battlefield.

After a thousand kilometers, they looked at an ice-covered region.

There was an earth wolf ice sculpture. The chi inside was very weak.

The group drew near immediately.

Lu Ze punched with an Earth Shocking Blow.


Lu Ze: “…”

His fists ached, but the ice sculpture cracked a few.

The ice bird wasn’t even here. This was just a shockwave, and yet, it was still gravely tough.

The girls were speechless.

Qiuyue Hesha was encouraged. “Let’s attack together.”

Nangong Jing nodded. “Quick, otherwise, it would be a huge loss if we fail to kill the wolf.”

The wolf was a powerful beast.

The group attacked the sculpture with full force.

One would readily attack the sculpture the moment one recovered his or her power.

The cracks grew deeper until Lu Ze punched the last strike, and the sculpture completely cracked.

The wolf also died and turned to dust.