Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 978 - Did You Rupture Their Home?

Chapter 978 - Did You Rupture Their Home?

Chapter 978 Did You Rupture Their Home?

The girls nodded. If there were golden sand beetles, they wouldn’t be able to help, so they might as well stay here.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and moved deeper into the rocky region. Soon, he came to the bottom of the stones, and there were many caves. Lu Ze went into a random cave. It was very dark, but it didn’t scare Lu Ze.

The path was crooked. This reminded him of when he entered the rabbit holes on the first map.

Lu Ze sighed. The Pocket Hunting Dimension was so harmonious at that time.

Lu Ze continued deeper. At this moment, he felt a subtle chi. Immediately, he concealed his chi more carefully.

Good thing he already used chi concealing G.o.d art before going in, or he would’ve been noticed already.

He looked at the cave entrance and carefully walked over.

The end of the tunnel was empty.

There were sand beetles everywhere in this s.p.a.ce. A few hundreds of them.

Lu Ze’s skin was aghast.

He kept observing. These beetles seemed to be resting and were very quiet.

It was probably because it was so hot outside, they didn’t want to go out.

At the very center, there was a faint golden sand beetle. It was also resting.

Lu Ze looked around. There were tunnels everywhere. They seemed to be linked to other exits.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s gaze paused. He looked at this cave before him.

There was a faint earth spirit light.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. What was that?

He tiptoed over and then drifted out. Lu Ze rapidly went closer.

He didn’t use a spirit force. He just used his own body’s power.

Perhaps, due to the temperature, these beetles were sound asleep.

Soon, Lu Ze came before the glowing object. These beetles were still deeply asleep.

Lu Ze panted and smiled.

He looked inside the cave. It wasn’t big, just a hundred meters wide.

There was a pile of earth crystals in the center. They were glowing

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s lips grinned like crazy.

Did they seem to be resources?

He came up and took a crystal. He wrapped his mental force around it and tried to take it away.

Immediately, it disappeared. Lu Ze could feel it floating in his mental force dimension.

Lu Ze smiled excitedly.

Indeed! These things could be taken!

He quickly sat down and picked the crystals up and sent them to his mental force dimension.

Outside the crystal room, the golden sand beetle slowly opened its eyes.

It gazed at the crystal room and roared.

Immediately, a terrifying chi surged that woke up all the sleeping sand beetles.

Lu Ze felt this paused and without hesitation, he grabbed a large bunch of crystals and disappeared from the spot using s.p.a.ce transmission.

The boss was awake. Run!

The golden sand beetle felt that Lu Ze’s chi disappeared and fainted.

It quickly came before the crystal room. When it saw only about half of the crystals were left, it exploded on the spot.

Someone dared to steal their treasure?!


All the sand beetles roared and charged out of the cave.



Lu Ze appeared next to the girls.

When they saw his desperate face, they were just about to ask him, but they suddenly felt the terrifying chi rose.

Qiuyue Hesha asked, “Little brother Lu Ze, what did you do? Did you rupture their home?”

Lu Ze didn’t answer. “No time to explain. I believe we need to leave here now!”

Lu Ze flashed in silver light and wrapped the girls wanting to flee.

At this moment, s.p.a.ce froze and Lu Ze felt that it became very hard to enter the warp dimension.

Just when he was about to talk, the girls already used Stone Transformation Divine Art.

Lu Ze felt the s.p.a.ce pressure rested a bit and immediately used s.p.a.ce transmission at upholding full power to leave.

The next moment, they appeared in another rocky region.

Lu Ze reminded the girls. “Conceal your chi. We haven’t run too far.”

Soon, there was a terrifying chi behind them. The group kept running off.

After half an hour later, the chi finally disappeared.

Lu Ze sat on the ground but quickly sprung up holding his a.s.s.

“So hot!”

Even though he was in a cosmic system state, he couldn’t handle this heat. What was this weather?!

The girls were about to sit too, but seeing Lu Ze, they calmly stayed up.

Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, what did you do to those beetles?”

Nangong Jing mingled. “Did you rapture their home?”

It was pure luck that they were able to escape that.

Lu Ze replied, “Am I that sort of person?!”

The girls rolled their eyes.

Lu Ze giggled. “I found some good stuff there and brought them out.”

Alice, softly engrossed. “What did you bring out?”

Lu Ze replied “I don’t know yet. We’ll see once we’re outside.”

“Let’s continue.”

In the next five hours, they slew six more waves of beetles and five scorpions.

However, their luck seemed to have been used up. The scorpions didn’t drop the poison b.a.l.l.s.

Half an hour later, the group concealed their chi since they saw a dark green, rocky region.