Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 979 - How Were They Bad?!

Chapter 979 - How Were They Bad?!

Chapter 979 How Were They Bad?!

Lu Ze rubbed his head. “Um, I’ll go check it


The girls were ready for it, but their mouths twitched. After this guy comes back, there might be another pile of scorpions chasing them.

They were much stronger than the sand beetles.

They could already imagine death.

Lu Ze smiled. “There were good things in that cave, perhaps there would be better things here.”

There was no reason that the sand beetle cave had treasure, but the scorpion cave didn’t.

The girls agreed helplessly. Nangong Jing patted Lu Ze’s back. “Okay, go then. We’ll stay further away.”

Lu Ze rubbed Nangong Jing’s pretty face and nodded.

Soon, he came outside the dark green mist.

Lu Ze smelled an intense aroma just by being near it. He felt pain and dizziness.

He had used six poison G.o.d art orbs during this period.

Yet, the poison here was still this strong. He was poisoned before going in.

But, perhaps there would be small poison b.a.l.l.s here.

It was too useful for them right now. Lu Ze had no reason to give up. He walked in and quickly felt huge pain. He couldn’t last long in here even with the poison G.o.d art.

He quickly ran towards the caves and went inside.

It was also twisted and convoluted. Just staying in here a few minutes made him feel even greater pain and dizziness.

At this moment, he sensed some chi outpouring ahead. He clenched his teeth and carefully pushed forward.

Soon, Lu Ze was at the end of the tunnel. He saw a very deep hole below there. It was similar to the sand beetle cave. There were also quite some scorpions resting there. Their pincers would move from time to time like they weren’t completely asleep. Lu Ze’s skin was aghast seeing the dense cl.u.s.ter of scorpions.

The weakest were level-4 cosmic system states. Most of them were level-5 cosmic system states and some level-6 cosmic system states.

At the center, there was a pale green scorpion. It was probably a boss too.

It was also resting, but the chi it released frightened Lu Ze.

This was cosmic cloud state power.

Luckily, he chose the right time to come or he would’ve been found before he even came close.

Lu Ze flashed in white and transformed into a small scorpion.

This was safer.

He looked at the cave. There was also a smaller cave at the bottom glowing with dark green light.


Hopefully, it was a treasure.

Lu Ze flew across the scorpions and came into the small cave.

Soon, Lu Ze found many small dark green b.a.l.l.s on the ground.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with excitement.

It truly was the poison b.a.l.l.s!

He saw ten of them on the ground!

He didn’t get these many b.a.l.l.s after all these days of hunting

Lu Ze took one into his mental force dimension.

He didn’t stop and quickly collected the other b.a.l.l.s.


An extremely powerful chi rose that froze Lu Ze.

This chi was definitely in a cosmic cloud state.

Lu Ze didn’t care and kept collecting b.a.l.l.s.

He probably couldn’t get away from such a powerful boss.

He was going to die anyway, so he might as well collect all the orbs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

After collecting seven, he felt a huge power outpouring, and he died.

There were three b.a.l.l.s that he couldn’t collect!


Lu Ze’s heart was aching.

Meanwhile, the girls also disappeared from the Pocket Hunting Dimension after sensing that terrifying chi.

Lu Ze woke up in the room.

The girls looked at him worriedly. Qiuyue Hesha asked, “Little brother Lu Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze, vulnerable in pain, answered, “No, I need to lay for a while.” Then, he fell back into Qiuyue Hesha’s soft arms. Qiuyue Hesha didn’t expect this. She blushed instead, but gently hugged Lu Ze and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

The other girls glared at him. Lu Ze this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Were the fox demon’s arms winsome?

They looked at their b.r.e.a.s.t.s. They weren’t bad at all!

Only Alice looked at her flat chest and looked down.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze was recovered, but he didn’t want to leave.

Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, you’ve pretty much recovered, right?” Lu Ze Acting out a painful look. “Argh… it’s still hurting a bit! This time, the enemy is a cosmic cloud state. I need to recover some more!”

Seeing Lu Li’s smile turn dangerous, Lu Ze asked, “How about, I lay in your arms for a while?” “???”

Only Alice seemed keen. Nangong Jing pinched Lu Ze’s waist. “I think you can get up!”

Lu Li and Alice pulled Lu Ze out of Qiuyue Hesha’s arms.

Lin Ling asked, “Ze, you found treasure in the scorpion cave?”

Lu Ze composed. “Of course, look at who I am.”

The girls rolled their eyes.

Only Alice showed an admiring look. “Senior is so amazing! What treasure did you get?”

Lu Ze grinned and took out the earth crystals and poison b.a.l.l.s.