Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 998 - Battle Of The Overlords

Chapter 998 - Battle Of The Overlords

Chapter 998 Battle Of The Overlords

Jeremy gazed strangely at Alfonsi. “Lu Ze?!” Wasn’t he the one who fought the Dark Metal Race and the Black Smoke Race?

Those demons from the Dark Metal Race and Black Smoke Race were probably dead. Why would it be the same human who fought the soldiers from the Blood Claw Race and the Green Ghost Race?”

That wasn’t all. Alfonsi was also heavily injured.

Jeremy was very confused.

Ambrose was worried about Jeremy. “What’s wrong Jeremy? Is there a problem?”

Jeremy’s mouth s.h.i.+vered. There was a big problem. “We encountered Lu Ze just a few hours ago.”

“What?” Ambrose and the soldiers gawked.

Jeremy said, “It happened near the Rodesya System. We were fighting over it…”

Jeremy recounted what happened there.

Hearing this, Ambrose and the soldiers gasped. “You’re saying that… Lu Ze used three peak cosmic system states poison attack items?”

Jeremy nodded.

Lu Ze was extensively rich. Many were envious.

Ambrose and the soldiers were a bit fine now. They were just scared, especially Alfonsi. “Luckily, I was decisive and able to use a s.p.a.ce-breaking cube field to stop him. Otherwise…”

They might not even be able to run away.

Alfonsi confirmed. “Lu Ze isn’t just an ordinary human. There must be something strictly lurking behind him!”

Ambrose shook his head. “The entire Human Race is protecting Luze. He is kept cla.s.sified. Ambrose and Alfonsi had stayed in a peak cosmic system state for a long time. Their powers were much stronger than ordinary peak cosmic system states.

Yet, that human equated the powers of an elder.

Jeremy gasped. “What? The Human Race has peak cosmic system states other than Lu Ze and those few girls?”

“Yes.” Ambrose nodded heavily. “The Human Race might have more than these few strong people.”

Everyone fell silent. The Human Race was so much stronger than they had thought.

Jeremy felt tragic. “It seems, it’s necessary to investigate the Human Race, especially about Lu Ze.”

The others agreed. They no longer consider the Human Race a below-average race with no peak cosmic system state.

At night, Lu Ze and the girls had eaten dinner and fed Ying Ying. Then, they went back to their rooms to go into the Pocket Hunting Dimension. In the desert, Lu Ze sensed the situation and said, “Let’s see if we can find that stone region or the oasis?” During this time, they found three special locations in the desert.

One was the stony region which had beast hives. There were treasures inside.

The other was the oasis. It was too dangerous for Lu Ze and the girls. The weakest had at least a peak cosmic system state combat power. Those beasts appeared in groups, and there were some cosmic cloud states.

However, the oasis had a blue dew.

The last one was the sea of fire. The huge bird in the center gave them a very profound impression.

They would run away as soon as they saw that sea of fire again.

The girls nodded. They also wanted to find treasure.

Moments later, a group of sand beetles attacked the humans. Some sensed the group of sand beetles. There were two level-4 cosmic system states.

This was rather easy for them now.

Lu Ze’s hand flared with black demonic flames which instantly roasted all the sand beetles.

Lu Ze gulped. The roasted sand beetles smelled that nice?!

However, he couldn’t eat them.

Soon, the sand beetles transformed into dust, leaving behind drops.

He could give 4 liquids of the level-4 cosmic system states to the girls. As for the lower ones, he could give them to the elders.

The group soon headed onward. With Lin Ling growing stronger, her spirit eye G.o.d art thrived greatly as well.

In just eight hours, they were able to slay 12 waves of sand beetles. There were five level-5 cosmic system states and two level-6 cosmic system states scorpions too.

They collected a level-5 poison ball.

After killing another wave of sand beetles, Lu Ze and the girls picked up the drops then proceeded ahead.

A few thousand kilometers away later, they suddenly landed on the ground and looked ahead in shock.

The distant sky turned into two colors. One side was scorching red, and the other side was cold blue.

These two colors extended to the edge of the horizon. They couldn’t see how far they were, even with their cosmic system state eyesights.

‘Ree!! X2’

Two sharp yet powerful bird shrieks sounded.

Lu Ze saw a flaming red bird flying in the sky.

Alice freaked out. “That fire bird… was it the one that we saw before?”

It was the same bird they saw in the sea of fire.

Despite being extremely distant, the powerful fire bird made them feel heavily pressured.

Nangong Jing quickly panicked and asked, “What’s the thing in that ice world?”

Everyone looked over. They heard two sounds. At this moment, an icy blue crystal bird flew out of the ice world. It reflected a rainbow light from the sun.

It had a unique beauty compared with the fire bird.

These two birds were about the same size. One was fire, the other was ice.

They were both extremely beautiful, yet terrifying

Qiuyue Hesha suddenly asked, “Are they both overlords? What are they going to do?” Lu Ze instantly grasped. “Oh my, they’re not going to fight, are they?!” Everyone dreaded. The peak cosmic cloud states and maybe even the cosmic realm state’s boss were going to battle. Who could hold up to this?

They were already extremely distant, but they felt that they weren’t safe at all.

At this moment, the fire world formed several fire birds, while the ice world formed several ice birds.

They clashed.


The desert was currently quaking. Half of it was frozen, and the other half was melted.

Lu Ze yelled, “Run!”