Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 991 - You Can't Play Like That?!

Chapter 991 - You Can't Play Like That?!

Chapter 991 You Can’t Play Like That?!

The fighters from the Pale Scale Race looked at each other. One of them asked, “Lord Jeremy, what do we do? Should we attack humans


Jeremy’s eyes flashed. He grinned. “No need to rush. Let’s wait a bit. The dark metal demons aren’t our allies. If humans can take care of them, it would be an advantage for us. Let them fight some more, and we’ll handle the rest.”

Everyone nodded.

Meanwhile, on the human fleet, the three races saw the battle.

Man Da frowned. “Let’s go up and help too.”

The others agreed. They tore open s.p.a.ce and disappeared from the spot.

Lu Ze frowned. ‘How could these guys dare to fight?’

A dark green ball appeared in his hand. Then, the dark green light instantly exploded. A dark green beam shot at Ying Wen and the soldiers.

This was a level-6 cosmic system state scorpion poison ball. It was much stronger than the level- 5 ones.

The terrifying poison G.o.d art even demolished s.p.a.ce.

Ying Wen and the soldiers were stunned. They felt that the dark green beam drew near them.

They were in great disbelief. They didn’t expect Lu Ze had such terrifying cards. They felt a lethal threat. Ying Wen roared, then the spirit force around him went crazy. He released a blue runic scroll. Water flowed, and the rune turned into a giant bluefish, a few kilometers long.

The fish was completely made up of water. Its mouth was extremely big.

The fish devoured the poison beams. Ying Wen and the soldiers felt relieved. Yet at this moment, the fish slowly turned dark green. Poison mist seeped out.

Seeing this, Ying Wen and the soldier’s faces were perplexed. Ying Wen roared again and flew off with the dark green fish.

Ten thousand kilometers away, the dark green fish transformed into smoke and disappeared. Poison mist surged and covered over a thousand kilometers of area.

Dread crawled their skin. If this poison exploded amongst them, they would be in danger.

But now… Ying Wen turned to Lu Ze and snarled.

The fighters from the Pale Scale Race also looked at this in fear.

One of them said, “Lord Jeremy is indeed clever. If that was used on us, we would be in great demolition too.”

Jeremy rejoiced. It felt great that the Black Smoke Race was fighting for them first.

He smiled. “They have no more cards. It all depends on who can last longer now.”

“I favor the Dark Metal Demon Race and the Black Smoke Race on this. That human kid is frightening, but his cultivation level is inferior. His spirit force recovery shouldn’t be able to match the peak cosmic system states.” Lu Ze wasn’t too surprised that the poison ball was blocked.

He sighed and released another poison ball.


When they saw Lu Ze release the same poison ball, they roared, “Impossible, there’s more?!” Lu Ze inserted spirit force into the poison ball, and the dark green light flashed again shooting a poison beam at the soldiers from the Black Smoke Race.

Ying Wen roared. “Stand firm! Block it!”

The soldiers from the Black Smoke Race used all their trump cards and formed barriers ahead.

The poison beam struck the defenses.


A sizzling sound happened. In a short instant, the poison G.o.d art demolished the barriers like they were thin papers.

One, two, three…

Soon, the poison G.o.d art reached the last barrier.

This was Ying Wen’s barrier.

Ying Wen’s smoke had receded, revealing his skinny black body. However, his chi rose a level.

This time, the barrier reacted heavily and wasn’t demolished immediately.

Seeing this, Ying Wen and the soldiers rejoiced. They could stop it!

The dark metal demons also attacked Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned. “Explode!”


The poison beam flashed and exploded.

The explosion made cracks befall on the s.h.i.+eld.

Then, the poison mist penetrated the barriers.

The soldiers from the Black Smoke Race attempted to run, but the two weakest soldiers dissipated instantly.

Even Ying Wen felt a huge pain from inside. His head went dizzy.

He gave up his defense barrier and flushed away. He couldn’t even help the others.

Then, more soldiers from the Black Smoke Race died.

A few hundred kilometers away, Ying Wen appeared. Seeing the intense dark green mist, he panted heavily. “Lu Ze!!” He roared and looked at Lu Ze.

He didn’t realize that Lu Ze would have more.

He tried to strike at Lu Ze, but he fainted.

Lu Ze dodged an attack. He released another poison ball and smiled. Ying Wen: “…”

This was the smile of the devil.

Even the leading dark metal demon refrained from attacking. He looked at Lu Ze’s poison ball. Just how many of these did this guy have? That was treacherous!

Jeremy shouted, “… Let’s go! Give up this solar system! Group up with the Red Ghost Race!”

“Yes!” The other fighters from the Pale Scale Race immediately complied.

They really couldn’t beat all those poison b.a.l.l.s.

The fighters from the Pale Scale Race stared at the soldiers from the Dark Metal Demon Race and Black Smoke Race while slowly dying. They rejoiced in their deaths. These guys were over.