Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 990 - You're Toxic!

Chapter 990 - You're Toxic!

Chapter 990 You’re Toxic!

Lu Ze looked bleakly at the dark metal demons.

He didn’t want to fight, but the beings wanted him to fight with them.


Lu Ze burned with spirit flames. The girls behind him were also bleak-faced.

The dark metal demons attacked the human fleet immediately upon the humans’ arrival.

How could they grasp that?

Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s chi also reached the peak cosmic system state. Lin Ling, Alice, and Lu Li’s chi reached the level-8 cosmic system state.

Facing their powerful chi, the three races gasped. ‘What monsters… were these humans?’

This was what everyone thought.

The dark metal demons felt a bit cold. The murderous intentions of the humans were deliberately for them!

They knew that their actions offended the humans.

But they didn’t know that the humans were fierce fighters.

Before they finished thinking, the girls used their G.o.d arts and divine arts on the dark metal demons.

Lu Ze appeared before the leading dark metal demon and punched.


The spirit flame fist swept across the sky shaking the s.p.a.ce.

Sensing such powerful chi, the leading dark metal demon stiffened. Even though he was a peak cosmic system state, he was still weaker than Lu Ze.

However, he felt he would be able to defend it.

His skin turned dark red then runes appeared. Overwhelming force surged, then a five-meter long sword appeared in his hands. He roared, “Hold it!”

At this moment, the leading dark metal demon suddenly felt his mental force weaken. So did his spirit force and chi.

He gasped, and then his power weakened repeatedly.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s fist battered that huge sword.


Lu Ze’s powerful force struck the dark metal demon’s arms and body.

The dark metal demon spat blood. It was flung in the distance

At this moment, another peak cosmic system state from the Dark Metal Race appeared next to Lu Ze.


He swung a large long sword and hacked at Lu Ze.

The attack of this peak cosmic system state didn’t startle Luze. He chased after the injured one instead.

Nangong Jing appeared behind Lu Ze, then her beautiful black hair turned golden. Her black overbearing eyes turned golden as well.

Her pale gloves pummeled towards the blade of the sword.


Nangong Jing and the dark metal demon both overturned. Nangong Jing halted after tens of kilometers, but the dark metal demon was pushed back a few hundred kilometers more. His chi also turned weaker.

Nangong Jing advanced to a level-2 cosmic system state. Her power was at an average level amongst the peak cosmic system states, but the other girls intervened as well.

The two battles turned every being to doubt their lives.

Since when could a level-2 cosmic system state defeat a peak cosmic system state in a fight?

Just what kind of humans were these?

Lu Ze caught the dark metal demon now. His foot lifted up in spirit flames then stomped him at the chest.

The dark metal demon’s eyes flashed with fear. Lu Ze roared and released a red rune stone.

He crushed it, and a red light penetrated the dark metal demon’s body.

The demon’s eyes went red, and his chi soared.

Lu Ze raised a brow. This guy had a trump card indeed.

The dark metal demon dodged Lu Ze’s kick. He appeared behind him slas.h.i.+ng at Lu Ze’s waist.

Lu Ze ducked down, and the sword swept past his head. He turned and kicked towards the dark metal demon’s chest.

The dark metal demon parried with his left hand.


The dark metal demon overturned a few hundred meters before attacking Lu Ze again.

Lu Ze grinned and counter-attacked.

This time, Lu Ze’s fist turned slightly green. Dark green mist also circulated him.

Poison G.o.d art!

The dark metal demon was keen to notice this.

But when he felt the piercing pain and dizziness in his body, his face became perplexed.

He gasped at Lu Ze. “You’re venomous!”

Lu Ze didn’t give the dark metal demon any chance to breathe. He fired at it.

The dark metal demon quickly released a pale ball and swallowed it.

His spirit light glowed white instantly.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

Something like that contained light G.o.d art?

Could it cure poison?

Lu Ze appeared before the dark metal demon. The dark green mist and milky white spirit light clashed, creating some kind of sizzling sound.

Lu Ze punched at the dark metal demon again.

The dark metal demon slashed down his huge sword at Lu Ze. ‘Rumble!!’

The clash sounded repeatedly.

This time, the dark metal demon’s face was confused.

He felt that pain in his body again.

What level of poison was this?!

This light orb was something he makes use of from destruction. It could cure all sorts of injuries and poison, except that it does not work against mental force.

The dark metal demon overturned repeatedly. His chi was enfeebled again under the poison G.o.d art.

The dark metal demon looked around. The other peak cosmic system state was fighting a human girl. The woman was glowing golden and dark green.

He was stronger than the female human after using a scorching sun blood curse but not that much stronger. The woman could also poison her opponent. The two probably couldn’t settle the verdict any time soon.

As for the other dark metal demons…

He gasped. Twenty fire clones attacked the dark metal demons. They were starting to use their trump cards.

He roared at the soldier from the Black Smoke Race. “Ying Wen! Help!”

The battle went on for a few seconds only.

The other two races were gazing at the battle in shock.

The soldiers from the Black Smoke Race hesitated.

The dark metal demons had used their trump cards, but they were still losing. However, they would be betraying an ally if they run now.

The true danger wasn’t over. If they betray their allies, their reputation would be impaired.

It would take a greater price to find a new ally.

But if they carry on, could they win?

Ying Wen roared, “Let’s attack too.”