Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 996 - Don't Even Think About It!

Chapter 996 - Don't Even Think About It!

Chapter 996 Don’t Even Think About It!

After Alfonsi ran off, Ambrose looked at the trapped Lu Ze. Without hesitation, he forcefully pushed Saint Shenwu away, tore open s.p.a.ce, and disappeared. At the same time, the other cosmic system states saw their bosses leave. They all retreated from their opponents and left.

The cosmic system states of both races disappeared from s.p.a.ce in an instant. The remaining ally forces looked at each other.

Saint Shenwu didn’t prefer to chase.

He immediately headed to Lu Ze. He was still trapped in that silver cube.

He punched the cube. It shook. Few small cracks happened. It would probably take some time to break it.

He flew over and asked, “Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I’m fine, just trapped.”

Saint Shenwu nodded. He helped strike the cube and it broke faster.

The other three races also flew over including Man Dali. He asked, “Old Wu, how is he?”.

Saint Shenwu shook his head. “Ze is fine here. Go take their s.h.i.+ps first. Don’t let them get away! There should be some resources there.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

The cosmic system states, those two races got away, but their fleet wouldn’t be able to escape so easily.

Man Dali grinned. “Sure! We’ll go over first then.”

On the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p battlefield, the star state and planetary state s.h.i.+ps were fighting.

At this moment, everyone looked at the cosmic system state battlefield.

They felt the battle there eased.

Immediately, the blood claw and green ghosts snarled. “Hahaha!! Our Lord Afonsi is extremely awesome. He’s not someone that humans can easily withstand. There’s also Lord Ambrose. It seems we’ve won!”

“Hahaha, now, you’re the only ones left!”

The Shenwu Army soldiers frowned. They were worried.

Was Lord Shenwu defeated?

‘That quickly??’

At this moment, beams drew near the battlefield, turning into figures. When they saw that they were the Barbarian Race, Winged Race, and Round Race, the Blood Claw Race demons and the Green Ghost Race beings were stunned.

How was this possible?

Where were their cosmic system states?

The Shenwu Army was dumbfounded and then laughed. “Hahaha, it seems we’ve won!”

The cosmic system states glanced across the enemy s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps.

One being from the Winged Race burned with flames, and then terrifying pressure and red spirit light flashed.

All the blood claws and green ghosts were surrounded by flames and transformed to dust.

He then used wind G.o.d art to sweep the ashes away, leaving behind equipment and storage rings.

He smiled. “Okay, collect the loot.”

All the Shenwu Army soldiers went excitedly amidst the s.h.i.+ps to extract resources.

On the cosmic system state battlefield, Lu Ze and Saint Shenwu attacked for ten seconds and finally crushed the cube.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He didn’t feel too great. If he was alone, he would need some time to break this thing.

He let another blood claw escape.

Saint Shenwu felt relieved. He rubbed his wrist. “This thing is quite tough. My hand is hurting… my old bones can’t compare with young people like you.”

Lu Ze grinned. “What are you talking about, Elder Wu? The Human Race is still ruled by elders like you.”

If these elders retired, then they would have to oversee the Human Race. He didn’t have that much time. He might as well cultivate or do have fun with the girls.

Saint Shenwu rolled his eyes. With Lu Ze and the girls’ power, they should be learning to lead the Human Race. But these little kids pushed everything to him.

He shook his head. “Go back.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Saint Shenwu inspected the situation in the fleet. “How is it? Did we suffer any losses?”

One peak star state Shenwu Army soldier replied, “We lost a s.h.i.+p and a few strong men. A few people were severely injured.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

“Where are those severely injured? Bring them to me for treatment.”

His healing ability was at a cosmic system state level. He could save star states and planetary states as long as a strand of breath is evident.

The soldiers rejoiced. “Thank you, Monarch of the New Dawn.” Lu Ze shook his head. “It’s my job.”

Star states and planetary states were the elites of the Human Race.

There were about nine of the star states and ten of the planetary states who were severely injured.

Some were nearly dying and some were about to die.

Lu Ze waved his hand which flashed with white and green spirit light.

He wrapped all the injured up, and they began to heal rapidly.

They looked at each other.

“My… my hand is healed?”

“My injuries are healed? I remember my organs were shattered.”

Man Dali exclaimed, “A cosmic system state healing cultivator is powerful.”

At least, if a star state didn’t die on the spot, he would be healed.

This would save considerable losses! The others nodded and looked at Lu Ze with green eyes. Saint Shenwu grinned and slapped Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Hahaha! Good, good, good! Ze, you did great! These are all the elites of the Federation.”

The soldiers spoke unanimously. “Thank you, Monarch of the New Dawn!”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “No need to be polite.”

Lu Ze suddenly had a daring idea. He seemed to have a large pile of good G.o.d art orbs. Should he prepare a few powerful wood G.o.d art cultivators?

Then, the Shenwu Army’s survivability would be greatly increased!