Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 977 - Desert Cave

Chapter 977 - Desert Cave

Chapter 977 Desert Cave

After breakfast, someone knocked at their door.

Alice opened it and saw the commander behind the door.

Alice asked, “Commander, what is up?”

The commander replied, “We’ve finished collecting all large resource points here and the fleet is full. Should we go back now?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s go back now then.”

The commander confirmed. “There’s another thing. We’ve received news that the other fleets have encountered pale scale races. Up until now, the pale scale race, red ghost, blue ghost, black smoke race, dark metal demons, and so forth, appear in blade demon territory.”

Lu Ze raised a brow and bobbed. “Mhm, I understand. If we encounter foreign races, we will intervene.”

The blade demons have no cosmic system states left. Even the planetary state and star states as well since the prodigies have fled.

The remaining blade demons here are all those below planetary states.

Some of them could run but some of them couldn’t at all.

Even if they fled the galaxy, it was extremely unlikely they would survive in s.p.a.ce. They were abandoned.

For the race to survive, the powerful beings took the elite and prodigies and fled. It was cruel, but they had no choice.

The remaining blade demons were playing humans, like animals to be slaughtered.

If the human cosmic system states all died, this would happen to the human race too.

The universe was too vast and this sort of thing was happening constantly. The commander nodded. “I won’t disturb your rest then.” He turned around and left.

Lu Ze got up from the couch. “Okay, let’s go cultivate too.”

There were too many races that came. There was more than one powerful race, such as the blood claw. The four-race alliance still faced great pressure.

Lu Ze needed to hurry and reach a level-2 cosmic system state. Then his combat power would be rather powerful amongst the peak cosmic system states.

Of course, it was more important to collect small poison orbs. “Mhm.”

The girls nodded, and they went back to their rooms.

At night, they went to the Pocket Hunting Dimension again. They concealed their chi and looked around nervously.

When they saw no powerful orbs, they finally started moving again.

Half an hour later, they saw a wave of sand beetles. There were twenty of them and three level-4 cosmic system states.

Lu Ze killed all the beetles with one punch and collected the drops.

Six hours later, a dark mist poured out and covered an area of a few hundred kilometers.

Shocks sounded throughout the mist. The sands were swept up into the sky.

Lu Ze was attacking a level-5 cosmic system state scorpion

He would send the scorpion flying with every attack.

Every time a scorpion does a counterattack, it would freeze instantly and get pummeled by Lu Ze.

Half a minute later, the scorpion’s humiliating battle finally ended with its life force dissipating.

Lu Ze used poison G.o.d art to cure the poison, while the body turns to dust.

The girls flew over.

Lu Ze grinned. “It’s easy to kill a scorpion now.”

Nangong Jing mingled. “We’re growing stronger.”

The others beamed. They could see their progress every day. This feeling was great.

Moments later, the poison was gone and the drops were revealed.

There was a dark green ball.

This was the second scorpion they killed today. Not only did it have the poison orb but also the poison G.o.d art orb. Lu Ze felt too lucky. He quickly picked things up and the group went off rambling once again.

Another 10 hours later, the sun was still s.h.i.+ning high. It should’ve been nighttime but the temperature was instead getting higher.

Even Lu Ze’s group felt scorched.

They moved fast. The sands gradually turned into wind-hardened stones. Some stones were a few hundred meters tall, and some were just their height.

Looking at the stones, Nangong Jing frowned and asked, “Lu Ze, should we go in?

They hadn’t been in this region before.

Lu Ze thought about it carefully and nodded. “Let’s go see it.”

Perhaps, there would be new prey for them to hunt.

They moved in. Their shadows mixed with the light, and scary-looking rocks seemed horrible. They gradually went deeper and deeper. After half an hour, they found no beasts.

At this moment, Lin Ling looked in a random location. She pointed at somewhere. “Ze, there seems to be a lot of sand beetles there.”

Lu Ze and the girls immediately looked over. There was nothing.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “How many are there?”

Lin Ling precariously answered. “About a few hundreds.”

Qiuyue Hesha gasped. “That many?

She rubbed her skin.

Lu Ze asked, “How is their power?”

Lin Ling replied, “The strongest is level-4 cosmic system state. I can’t sense stronger beetles anyway. I didn’t sense the chi of the golden one from the last time.”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “Wait for me here. I’ll go check it out.”