Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 986 - Oasis

Chapter 986 - Oasis

Chapter 986 Oasis

Lu Ze split the poison b.a.l.l.s amongst the cosmic system states.

This time, a portion of the cosmic system states needed to stay on Planet Shenwu to guard the resources. This included Elder Lin and Saint Lin Dong.

Those heading to the blade demon territory included Elder Nangong, Elder Shenwu, and most of the level-5 cosmic system states and above people from the three races.

There were ten teams of cosmic system states. Each team had a peak cosmic system state.

Elder Nangong left nine poison b.a.l.l.s for the people guarding the resources and gave one each to the ten teams.

After this, everyone went to their main s.h.i.+ps. The fleet left the s.p.a.ce station and entered the warp dimension.

Lu Ze and the girls boarded the same fleet exactly as to where Man Kun and the soldiers stayed on Planet Shenwu. The ensuing battles would be very intense. They couldn’t join.

If they died, it would be devastatingly painful for the three races. They were rare prodigies.

Lu Ze and the girls returned to their suite before Lu Ze went to pick up Ying Ying from the cultivation building.

The group then went to cultivate.


At night in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, they went off hunting.

Lu Ze was excited because this was his first battle, after reaching level-2 cosmic system state. He wondered what he would get.

The sand beetles weren’t a threat for them now.

But, if it was the golden sand beetle, they still wouldn’t be able to beat it.

In a few hours, Lu Ze and the girls killed five waves of sand beetles. There was everything.

In the desert, a terrifying chi suddenly rose from the distance, stirring up the sands.

Its cultivation level was level-6 cosmic system state, and its chi was extremely ferocious.

Sensing the scorpion’s chi, Lu Ze raised a brow.

If it was like the previous encounter, he would run instantly, but now, he isn’t the same as before.

Lu Ze felt he was stronger. He could try fighting this sand scorpion. ‘Rumble!!’

Spirit flames blasted around Lu Ze.

He disappeared from the spot and instantly appeared before the sand scorpion. “Hisss!”

The scorpion waved its huge pincers towards Lu Ze.

At this moment, its chi suddenly feebled and its actions slowed.

Lu Ze grinned mischievously. He blinked past the poison mist and appeared before its head. He clenched his fist forming a spirit force fist and punched it heavily. ‘Rumble!’

The sand on the ground was stirred up, and shockwaves scattered in all directions. A large trench formed around Lu Ze and the scorpion.


Dark green blood dripped from the scorpion’s head. A violent power smashed it then flew away.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and chased up the scorpion. The scorpion tried to stabilize, but Lu Ze’s attack was no longer a novice. He appeared before the scorpion.


Moments later, the rumbling stopped, and the scorpion’s wounded body fell heavily on the ground, turning to dust.

Lu Ze was nearly exhausted. His face was pale.

Although it seemed easy, this was after everyone used the Stone Transformation Divine Art, and there was Qiuyue Hesha’s Seduction Divine Art.

Lu Ze was using full power unceasingly as well. He used more than two-thirds of his power.

If he was alone, he wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

The girls flew over equally exhausted.

Despite this, they were overjoyed watching the body of the enemies turn to dust.

They dropped five red, five purple liquids, a poison G.o.d art orb, and a concealing G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze raised a brow. The G.o.d art orb drop rate was higher than a level-5 cosmic system state scorpion. There were two of them in one blast.

Pity, there was no poison ball.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s continue.”

Everyone bobbed their heads and began moving. They would be able to recover to full power in a few minutes.

Fifteen hours later, the desert turned extremely hot. Even though they were wearing boots, they felt their feet were burning.

Despite this, they bravely flew up to the sky.

They had seen countless weak beasts and bosses getting caught and tossed up in the air.

At this moment, the group looked ahead in disbelief.

On the horizon of the desert, there was a boundless forest.

Lu Ze reluctantly asked, “Are we back to the fourth map?” They didn’t expect to see a forest in the desert. Lu Li wiped her sweat and beamed. “Then we can go back to the third map and avoid the heat.”

Nangong Jing gasped. “It’s too hot indeed. Let’s go.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s go over there then.” As they were close to the forest, the sand slowly turned into barren land and then mud. They reached the border of the forest.

They looked inside the dark forest.

Nangong Jing was curious. “The natural setting didn’t seem to have changed. It’s still the fifth map, right?”

Lin Ling blinked her eyes. “There seems to be a strong chi inside. There shouldn’t be such powerful beasts on the fourth map.” “Is it an oasis in the desert?” Everyone was confused. This oasis was too vast.

Lu Ze walked into the forest first. The girls followed in.

Upon entering, the surroundings dimmed instantly. There were rotten leaves on the ground, and they were wet. After entering some distance, Lu Ze’s hair sprung upon his back. He suddenly sensed a dangerous threat.

The group disappeared from the spot.

Immediately, a dark green beam penetrated where they were.

The group gasped. “Sand scorpion?”

However, they didn’t sense any chi. At this moment, more beams were tossed at them.

The power of the attacks was all peak cosmic system state!