Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 997

Chapter 997

Chapter 997 “???”

After curing several heavily injured soldiers, a star state Shenwu Army soldier flew out from a blood claw s.h.i.+p.

His face was very excited. He appeared before Elder Shenwu and said, “Lord Shenwu, we found some resources in the blood claw s.h.i.+ps! There are even cosmic system state resources!”

Then, more Shenwu Army soldiers flew out from the s.h.i.+ps.

These soldiers all wore excited smiles on their faces.

“We have found a lot of resources here too!”

“Same here!”

“There are some here too…”

Everyone felt great. Saint Shenwu laughed heavily. “This is a surprise! Great!”

He patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Luckily, you came in time.”

Lu Ze scratched his head and smiled. “You compliment me too much.”

Saint Shenwu ordered, “Gather the resources in the s.h.i.+p and then go excavate the resource points in the solar system!”


Everyone smiled. Who didn’t like to collect loot?

Lu Ze smiled. “Elder Wu, since everything is fine here. I’m going back.”

Saint Shenwu smiled. “You can go back.”

Lu Ze nodded to the three races and left. Man Dali slapped Saint Shenwu. “Old Wu, I’m envious of the Human Race! You have a prodigy like Lu Ze!”

The others didn’t say anything, but they felt the same way.

Who didn’t want a prodigy with boundless potential in their race? This was a prodigy that could lead the race to a stronger future.

Lu Ze was such a prodigy.

Saint Shenwu felt excellent

Before, the Human Race was the weakest of the four races due to having such a short history. Even the Round Race had a peak cosmic system state. Now, it was finally their time to s.h.i.+ne.

This feeling was too exuberant!

A few minutes later, Lu Ze appeared in his fleet.

The girls saw him come back. Lu Li sweetly smiled. “You’re back.”


Lu Ze saw the group was still in the living room and asked, “Why didn’t you go back to cultivate?”

The girls rolled their eyes. Qiuyue Hesha replied, “If something happened to you, we would be able to go over immediately.”

Lu Ze smiled. ‘So they were worried about him.’

“You guys, don’t you know how strong I am? How can something happen to me?”

The girls were speechless.

Lin Ling said, “Yes yes yes, you’re the strongest.”

Lu Ze wondered. “… Lin Ling, why do I feel like you’re not being sincere about it?”

“You could tell? Amazing!”


At this moment, Alice was pus.h.i.+ng Lu Ze towards the room.

“Senior, let’s go cultivate!”

“Alice, don’t push me, I need to let Lin Ling realize my power!”

“Yes, yes, yes, senior, you are the strongest…”

In a distant s.p.a.ce, wormholes appeared. The soldiers from the Blood Claw Race and the Green Ghost Race appeared subsequently.

Alfonsi was severely injured from the battle. So that Lu Ze was unable to catch up with him, he forced himself to travel tens of thousands of light-years in the warp dimension. One could imagine how bad his condition was now.

The blood claws around him helped. “Lord Alfonsi, are you okay?”

“Such severe injuries, let’s hurry up and meet up with the other squads.”




Ambrose frowned. “Alfonsi, what’s wrong with you? Is Lu Ze that strong?”

He only watched the battle at the start. Then, his battle with Saint Shenwu got so intense that he didn’t have the chance to watch the others.

At the cosmic system state level, the slightest distraction could cost you your life.

Alfonsi coughed and said, “He was really strong!”

Just these few words made everyone look at each other.

‘Truly that strong?’

Alfonsi said, “He didn’t use his trump cards, but I’ve pretty much exhausted all my means. Only then did I fight evenly with him. If the battle continued, and the backlash of the scorching sun blood curse was released, I probably wouldn’t even be able to escape.”

Everyone gasped.

Ambrose was in disbelief. “Lu Ze’s power is truly that strong?!”

This was something he had never expected.

Alfonsi nodded in great frustration. “He’s so much stronger than what Milo described!”

‘Milo, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d almost got him killed!’

Everyone: “…”

Ambrose requested, “Let’s go meet up with other squads. Alfonsi needs to recover.”

At this moment, s.p.a.ce rippled and a Pale Scale Race fleet arrived.

They didn’t expect others here.

Ambrose and Alfonsi frowned.

Ambrose wondered. “Pale Scale Race? They have a resource point nearby?”

The Pale Scale Race and Blood Claw Race only maintained an ordinary relations.h.i.+p.

Jeremy and the cosmic system states on the s.h.i.+p saw that the soldiers from the Blood Claw Race and Green Ghost Race were dazed.

“Why are these guys here?” One cosmic system state frowned. “Are they going to fight over resource points with us?”

One cosmic system state gasped. “Lord Jeremy, look at that peak cosmic system state from the Blood Claw Race. He seems heavily injured.”

Jeremy raised a brow. “I’ll go out and have a look. You guys wait for me here.”


Jeremy came out and the soldiers from the two races gazed.

Ambrose faintly asked, “Are you, Jeremy?”

Jeremy replied, “Ambrose? Alfonsi? It’s the two of you?” The peak cosmic system states of this region knew each other. They had been in communications before.

Jeremy was surprised. “Why is Alfonsi so heavily injured?”

Ambrose softly replied. “We’ve encountered the human alliance fleet and got defeated. Alfonsi’s opponent is that Lu Ze.”