Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 984 - Cosmic System State Level-2

Chapter 984 - Cosmic System State Level-2

Chapter 984 Cosmic System State Level-2

Half an hour later, the pain disappeared. Lu Ze distributed the loot. He acquired two more equipment crystals. They were both breastplates. They all had this.

Lu Ze planned to give these to the elders.

Then, Lu Ze came to the spirit gathering room. He wanted to see if he could use a level-5 cosmic system state red liquid. Lu Ze sat down and used a red liquid. It immediately went inside his body and surged with tsunami-like power. Lu Ze felt piercing pain around his body, and blood seeped out.

However, Lu Ze felt relieved since the wounds were rather insignificant, although a bit painful. This was frivolous for Lu Ze who died every day. Lu Ze started digesting the liquid power.

His body rapidly stabilized. The stars and planets in his cells grew brighter.

When they were perfected, Lu Ze could shatter the second-star ring, a breakthrough to a level-2 cosmic system state.

Eight hours later, Lu Ze stopped. He was well pleased with his cultivating speed. At this rate, he would be able to break through two days later at the latest.

This was nine days faster than he imagined!

Lu Ze came to the resting room. All the girls were there.

The group had breakfast and rested on the couch.

At this moment, Zuoqiu Xunshuang came knocking on the door. Lu Ze smiled. “Auntie Xunshuang, what brought you here?”

He let her in.

She smiled and subtly asked, “Don’t you sense something different about me?”

The group was dazed. Nangong Jing got up and slowly scrutinized her mother Zuoqiu Xunshuang. “Mum, you reached a cosmic system state too?!”

Lu Ze beamed in great joy. “Congratulations, Auntie Xunshuang!”

The aunt has been very nice to him. Lu Ze was happy for her that she reached a cosmic system state.

She smiled. “I thought it would take some more time. I was able to break through using Lu Li and Alice’s phenomena. Hahaha!”

She felt majestic thinking about how surprised those star states and Liu Zhiyun were.

It was rewarding having a good son-in-law!

Lu Ze looked helplessly, and Zuoqiu Xunshuang rubbed his head like a madwoman.

She was the alcoholic’s mum, but she acted like a child.

Nangong Jing tumbled her eyes and slapped her hand away. “Mum, you came over just to tell us this?”

She replied, “That is just one thing. Another thing is to notify you that we’ll be going back to the blade demon territory in about two days. Rest well now.”

Lu Ze and the girls nodded.


Only then did Zuoqiu Xunshuang notice the starlight in the room.

“Ying Ying is asleep again?”

The group bobbed their heads.

Xunshuang smiled. “We don’t need her to intervene right now. She can sleep.”

She came to Ying Ying and rubbed her little face. “She’s really cute”

At this moment, Lu Ze thought of something. He said, “By the way, since you’re a cosmic system state now, I’ll give you cosmic system state cultivation resources.”

They didn’t need the red and purple liquid for level-1 and level-2 cosmic system states now. Even Lu Li and Alice used level-3.

Xunshuang giggled. She rushed up to Lu Ze, then she slapped his shoulder. “My son-in-law is so amazing! Luckily, Jingjing met you.”

Nangong Jing couldn’t bear it. How could her mum speak about her daughter like that?

After chatting for a while, everyone went back to cultivating

Two days later, in the spirit gathering room, Lu Ze finally gathered enough spirit force.

The spirit liquid surged into the second-star ring until it grew brighter. At its maximum brightness, the ring cracked. Lu Ze felt intense pain, but he continued to digest spirit liquid. The cracks grew bigger, and then in a world creating rumble, the second-star ring crumbled into stardust. It neared the stars around the outer cell.

Lu Ze used another level-5 cosmic system state red liquid. He pulled even more spirit force into his body which was digested by the stardust.

It grew brighter until the stardust formed more stars. They were much smaller stars than the stars at the very outer ring.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

Level-2 cosmic system state. How about his combat power now? He was very curious.

The girls and Xunshuang were in the resting room.

Lu Ze was dazed. “Auntie Xunshuang, you’re here too?”

She rolled her eyes and replied. “We’re about to head off, but you guys didn’t come over. The elders sent me over to check.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Ahaha… I was breaking through. Sorry, I didn’t notice the time.”

Xunshuang gasped. “You’re a level-2 cosmic system state?!”

How can this kid be that fast??

Lu Ze grinned. “Didn’t Jingjing tell you that I was breaking through?”