Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 992 - Living Is Too Tiring

Chapter 992 - Living Is Too Tiring

Chapter 992 Living Is Too Tiring

Lu Ze didn’t stop the Pale Scale Race fighters from escaping.

If possible, he just wanted all these beings to leave peacefully, but those dark metal demons attacked them uprightly.

Lu Ze released a level-5 cosmic system state poison ball this time.

He only had a few of those level-6 ones.

He used the ball, and the dark green beam tossed at Ying Wen again.

Ying Wen was initially impaired by the poison mist, and his chi became weaker.

He didn’t even have the chance to dodge the attack.

He gritted his teeth and roared. The black smoke around him intensified.



Ying Wen’s chi surged and clashed with the dark green beam. ‘Rumble!

Moments later, the dark green beam exploded. Ying Wen’s body was flung away, then he spat black liquid in s.p.a.ce. The liquid flashed with dark green light and transformed into smoke. Ying Wen gradually turned weaker, and his black skin slowly turned dark green.

Lu Ze could barely feel Ying Wen’s chi and didn’t look anymore. The depths of his injuries were beyond recovery.

The dark metal demon looked at Ying Wen, and his body went stiff.

He wanted his soldiers to break free from this situation. Instead, they were in greater despair.

Lu Ze’s poison b.a.l.l.s crushed his mental barrier.

At this moment, he sensed a gaze and stared at Lu Ze vigilantly.

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t be so nervous, I’m not a demon.”

The demon realm races looked more like demons…

The dark metal demon could feel his scorching sun-blood curse waning.

Should he run?

Lu Ze didn’t attack instantly. The previous battle seemed easy, but Lu Ze used extra energy.

He spoke a few more words with this dark metal demon to recover some power.

In a few seconds, some of his power had recovered.

He could fight much longer now.

At this moment, the dark metal demon’s face turned hideous, and he sliced down at Lu Ze.

A few hundred meters long blood sword ray swung towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze raised a brow. Just when he attempted to stop it, the dark metal demon released a s.p.a.ce rune. “Run!”

The other peak cosmic system states were fighting. Nangong Jing forced her back and also released a s.p.a.ce rune. As for the other dark metal demons, only one level-8 cosmic system state remained.

It didn’t even have the opportunity to use the s.p.a.ce rune.

Seeing the dark metal demons wrapped in silver light, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with cold light.

They attacked the Human Race and wanted to run? Were they dreaming?

He patted the sword ray away.

The two dark metal demon’s s.p.a.ce runes were crippled.

They were confused. Why didn’t the rune work?

The runes in their hands were extremely dim.

“How is this possible?”

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing charged up again. Lu Ze burned with spirit flames, and he punched the dark metal demon holding the huge sword.

The dark metal demon tried to stop the attack first.

Yet, his face was suddenly ruined because his power rapidly waned. The scorching sun blood curse was disappearing

His eyes flashed with horror, and he roared. “No!!…”

After he emanc.i.p.ated the roar, Lu Ze’s powerful fist landed heavily on his chest.


Lu Ze’s power penetrated the dark metal demon’s armor and pierced his body.


A dense cl.u.s.ter of bone-cracking sounds whined. Lu Ze’s powerful force tore apart his organs and shattered his bones. His huge body overturned leaving puddles of blood in s.p.a.ce.

The dark metal demon peak cosmic system state finally died.

The scorching sun blood curse was detrimental to the body. Lu Ze also attacked with full force, then the dark metal demon was killed instantly.

The other peak cosmic system state’s eyes flashed with horror.

He attacked Nangong Jing like crazy.

Nangong Jing sneered with contempt and struck back.

She didn’t need to fight a trapped beast.

Pity, it couldn’t get away anyway.

Seeing Nangong Jing dodge, the dark metal demon quickly turned around and tore open s.p.a.ce trying to escape. At this moment, his chi rippled rapidly. His blood spirit light flashed and went chaotic.

His extremely tough dark red skin cracked and blood surged out.

The scorching sun blood curse was about to end. Now, under the influence of Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art, he was heavily injured and the curse ended.

He felt his chi rapidly drop. The dark metal demon stared at Nangong Jing with undue frustration. He used his last bit of power and slashed.

Nangong Jing was deadpan. She dodged the attack and punched the dark metal demon’s chest.


The sword fell out of the dark metal demon’s hands. The dark metal demon also tumbled into a cold body.

In another region, the level-8 cosmic system state was attacked by more than ten level-7 cosmic system state fire clones.

There was also Lin Ling who was pretty much level-8 cosmic system state. The demon had to dodge with full power or defend every bit of Lin Ling’s attacks. He was miserable from the start to the end.

Seeing that both of their peak cosmic system states were killed, this dark metal demon didn’t feel gratified.

This dark metal demon just closed his eyes. “Come…”

Before he could finish, a green beam flashed and penetrated his armor. Powerful wind G.o.d art tore apart his organs and wiped away his life.