Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 975 - He's A Level-1 Cosmic System State

Chapter 975 - He's A Level-1 Cosmic System State

Chapter 975 He’s A Level-1 Cosmic System State

After breakfast, Lu Ze still laid on the table, vapid.

Ying Ying, this little s.h.i.+t didn’t give him a single bite!

A cosmic realm state boss was bullying a noob like him!

Lu Ze couldn’t accept it.

Nangong Jing and the girls were sitting on the couch and were laughing at Lu Ze.

He was so nasty that he stole Ying Ying’s food. Now, he would probably never do such a thing. After a rest, Lu Ze got up. There was no giving up in his dictionary!

He would beat her the next time.

Time to cultivate!

This time, Lu Ze didn’t go find other blade demon bases. He had found all the large resource points. Those remaining middle to small ones were scattered. It would take too much time for him to go check them out one by one.

The fleet was almost full now, so there was no need to find more.

The most important thing was to progress his cultivation level and kill more scorpions. In a few days, there would be a large wave of cosmic system state civilizations coming. He had to get prepared for the battle royale.

Back in the room, they started cultivating. Lu Ze used the level-4 red liquid.

He felt some pain, but it was much better than a few days ago As he digested more red liquid, Lu Ze’s body was growing stronger. The level-4 liquid was just about right for


Soon, he would be able to start using level-5 liquid.

At some region in the blade demon territory, a blood-colored fleet was moving in s.p.a.ce.

In the middle of the c.o.c.kpit, there was a large star map glowing, with blade demon resource bases.

They were flying to one right now.

Two soldiers from the Blood Claw Race stood before the star map. Their powerful cosmic system state outpoured. The people operating the s.h.i.+p were s.h.i.+vering and didn’t dare to make a sound.

There was a star state blood claw next to the two, and he shrugged his neck not daring to talk.

After a while, one cosmic system state said, “We didn’t find any resources from the two bases.”

The tone of the voice sounded like a volcano that was about to erupt.

‘Beep beep!’

The alarm broke the tense atmosphere. The two cosmic system states looked towards the communications side.

The Blood Claw Race responsible for this s.h.i.+vered. This was a death gaze.

However, he still picked it up.

When he saw in the news, a Blood Claw Race soldier’s mind went blank. “How is this possible?!”

Everyone: “???”

This guy wanted to die?

One cosmic system state asked coldly, “What is it?”

The cold voice woke this Blood Claw Race up.

He quickly said, “Lord Boris! Lord Boby is dead! The fleet is destroyed. Only Lord Kelun and Lord Eroc escaped! They’re searching for a fleet!”

Hearing this, the two cosmic system states were shocked. They gasped and their chi suddenly soared up. The entire s.h.i.+p was shaking. Only when they noticed this did they control their chi.

The other cosmic system state asked, “Boby is truly dead? How??”

The blood claw shook his head. “It didn’t say, Lord Lucius.”

The two cosmic system states gazed at each other. Boby was considered an extremely talented prodigy amongst the blood claw cosmic system states.

Although it was extremely unlikely for him to reach cosmic cloud state, perhaps he could build on G.o.d art and divine art and reach cosmic cloud state combat power. That would make him one of the strongest in the race.

Yet, he died just like that?

Boris asked, “Where are Kelun and Eroc?”

They need to know what happened.

The blood claw said, “We’re the fleet closest to Lord Kelun and Lord Eroc. We’re just 200 light-years away.”

He marked Kelun and Eroc’s location on the star map.

Boris bravely ordered. “Send news back. Tell them to come here. We’ll rest up here and wait for them.”


Ten minutes later, a wormhole formed. Kelun and Eroc appeared.

Lucius and Boris saw that Eroc’s face was pale, and his chi was extremely weak. They both frowned.

This was a serious injury.

Lucius asked, “Eroc, what happened to you? Boby is indeed dead?”

Eroc sadly replied, “My injury came from a b.u.mp by Boby…” Lucius and Boris were dazed. “What?” Why would Boby b.u.mp him? Eroc continued. “We encountered a human… he’s very terrifying. He wanted to attack me, so Boby stopped his attack but was overturning. Boby crashed into me, and I was heavily injured.”

“Human?” The two were surprised.

After a while, Boris frowned. “Are you talking about the Human Race next to the Blade Demon Race?”

Eroc nodded.

Everyone: “…”

A weakling race like the humans had such powerful beings?

Were these two kidding?

Lucius frowned. “I didn’t expect them to have a peak cosmic system state. It seems they’ve got something powerful from the Blade Demon Race.”

Kelun’s mouth twitched. “That guy is a level-1 cosmic system state.” “???”