Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 980 - Huge Shock

Chapter 980 - Huge Shock

Chapter 980 Huge Shock

“What is this?”

The girls looked curiously at the earth crystals.

Lu Ze gasped. “This… I don’t know either.”

The girls glared at him.

Lu Ze laughed dryly. “Cough, don’t. I can have a look now.”

Lu Ze swept the crystal with his mental force, and information started to pour into his mind.

Moments later, Lu Ze opened his eyes and smiled.

Nangong Jing was keen and asked, “How is


Lu Ze said arrogantly, “This is a good thing! After digesting this, your body’s defense would be amplified by earth G.o.d art. It would also improve your earth G.o.d art mastery.”

The girls smiled.

Lu Ze continued. “I got this crystal from the sand beetle cave… I took 12. We can use it for now. I’ll grab more next time.”

“Other than this, I also got seven poison orbs.”

The girls’ eyes lit up.

“Then we have nine extra poison orbs.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Mhm! They would be great trump cards if used well!”

Lu Li agreed.

Although the other races just entered the blade demon region, the situation was still very chaotic. Conflicts might occur at any time.

If they attacked the four-race alliance, they would feel confident with these cards.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s bring these things to them when we see the elders.”

The girls nodded.

“Let’s cultivate.”

Lu Ze used a yellow crystal. It turned into a band of light and flew into Lu Ze’s body.

Dense earth elements surged into his body. Abstruse power flowed in Lu Ze’s body. Lu Ze could feel his body growing stronger. It was quick.

Twelve hours later, Lu Ze finished digesting the power of the crystal. There were faint yellow hues on his body.

Lu Ze smiled.

It was truly effective. It didn’t increase power much, but it was a rather great improvement to defensive power.

His defenses were 10% better than yesterday, and this was just one crystal. If he used a few more, perhaps, his body would be enough to handle level-5 cosmic system state red liquids.

Then, his cultivation speed would go up a level!

Lu Ze felt great. Lu Ze looked around. The girls were still cultivating. They hadn’t finished digesting the crystal yet.

Lu Ze smiled and headed to the living room. Ying Ying was lying on the couch watching cartoons. She looked up and looked eagerly towards the room.

When she saw it was Lu Ze approaching, she exhibited a disappointed look.

Lu Ze: “???”

What was this? Did she dislike him that much?

He walked up to Ying Ying and hugged her. He watched cartoons with her.

Half an hour later, the two stared at each other in silence.

Lu Ze asked, “Ying Ying, are you hungry?”

Ying Ying nodded. Lu Ze: “…” Ying Ying: “…” Lu Ze found a serious problem. Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling would probably need quite some time.

It wasn’t plausible for them to wake up and cook. This was very hard.

Lu Ze laughed dryly. “Didn’t your sister Alice cook you some drumsticks a few days ago?”

Ying Ying’s eyes flashed with vigilance.

“What do you want?”

Lu Ze gasped. It wasn’t too easy to trick this child.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll go cook some noodles. Do you want some?”

Ying Ying looked with disdain. “No.”

Lu Ze: “…”


He went into the kitchen and cooked noodles. After he came out, he saw Ying Ying wiping oil from her mouth. She quickly put her hand behind her when she saw Lu Ze.

Of course, Lu Ze saw the drumstick in her hands.

Lu Ze: “…”

She didn’t give him any chances at all now.

Lu Ze had a break and went back to cultivation.

Three days later, some human fleets have stopped at the blade demon void s.p.a.ce border.

Fleets were appearing and joining the fleet group. Someone knocked on Lu Ze’s door while they were having breakfast.

The commander was out there and said, “Monarch of the New Dawn, we’re at the border.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Is the elder’s fleet here too?”

The commander nodded. “Yes, we’re connecting. Lord Jinyao says he wants to see you guys.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, we’ll go over now.”

The commander then went to knock on the doors of the other three races.

The prodigies had much stronger chis. During this time, they would come to eat with Lu Ze when they have fine opportunities. It benefited them greatly.

They greeted each other.

Man Da, in great admiration. “Lu Ze kid, you guys are out. It seems you guys have progressed quite a bit lately.”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Nothing extraordinary, haha.”

At Elder Nangong’s main s.h.i.+p. Elder Nangong, Elder Shenwu, and a few other cosmic system states were sitting there. At this moment, s.p.a.ce rippled and Lu Ze’s group came over. The two saints smiled and came over quickly.

Elder Nangong patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Good job kid! You even killed a peak cosmic system state of the Blood Claw Race!”

Shenwu laughed. “You’re indeed the pride of the Human Race!”

The three other cosmic system states looked at Lu Ze with admiration and disbelief.

The cosmic system states of the alliance all knew about this.

They were completely shocked.

That was a peak cosmic system state!

If he went higher, it was a cosmic cloud state!

How old was Lu Ze?