Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 985 - Why Is This Too Careless?

Chapter 985 - Why Is This Too Careless?

Chapter 985 Why Is This Too Careless?

The elders and everyone were waiting. Alice didn’t go cook breakfast. Lu Ze could only leave and wait to get on the s.h.i.+p before eating.

Everyone came to the s.p.a.ce station. They found that the elders and the others were already waiting there.

Man Yi and the Foreign Race peak cosmic system states stared at Lu Ze in shock. Man Yi gasped. “Level-2 cosmic system state? Lu Ze kid? You broke through again?!”

The other cosmic system states were stunned. They were wondering what Lu Ze’s combat power would be. Their skin was aghast.

Lu Ze and the girls were also stunned. Lu Ze already used his chi concealing G.o.d art, but they could still tell that he broke through.

He didn’t intentionally try to hide it. But to be able to see his cultivation level, these peak cosmic system states were stronger than he imagined.

After all, they did live for tens of thousands of years. They’ve probably stayed at a peak cosmic system state for a long time.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Mhm, I broke through in the morning. Sorry for making everyone wait.”

Everyone gasped. This cultivation speed…

Everyone took in a cold breath and recalled the phenomena that elder Nangong spoke of.

They were even more certain now that the master who took Lu Ze in was probably a cosmic Monarch state.

Or, even more?

Otherwise, there was no reason for him to progress so fast at a cosmic system state.

That level of being would appear in a place like this?

Everyone was extremely shocked.

Elder Nangong beamed. “Okay, everyone let’s head off according to our initial arrangement.”

Man Yi spoke seriously. “This time, everyone needs to be careful. There isn’t just the Evil-Eyed Race. The situation over there is rather chaotic. Get ready for battle at any moment.”

Lu Ze was reminded of the little poison ball.

He quickly said to elder Nangong, “By the way Elder, my master gave me something that I felt might be useful.”

Everyone looked over instantly.

They knew Lu Ze probably had some new treasure. All the things that he gave were excellent.

Elder Nangong asked, “What is it?”

Lu Ze took out a poison ball.

Everyone looked at this dark green ball with curiosity.

Lu Ze explained, “My master gave me this-one time use weapon. It can release a peak cosmic system state poison G.o.d art attack.”

Everyone held their breath. The peak cosmic system states stared at each other with dread creeping on their skin.

Poison G.o.d art was a rather troublesome G.o.d art. Without the effective remedy, even a peak cosmic system state with combat power near a cosmic cloud state wouldn’t be in a safe and sound situation.

Ordinary peak cosmic system states might die.

Man Yi grinned. “With this, we can debilitate one or even multiple peak cosmic system states!”

Martha smiled. “He’s indeed a master, the things he casually gives are these strong.:

Martha and Man Yi were completely struck.

Such means were extremely rare even in their race. They weren’t willing to use it. The elders were annoyed. Lu Ze was too careless. These sorts of treasures could be used as trump cards for their race.

It was such a loss to use them at this time!

But they couldn’t say much now.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Um, my master gave me 19 of these little poison b.a.l.l.s.”

There were truly 25 more, but Lu Ze planned to give the remaining six to the four elders, auntie Xunshuang and Lu Li Zhiyu.

He could get more any time, but right now, blade demon resources were more important. “????”

The atmosphere fell silent. Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched. “Ze, how many did you say there were?”

Lu Ze replied, “Nineteen, they’re all the same and can release a peak cosmic system state attack.”

The human cosmic system states: “…”

Why was this kid so stupid and honest? Did he take out everything just like that?

Meanwhile, Man Yi and the soldiers were extremely shocked.

If used well, these were the lives of 19 peak cosmic system states!

This was too terrifying.

Elder Nangong couldn’t resist speaking telepathically with Lu Ze. “You stupid kid. Why not keep such things to our race! Even if we use these to exchange for resources, it would be a loss!”

Then, Elder Lin and Elder SHenwu’s voice sounded, “Kid, this is being stupid!”


“Kid, tell them that what you said was a mistake. You only have nine!”

“Ze, you’re usually really smart. Why are you dumb today? We need to use these things for ourselves!”

Lu Ze explained, “Elders, I can get more of these things. Don’t worry, there’s plenty.”

When he grew stronger, he would get a few hundred, a few thousand for the Human Race.

By then, when the human prodigies leave the galaxy, who would dare to mess with them?

The elders: “…”

So there was a lot? That was fine then.

Elder Nangong coughed. “Everyone, since that master gave us treasures, it would be disrespectful if we don’t use them. Let’s take these. We’ll be safer too.” The other three races looked at each other. These belonged to the Human Race after all. If the humans didn’t mind, of course, they wouldn’t.

Man Yi grinned. “Little Nangong, these are valuable. They’re peak cosmic system state cards.”

Elder Nangong waved his hand. “That master gave us these things clearly for this time. If we don’t use them, it would be ungrateful. Ze also said that the master is nice to him. There would be more.”