Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 993 - This Is Awkward

Chapter 993 - This Is Awkward

Chapter 993 This Is Awkward

At this moment, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha went to Lin Ling and the others.

Lu Ze felt that he only had a bit of spirit force left. Luckily, he collected a few poison b.a.l.l.s before. Otherwise, it would be troublesome when those soldiers from Black Smoke Races came over.

Fighting three peak cosmic system states at once was very tiring.

At this moment, the three allied races flew over.

They looked at Lu Ze and the girls with extreme shock.

They just appeared from the wormhole and were trying to help, but they saw Lu Ze release those little poison b.a.l.l.s and threw them out.

Dread made their skin crawl.

Just how much of those things did that master give Lu Ze?

Why did it feel like they were free?

Lu Ze’s and the girls’ powers also shocked them.

Man Da and the soldiers knew about Lu Ze’s power, but in a few short days, their power had a huge surge again.

This was terrifying!

Man Da and the soldiers exclaimed, “Lu Ze, kid, your power has increased significantly again. It embarra.s.ses us old guys..”

Lu Ze scratched his head. He smiled. “You compliment us too much, our powers are worthless.”

The girls also nodded. They were still so weak on the fifth map. They could only show off outside. In the Pocket Hunting Dimension, they were the ones being hunted.

The adjacent civilizations weren’t too strong. A truly powerful civilization was at least like the Elf Race level.

Their mouths twitched.

‘If their powers were worthless, what about them?’

They smiled awkwardly.

Lu Ze said, “Okay, the beings here have been sent off. We can start collecting the resources, right?”

Man Da and the soldiers nodded. “Yes, let’s hurry and do that.”

Lu Ze and the girls returned to the fleet. The commander and the soldiers stared at the group with admiration.

They were too strong. They could kill all those peak cosmic system states.

The Human Race has improved strength than before.

If it was before, they would have to avoid peak cosmic system states.

The commander ordered, “Head to the resource points immediately. Excavation team, get ready.”


In s.p.a.ce, a Pale Scale Race fleet was moving rapidly in warp dimension. Jeremy and the fighters looked outside the window and didn’t talk.

The atmosphere was tense. Another Pale Scale Race fighter asked, “Master Jeremy, who are those human prodigies?” Jeremy was also confused. When they saw with their own eyes how strong Lu Ze and the girls were, they were dumbfounded.

This power was so much more absurd than they had imagined.

Jeremy was speechless. How would he know?

If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t even have an impression of the Human Race.

There were too many of these ordinary cosmic system state civilizations in the demon and Elf Cosmic Realm.

Jeremy shook his head in desperation. “We don’t know the Human Race too well. I’ve never heard they had such prodigies. They either hid them and only allowed them out now, or they kept some secrets.”

Everyone frowned.

After a while, a fighter from the Pale Scale Race asked, “If it’s a secret… what would it be?”

Every race had fortunes in their ascension. They also had their secrets.

No one knew.

However, the Human Race’s prodigies were too powerful. If they had some secrets, it wouldn’t be mediocre.

However, even if they wanted to investigate, they would need to be careful. Otherwise, they would encounter a powerful enemy for no reason.

After some silence, Jeremy said, “We’ll discuss this issue back at the race.”

The others nodded. It wasn’t that the Pale Scale Race was afraid of the Human Race.

They don’t have any idea about the Human Race’s true power. They had to be vigilant.

In another solar system, Elder Nangong glowed like gold. There seemed to be an ancient beast inside his body. Golden scales appeared on him.

Before him stood a peak cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race. This being’s eyes flashed with disbelief. “Human cosmic system state? How can you be this strong?!”

Elder Nangong’s chi was so strong that they felt immense pressure.

Their impression of the Human Race was based on what Edka said.

Although there was an encounter with a peak cosmic system state from the Blood Claw Race, they thought it was just one prodigy.

However, the old guys in the Human Race also had such powers.

These powers were rather strong in a peak cosmic system state.

At least, they were stronger than him.

Elder Nangong grinned. “How strong the Human Race is none of your business. We’re going to take the resources in this solar system!”

The Evil-Eyed Race demon’s face snarled. “You think I’m scared of you?!”

The human was just a little stronger. It wasn’t incomparable.

At this moment, their faces were suddenly dazed. They stared at the dark green ball on Elder Nangong’s hands. The terrifying chi coming from it made dread creep their skin. Oh s.h.i.+t?!

Was he going to use a trump card? Was this worth it for these little resources?!

There were so many cosmic system states here. If they died, it would be more of a loss!

The evil-eyed demon released a rune. “If you want to fight with your life, our race…”

Before he could finish, Elder Nangong released another green poison ball.

They wanted to compare who had more cards? He was about to speak when Xunshuang also released a poison ball.

The power from the three b.a.l.l.s distorted s.p.a.ce.

The humans were going to use three peak cosmic system states’ cards in one move?

‘Since when were they this wealthy?’

The peak cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race coughed. “We’ll let you have it this time! Just you wait! Let’s go!”

The demon didn’t dare to risk whether or not the humans would use powers upright. If they did, it would be a huge loss.