Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 987 - Terrifying Learning Speed

Chapter 987 - Terrifying Learning Speed

Chapter 987 Terrifying Learning Speed

Beams of dark green rays drew near. Lu Ze grimaced. He blazed in spirit flames as a powerful force rose. The girls also used their G.o.d arts and divine arts.


Spirit force attacks clashed with the dark green beams. A rumble swept through the forest and shook the tall trees.

At this moment, Lu Ze pulled the girls and disappeared from the spot.

Amidst the rumbling, the dark green beams exploded. Poison mist perfused.

The group appeared a few kilometers away.

If they were struck headlong, they would be poisoned. At this moment, the chi around the forest moved. The trees wobbled, then dark green vines drew near the group.

These vines were very subtle in their movements.

Only now did the group realize what was attacking them. They didn’t expect that vines there could shoot poison beams.

Their chis were all peak cosmic system states and felt very terrifying. They surrounded the tree trunks. They didn’t know where their roots were.

At this moment, they started embodying the group from all directions.

Lu Ze shouted, “Run!”

Lu Ze found a nearly closing spot and quickly dragged the girls to that exit.

He used all sorts of speed buff divine arts and G.o.d arts.


Beams rapidly blasted towards them, but the girls used Stone Transformation Divine Art and Seduction G.o.d Art to interfere with the attacks. In a short instant, Lu Ze took the girls tens of thousand kilometers away.

The vines wriggled their bodies. Leaves fell and the thousand-kilometer forest seemed to have transformed alive.

It was extremely scary.

The group looked back. The scene was truly frightening They kept fleeing for a while, long before stopping.

Lu Ze’s face was severely pale. He used all sorts of G.o.d arts and divine arts in running away. The spirit force consumption was nerve-racking

His spirit force has exhausted now.

Lu Ze found a tree to sit down on and held his breath.

Lin Ling barely uttered, “They don’t seem to have chased us.”

That was tens of peak cosmic system state poison vines. They were truly dangerous.

Lu Ze ascertained. “Those vines probably have roots. They can’t move around freely. There was a certain range in which they could move. Now that we’re out of it, we should be fine.”

Lu Li rejoiced. “Good thing we weren’t surrounded, or we would’ve probably been slain.

After a break, the group proceeded deeper into the forest again.

This time, they concealed their chi and were further careful.

Half an hour later, they found a bright region in the forest.

They looked at the white light. Lu Ze exclaimed, “Let’s go over.”

This was a flowery region of a few hundred kilometers wide. They could still see the blue sky above their heads. The temperature was still high, but there were all sorts of flowers blooming in the flower sea. Even Lu Ze and the girls could sniff the scent.

The girls gasped.

At this moment, Lu Ze saw a tree filled with flowers in the center. It was emitting blue light.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

There seems to be a treasure.

He sensed around carefully to make sure that there were no beasts. “Look at that tree in the center.”

“I’ll go check it out.”

The girls hesitated but consented.

Lu Ze appeared above the huge tree.

It was a few hundred meters tall. It had an ocean blue color. There were no leaves, just blue flowers.

Lu Ze appeared before a flower. It was the size of a human head. There was a drop of blue liquid in the center.

Lu Ze rejoiced and quickly took it into this mental force dimension.

It worked!

There was treasure here.

Before Lu Ze realized the latent danger, the flowers suddenly started dancing. Then, all sorts of beams tossed at Lu Ze. There were elements of fire, wood, wind, earth, and so on…

The terrifying chi whipped the s.p.a.ce, making Lu Ze unable to move.

This terrifying chi was a cosmic cloud state.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

How could these flowers attack?

He could only watch thousands of attacks strike his body.

Lu Ze opened his eyes in the room.

Lu Ze tumbled into Lu Li’s arms. Lu Li rolled her eyes but didn’t push him away.

After the pain had eased up, he sat up and shared the goods.

They began to cultivate, and Lu Ze used the blue flower dew.

He felt a vivid stream penetrate his body, and his mind turned extremely clear. At the same time, the spirit force affinity of his body rapidly went up.

Lu Ze rejoiced.

It was effective.

He felt his learning capability has improved many times.

He could feel all sorts of secrets revealed easily and clearly.

Lu Ze used another blue crystal, and his learning capability tremendously improved again.

This level of learning capability continued to amaze him.

If he could use it to learn star state divine arts, it would probably take only a few days to achieve perfect mastery. This was too foreboding

He quickly took out chi concealing G.o.d art and began acquiring skills.