Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 995 - Seem To Have Found The Reason

Chapter 995 - Seem To Have Found The Reason

Chapter 995 Seem To Have Found The Reason

Milo had shown them what Lu Ze looked like.

Alfonsi immediately recognized Lu Ze.

Lu Ze looked at Alfonsi.

Blood Claw Race..

He thought of how the first one ran away. It was a pity. He had to keep this guy.

Lu Ze smiled. “I’m Lu Ze. h.e.l.lo! h.e.l.lo!”

Alfonsi grinned. “Human kid, I hope you can keep smiling until later.”

He disappeared instantly from the spot and slashed Lu Ze with his blood claws.

Ambrose also flapped his bat wings and struck heavily against Saint Shenwu.

Lu Ze raised a brow, and he lit up with spirit flames.


He stomped on the ground and battered Alfonsi.

‘Earth Shocking Blow!’

Lu Ze punched.

Sensing Lu Ze’s terrifying power, Alfonsi’s eyes narrowed.

“What?! This power…?!”

He was in great disbelief.

Lu Ze showed much more power than he imagined

His body stiffened as he felt the lethal threat.

So strong! Ambrose also looked at Lu Ze in shock.

He didn’t have the effort to care about other things because Saint Shenwu had appeared before him. Dark spirit force formed in his hands and thrust at him.

Alfonsi roared and quickly used a blood rune without hesitation.

His chi was instantly blown.

Alfonsi crossed his hands and tried to block Lu Ze’s right fist.


A shockwave spread in all directions.

However, Alfonsi’s body was very steady. He didn’t retreat at all.

He smiled then his hands flashed with blood light.

Lu Ze’s face was perplexed as he flew back.

At this moment, a beam of blood spirit force targeted Lu Ze’s chest.

Lu Ze crossed his hands and formed an earth s.h.i.+eld. At the same time, crystal light glowed around his body, forming a membrane. This was Earth s.h.i.+eld and Dark Metal Body Divine Art.

He used Stone Transformation Divine Art on the blood beam.

The blood beam was enfeebled.


The beam blasted into the Earth s.h.i.+eld.


The Earth s.h.i.+eld crumbled, and the blood light heavily struck Lu Ze’s hands.

Lu Ze was pushed back, and his chest felt heavy.

After being thrown away for tens of kilometers, Lu Ze still didn’t stop. Yet, Alfonsi had composed power.

Lu Ze used Stone Transformation Divine Art again.

Alfonsi paused for a moment. Lu Ze flashed in silver light and disappeared.

Lu Ze appeared behind Alfonsi and kicked towards his waist with spirit flames.

At the same time, he pointed with his finger and a dark green beam was tossed towards the demon.

Alfonsi dodged the beam and parried the kick with his arm.


Alfonsi was flung away. Blood dripped from his left hand.

Lu Ze harnessed power again with the wind.

He formed a dark green energy ball and smashed it towards Alfonsi.

At the same time, Lu Ze quickly used Stone Transformation Divine Art. Alfonsi felt his body slow down.

The demon formed a blood orb and shot it at the dark green orb.


The shockwave stopped Lu Ze and brought Alfonsi overthrown even further.

The two paused to look at each other.

Alfonsi stared at Lu Ze with fierce disbelief. His power was too terrifying.

He thought that Lu Ze was just about as strong as Milo. Milo only just advanced to the peak cosmic system state.

Meanwhile, the demon had remained a peak cosmic system state for a thousand years. His spirit force built up G.o.d art and divine art learning was far superior to Milo.

His power was very strong after using a scorching sun blood curse.

Yet, he was still overpowered by Lu Ze.

Lu Ze didn’t even use any trump cards.

Also, Lu Ze knew so much G.o.d arts and divine arts!

He was so experienced in every single one of them.

Each one was enough for a cosmic system state to study for a thousand years.

But this human learned about these prolifically.

Did he have some terrifying enlightened body?

Alfonsi didn’t understand it. In his knowledge, there was no fast way of learning G.o.d arts and divine arts.

The only explanation was that this prodigy was too superior and gifted.

He wanted to escape. If this human used some trump card, he might not even be able to get away. Most importantly, perhaps, some powerful beings favored this prodigy.

Then, everything could be explained. Lu Ze thought that if he had the girls to support him, this guy would be over soon.

He only had half of his power left.

If he kept on fighting, he wouldn’t be sure who would win.

In a few seconds, Lu Ze felt his power rapidly regenerate. At this moment, Alfonsi swiped his claw at Lu Ze.

Ten sharp blood claws sliced at him.

At the same time, Alfonsi wanted to escape.

“Everyone! Run!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Alfonsi painfully took out a silver cube and threw it at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze retreated. He didn’t know what it was.

This silver cube expanded and bound the s.p.a.ce a few kilometers around Lu Ze.

Lu Ze punched the cube. It shook and a sliver of crack appeared.

Seeing this, Alfonsi tore open s.p.a.ce and instantly escaped without hesitation.

Ambrose was fighting with Saint Shenwu. When he saw Alfonsi run, he was very confused.