Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 994 - How Dare They Underestimate Us Like That?!

Chapter 994 - How Dare They Underestimate Us Like That?!

Chapter 994 How Dare They Underestimate Us Like That?!

Lu Ze led the fleet into the solar system.

According to the fleet commander, there would be a few planets in here that produce star state material and ores. There were even one middle-sized and three small-sized Rodeysia crystal ores.

Rodeysia is not an ordinary cosmic system state material.

It was rather rare to have so much of that in one solar system.

That’s why there would be so many cosmic system state civilizations fighting over this region. Regardless, that material was precious for cosmic system state civilizations, it now belonged to the Human Race.

The fleet split off in the solar system. The main s.h.i.+p and a few transporter and excavation s.h.i.+ps came to the middle-sized Rodeysia Crystal Planet.

In their room, Lu Ze and the girls just had lunch and were resting.

Lu Ze was lying on the couch against Lin Ling’s legs. “We seem free?”

They were just the ones responsible for fighting over other cosmic system states.

Without battles, they didn’t need to be watching every day. Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Then go cultivate.” Nangong Jing said, “Better break through your combat power to cosmic cloud state, so we can control the entire Blade Demon Territory.”

The others nodded.

Perhaps the very pinnacle of the cosmic system state civilizations would have cosmic cloud state trump cards. But they wouldn’t use such means over resource fighting.

It wasn’t worth it.

If the humans had cosmic cloud state combat power and someone like Lu Ze who had s.p.a.ce transmission ability, it wouldn’t be hard to control the Blade Demon Territory. Lu Ze nodded. “That’s right.”

He got up and said, “Okay, let’s go cultivate.” Lu Li opposed. “Clean up the dishes first!”

At this moment, someone knocked at the door.

Qiuyue Hesha wondered. “Did some other race come?” She got up to open the door.

The fleet commander was outside. He said desperately, “Bad news, Lord Shenwu is being attacked by the demons from the Blood Claw Race and Green Ghost Race fleets.”

Everyone’s face turned bleak. Lu Ze quickly asked, “Where is it? I’ll go over now.”

How dare they gang up on Elder Shenwu?

Did they not want to live?

The commander quickly took out a star map and marked a dot. “There.”

Lu Ze looked at it. It was just 4000 light-years away. He said to the girls, “You guys, stay here. Contact me if there’s anything. I’ll go take a look.”

The girls nodded.

Other than Lu Ze, only Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha were peak cosmic system states. They had to stay here and watch over.

Alice mumbled, “Be careful, senior.”

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her head. “I know.”

Then, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot…

Outside a large solar system, three fleets were fighting in s.p.a.ce. One side was the human fleet and the other side was the blood claw and green ghost fleets.

Far away from the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p battlefield, there was a region where intense power waves surged. Even the s.h.i.+ps were rattling despite being so far away.

Saint Shenwu was facing the attacks of a blood claw and a green ghost. The other powerful beings of the alliance were also attacking demons from the two races. ‘Rumble!!

After a clash, Saint Shenwu overturned. Blood dripped on the corner of his mouth. He looked coldly at the two peak cosmic system states before him.

It was a blood claw and a green ghost.

The green ghost was very shocked. “The Human Race has someone as strong as you? I thought that prodigy was the only one worth taking seriously.”

The blood claw didn’t feel glad hearing this. Milo was from their race, and he got beaten up by a level-1 cosmic system state human. This was extremely humiliating for their race.

He coughed.

The green ghost realized he said the wrong thing. He quickly waved his hand. “Alfonsi, I don’t mean it that way. I’m not humiliating your race…”

Before he could finish, Alfonsi interrupted him. “Enough, Ambrose, I know what you mean. Let’s kill this human first.”

“Milo is a young guy who just advanced to the peak of the cosmic system state. He doesn’t mean anything. If Lu Ze dares to come, we can kill him too.”

Ambrose grinned. “I’m hoping that Lu Ze comes. I’m eager to see how strong he is.” Lu Ze had been absurdly exaggerated lately. Saint Shenwu looked at the two strangely.

If Ze was still a level-1 cosmic system state, he might not be too much of a threat to these two.

But if Lu Ze advanced to the level-2 cosmic system state, even he wouldn’t know how strong Lu Ze would be.

He suspected that Lu Ze’s combat power would surpa.s.s him.

Yet, these two dared to say such things.

He didn’t know what to say. Lu Ze made his way over in just a few minutes.

He saw Elder Shenwu and waved. “Elder Wu, are you okay?”

He sensed that Elder Shenwu was just a little exhausted. He wasn’t heavily injured.

Saint Shenwu smiled and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “You came over so quickly. I’m fine, just some minor injuries.”

He pointed at the two peak cosmic system states. “They were talking about wanting to see your power. You just arrived in time.”

Lu Ze gazed at the two. They weren’t bad, but they seem weaker than that dark metal demon holding the huge sword.

He nodded. “Oh, I’ll heal you first.”

Green and white light surged into Saint Shenwu’s body and his chi regenerated instantly.

Lu Ze only looked at them once and ignored them.

How dare he underestimate them like that?!

They were furious.

Alfonsi snarled. “You are Lu Ze?!”