Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 976 - Very Touched

Chapter 976 - Very Touched

Chapter 976 Very Touched

In the main s.h.i.+p, the control room.

The blood claws looked at Kelun and Eroc in great disbelief.

Boris’s mouth twitched. “You… What did you say? That human, what is his cultivation level?”

He a.s.sumed that he might’ve heard it wrong.

Kelun’s mouth s.h.i.+vered. “That human is a level-1 cosmic system state.”

Everyone: “…”

Lucius screamed, “Impossible! A level-1 cosmic system state soldier? How could he have the power to kill a level-7 cosmic system state soldier Boby?!”

No one dared to believe this.

Eroc spoke helplessly. “Kelun is right. That human is indeed a level-1 cosmic system state.”

Everyone: “…”

No way! At this moment, Lucius suddenly thought of something. “Nonetheless, Boby has a blood demon crystal! If he used it, he would have a peak cosmic system state power. How could he lose to that human?”

Eroc replied, “Boby used the blood demon crystal and was still no match to that human.”

Everyone was speechless.

Boris urged, “That human’s combat power is a peak cosmic system state?”

Was this even a human?

A level-1 cosmic system state with combat power of a peak cosmic system state?

Lucius asked, “Do you guys know why the humans would appear here?”

Boris nodded. “We found a few blade demon bases and all the resources were taken. Was this done by humans?”.

Kelun answered, “The resources here should be taken by the Human Race and the Evil-Eyed Race.”

“Evil-Eyed Race?” Boris and Lucius have dazed again. Didn’t they expect them to be here as well?

Kelun nodded and then continued. “I also got news from Johnny and the soldiers who went to attack the Human Race.”

Lucius quickly asked, “Where are they?”

Boris also miserably stared at Kelun.

Kelun’s mouth s.h.i.+vered. He couldn’t bear to tell them about the befall of those people.

But he knew that he had to tell them.

Kelun felt a headache. He spoke pathetically. “Johnny and the soldiers are dead.”



Peak cosmic system state Johnny, was dead?

They were wondering if they were dreaming.

The other blood claws were petrified as well.

The death of a peak cosmic system state was too much of a shock for them. After some silence, Boris’s face turned hideous. “How did he die? Which race did it? Our Blood Claw Race can’t be easily mocked! We’re going to annihilate them just like the Human Race!”

Lucius nodded. “They must pay for mocking the Blood Claw Race!”

Boby was dead and so was Johnny.

One was a peak cosmic system state and the other was a prodigy who had hopes of drawing near the cosmic cloud state.

Their death was unbearable even for the Blood Claw Race.

The two just wanted revenge now.

Kelun mumbled, “Um… Johnny and the soldiers were accidentally caught in a cosmic cloud state battle where they died.”


Boris and Lucius have dazed once again. Lucius forced his mouth to open. “Cosmic cloud state battle? Are you sure?”

Kelun tensely nodded. “Yes, apparently an Evil-Eyed Race knew about it, that’s why they came to the blade demon territory earlier than us. We can confirm with the Evil-Eyed Race.

Boris coughed. “Regardless, we can’t let the Human Race go! We must get revenge for Boby!”

Lucius agreed. “Johnny and the soldiers died because they aimed to kill humans. They wouldn’t have gotten caught in a cosmic cloud state battle. The humans should be responsible!”

Kelun and Eroc cannot agree more. Lucius, in a fierce decision. “Okay, report this back. We need to ask for reinforcements.”

Five days later, Lu Ze woke up on the bed. The girls woke up too and curled into b.a.l.l.s.

Lu Ze gasped and s.h.i.+vered in sweat.

He almost cried. “We faced a super beast right when we got in.”

The girls felt bitter too. They didn’t even start fighting and were sent out.

Lin Ling, still in high spirits. “Good thing we collected plenty a few days ago, we still have cultivation resources.”

Everyone nodded delightedly.

Nangong Jing added. “We have seven poison orbs now. These are seven peak cosmic system state attacks.”

Qiuyue Hesha augmented. “If used unexpectedly, it can even kill a peak cosmic system state.” Lu Li replied, “Too bad, it doesn’t have a high drop rate.”

They had killed 80 scorpions these past few days.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “This is not bad. It’s about a ten percent drop rate.”

Lu Ze reminded the girls. “Keep one each to protect yourselves. I’ll give the other two to the elders.”

Lu Ze didn’t take any since his attack was not any weaker than the orb. He didn’t need to waste it.

The next morning, they had breakfast. Lu Ze almost cried.

Finally, Ying Ying decided to have his first meal after all these days.